Obama Second Term Predictions

By Liberal Anthropologist

Time to put down some very early predictions for Obama’s second term. What will happen by or on Election Day 2016 in:

1] Unemployment
2] GDP
3] Debt
4] Deficit
5] Obamacare
6] Terrorism
7] War
8] Foreign Policy
9] Climate Change Policy
10] Immigration

And finally: Election 2016 prediction: R or D?

We are all going to be wrong, so no fear of making guesses….


  • NateDogg614 says:

    “Nate, you’re talking to yourself.

    But what’s new about that?”

    Clearly I’m not. Otherwise you wouldn’t have engaged me in conversation.

  • Gunowners have small.... says:

    1] Unemployment – 6.5
    2] GDP – improving
    3] Debt – probably higher but on a better track with improving economy, no war, and continued slower government growth (a reality not matter what the right says
    4] Deficit – Does it really matter if the economy is improving?
    5] Obamacare – Well it will only be 2 years old at 2016, but medicaid expansion with continue is states including GOP states and its approval rating will continue to rise, as it has been doing.
    6] Terrorism – well we can all pray no major attacks here, but domestic terrorism will continue will mass shootings (I bet we dont spend a trillion dollars preventhing those attacks as we did on 9/11)
    7] War – PEACE TIME BITCHES!!! With conitnued sparks in Africa, but Obama will not invade anyone.
    8] Foreign Policy – Netanyahu is out by 2016. Sanctions on Iran continute to work.
    9] Climate Change Policy –
    10] Immigration – Something passes and the right tries to give Credit to Rubio, while Obama praises Rubio – which ends up hurting Rubio (will it be the Next Crist “Hug”) moment

    And finally: Election 2016 prediction: R or D?
    I say its Hilary, but maybe Christie. I doubt the R let Christie make it through the primary. Rubio turns out to be great disappointment (considering hes a hispanic Obama but a Republican- oh the irony.)

    Cuccinelli is NOT the next Governor.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    OK anyone out there who still thinks that Obama is a moderate or centrist should read this:


  • FedUp says:

    “…if you take away the gerrymandering?”

    What gerrymandering, Edmund? I’ve heard this before and it seems to be based on Ds getting slightly more congressional votes nationwide then Rs. Well, adding up the votes for 435 separate races seems like a pretty meaningless statistic given that most races aren’t competitive and that many incumbents run unopposed.

    Do you have any examples of gerrymandered districts?

    Excellent article, NateDogg. Rush was right! Thank goodness Republicans control the House.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    “Do you have any examples of gerrymandered districts?”

    I know you’re not directing the question towards me specifically, but take a look at NC-12, FL-05, the congressional districts around Chicago, and pretty much the entire state of Maryland.

  • FedUp says:

    Those are some great examples, Nate. Thanks. I particularly like MD-8, which stretches from the DC line to the PA line. There are many good ones in that state where Ds hold 7 out of 8 House seats.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    Well, Maryland is an interesting case, in my view. The Democrats control pretty much everything in Maryland and weren’t content with holding 6 of the 8 Congressional seats. So they went and knocked off Roscoe Bartlett in MD-06, leaving Andy Harris alone in MD-01.

    The interesting thing was only a decade or so ago, the delegation was split 4-4. As far as the Republicans went, you had Gilchrest on the Eastern Shore, Ehrlich in the Baltimore suburbs (who went on to become Governor 10 years ago), Roscoe in the Panhandle, and Connie Morella (a liberal Republican to be sure, but a Republican nonetheless) in Montgomery County.

    Of course, now, Maryland is a near basket case and a petri dish for liberal/progressive/socialist/whatever experiments with gay marriage, tax hikes, the death penalty, “green jobs,” and gun control. Any wonder why people are moving to Virginia??

  • DaKardii says:

    1) 7.5% (19.7% if you count people not looking for work)
    2) $22.62 trillion
    3) $23 trillion
    4) Same as before
    5) Total failure
    6) Who knows?
    7) WWIII will probably be started by someone like Iran or North Korea as they don’t take Obama seriously (like any country does)
    8) ?
    9) ?

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