Where Is the Republican Challenger to Ramadan?

By Lloyd the Idiot

Two emails coming from Del. David Ramadan recently have me screaming to myself, “Will someone please primary this guy?!”

In the first. he beats his chest claiming that the State Corporation Commission “ordered” the owners of the Greenway to respond to his complaint, when, if you read the order, the SCC simply allowed the owners to respond. Not a big misstatement, but an exaggeration nonetheless.

The second, however, is a whopper. In that email, Ramadan writes how “an anonymous donor” has pledge to match 20% of any campaign contributions received by midnight tonight.  Of course, there’s really no such thing as an “anonymous” donor given election reporting laws.  So just what is he selling here?

All this just reminds me of his disgusting, disturbing tactics during the last campaign in 2011, and it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about another round.  Keep in mind that, because he’s now the incumbent, he gets to choose the method of nomination: primary, convention or canvass.   It will be interesting to where Ramadan thinks his chances are better.  It also will be interesting to see who, if anyone, steps up to unseat this first termer who, in virtually all circles, has failed to impress.


UPDATED 12/31 at 4:51 p.m.  Looks like Ramadan isn’t the only one pulling the “anonymous donor” ploy.  Jim LeMunyon sent a similar email touting a 20% match.


  • Before someone snarkily suggests that I run, let me just say, with equal snarkiness, that I don’t live in the 87th district — just like Ramadan before he set up a faux residence there just so he could qualify for the ballot.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    I missed that one. His emails are written so annoyingly that I unsubscibed. He needs to tone it down.

    And anonymous is impossible I think.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Ugh. Ick.

    Makes me sick.

  • BlackOut says:

    Lloyd, no shit. Good post. Something about this guy just isn’t kosher. It always seems to be too much about him.

    Ramadan seems to be all promotion and no real action.

  • Timberwolf says:

    Ramadan is my delegate and has done an outstanding job representing his constituents.

  • From NLS:

    “The 87th will be on the top of everyone’s watch list in 2013. Loudoun Republicans dominated the 2011 elections, winning a 9 – 0 majority on the county board and almost unseating Mark Herring against a nobody for the State Senate. David Ramadan lost his Loudoun precincts even with that GOP wave on his ticket- and barely got across the finish line by 51 votes because of his margin in the Prince William precincts. With higher turnout in 2013, this district will be a critical battleground in the Governor’s race, and based on the results this year you could expect the Democrats to carry this district for Governor with anything less than an 8 point statewide Cuccinelli victory. Assuming that Terry McAuliffe can avoid getting blown out statewide, this district should have very favorable headwinds for a Democratic challenger this year. That means to survive Ramadan will need to win crossover votes instead of running as one of the lowest voting Republicans on the ticket as he did in 2011.”

  • JTHmishmash says:

    Timberwolf, did you get paid to say that? haha just kidding, but seriously, that wouldn’t surprise met.

    I got the same email from Ramadan. Actually 2! One was a reminder, i guess a lot of people were forgetting.

    ” I need your help with a year-end donation to cover some of the expenses that public service require.”

    Public service requires this? yeah yeah yeah, I understand you need money to run a campaign, but really?

    I’d like to see someone challenge him! The more options for the people, the better! I’d like to see everyone get challenged and called out on everything they’ve done. Good or bad.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I highly doubt anyone in the LCRC will run against him, everyone relies too much on his money and is scared of his nasty power hungry circle of sycophants.

  • Timberwolf says:


    No I did not get paid. I am a intelligent,politically involved citizen who is an independent thinker. Just because I disagree with your characterization of Delegate Ramadan doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am talking about.

    The fact is that David Ramadan is out in his district listening to the issues and concerns of his constituents. He is always willing to help out and works hard to help get his fellow Republicans elected.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This guy has commented under two different names pimping Ramadan.

  • JTHmishmash says:

    Timberwolf, glad to hear you didn’t get paid. (But FYI I was kidding) And I’m glad to hear that you are an intelligent,politically involved citizen who is an independent thinker. But I’m not sure what you disagree with me on? My characterization of Mr. Ramadan? I didn’t characterize him, in fact I really didn’t say much about him.

    I understand you think he’s a good guy, but the point of my post is that is doesn’t hurt to have some competition, it can only be better for us. Options and choice = good.

    LI, hahaha, aren’t IP addresses great!

  • Timberwolve, I’ll give you that Ramadan works hard to get Republicans elected — heck, he puts his name on George Allen’s signs to prove it!

  • JTHmishmash says:

    Good point Lloyd, I’m not a big fan of the whole put your name everywhere thing, heck, a bunch of his people showed up to the Romney Rally at GMU wearing Ramadan stuff! How does that make sense? I understand name exposure is important, but REALLY!?

    Yeah I’m sure he funded those Allen signs too….but anyways,

    “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”…someone said that once.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Ravi is highly suspicious of this Mr. David Ramadan.

    If you spell his name backwards, it becomes Divad Nadamar.

    It may be purely a coincidence, but in the place where Ravi is from, the Nadamar family is renowned for shameless self-promotion and endless embellishment and…..how do you say…..one-upsmanship. You could tell a member of the Nadamar clan that you drive a VW Jetta, and they will tell you that they drive an Audi A4. You could tell them that you have two children, and a typical Nadamar family member would respond by saying that he has two penises. Always more, always better, always bigger, there is no end to the bragging.

    Again, Ravi does not know if this Mr. Ramadan is actually a member of the Nadamar family, but it sounds as though he could be even if he is not.

    Ravi wonders if there is any connection between Mr. Ramadan and the famous Otis Day & The Knights song that is often been sung in the place where Ravi is from, “Shama Lama, Baby, Rama, Rama, Rama, Ding-Dong….”


    Yes, of course it is worth two minutes of your time!

  • Wolverine says:

    “scared of his nasty power hungry circle of sychophants”

    Now, just whom might that be?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Oh, Ravi, thanks for the laugh! Hilarious!!!

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    The VA House Delegates members are prohibited from fund raising while they are “in-session”. I suspect that the “20% Anonymous match” is nothing more than a targeted pre-session marketing campaign. And I’m inclined to believe that the RPVA signed off on this message, because I received several similar emails from Rs in the past week (Greason, Ramadan, Hugo, Miller & Albo).

    Ramadan is obnoxious, self promoting and is aggressive with is tactics. Sadly Ramadan hasn’t figured it out that his tactics are a major turn off. Speaker Howell has his pets (Minchew, Greason etc), but Ramadan is not one of them.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    “Ramadan is obnoxious, self promoting and is aggressive with is tactics. Sadly Ramadan hasn’t figured it out that his tactics are a major turn off.”

    I would agree with that. I live in the 87th and I got a stack of mailings from Ramadan that were probably an inch thick (I may be overstating a bit, but I got way more from him in 2011 than anyone else running that year). I remember going to my mailbox and commenting to a neighbor that I received yet another mailng form Ramadan. He commented that he didn’t know much about him but would be voting for someone else on the ballot precisely because of all the promotions.

    I really don’t know what will happen in 2013 in terms of statewide elections. I think that if historical patterns are any indicator, Cuccinelli has the edge. However, this isn’t going to necessarily translate into down-ballot wins. I very much doubt that we will see a repeat of 2009. As such, I could see 67 seats in the House of Delegates being a high-water mark for the GOP and they could end up losing a net number of seats. Were this to happen, the 87th would likely be the first to swing to the Dems — given how close the margin was in 2011. Other seats in Loudoun, PWC, and Fairfax could be pickup opportunities for the Dems as well (depending if anyone on the Dems side runs, and if so, who decides to do so).

  • jacob says:

    Ramadan has deep pockets and has made some large contributions to various political campaigns both statewide and local. He lost in Loudoun but won enough votes in his Prince William precincts to overcome the deficit. The choices people had during the primary were pathetic, the general election was not much better.

    The mainstream of the party supports this guy because he plays their game and pays for his support. He is a clown with money, that means he fits right in with the establishment wing of the party.

  • Timberwolf says:

    ‘ Sadly Ramadan hasn’t figured it out that his tactics are a major turn off. Speaker Howell has his pets”

    I would consider it a turnoff to be one of the Howell Boys!

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