Policing the Police

By Lloyd the Idiot

Yesterday, Leesburg Today reported on the arrest of a Loudoun County deputy sheriff, the second arrest of a LC deputy this year.  The first was a DUI arrest of an undercover officer and this most recent arrest was on assault charges.

To the naïve, this statistic may suggest that the Sheriff’s Office is lacking discipline under Sheriff Chapman.  A more sophisticated view, in my opinion, is that these arrests in fact evidence a greater degree of accountability and leadership within the office.  Look, there are bad actors in every field.  To think that the police (most of whom do not even have a college degree) are somehow above any human shortcomings are simply kidding themselves.  If there’s any reason there haven’t been more arrests it’s because the police simply look the other way when it’s one of their own.

Good to see that’s not happening here.  At least not all the time.


  • ed myers says:

    Government employees are immune from prosecution for minor offenses. This is because our laws often exempt them explicitly, the legal system gives them preferential treatment, and law enforcement looks the other way.

    High school diploma or GED is a minimum requirement for police officers. (Lloyd did you mean most officers don’t have a college degree?) I wish we had more college educated police officers. I’d prefer better trained, higher paid but fewer officers on our streets.

  • BlackOut says:

    Sheriff Chapman has been fantastic. We’re lucky to have him in one of our most important county leadership roles. Good observation Lloyd.

    As a note, I think the most recent arrest was that of a jail guard and not a patrolman. Not that it makes a difference but is worth considering.

  • Thanks, Ed,, for that catch Yes, I meant to say that most police officers do not have a college degree. I made that change.

  • BlackOut says:

    Lloyd, I see no correlation between a college education and a police officer doing something stupid.

  • Linda B. says:

    Marking the date on my calendar … I agree with BO. Otherwise, good post, Lloyd.

    As a side note, I recently heard a very anecdotal but reliable story that brought home how commonplace and widely accepted ticket fixing is in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Made that old witch hunt against Greg all the more annoying to me.

  • Sane Person says:

    Also should give credit to Chapman for publicly releasing info on these events. Charging them is one thing. Outing them to the public is another. That’s total accountability. Good post.

  • David Dickinson says:

    “Sheriff Chapman has been fantastic. ”

    Agreed. Seems like the LCSO is doing something new and improved every day. And, as Lloyd points out, even these incidents point out that even the police aren’t above the law, which is comforting.

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