Hold On To Your Wallets, Loudouners

By Loudoun Insider

The government contracting sector continues to slow down and that marvelous decision to opt into Mismanaged Money-losing Metro looks better with every money grabbing announcement made with each passing week!

Today’s announcement that Metro only needs $26 BILLION to upgrade its crumbling and inadequate infrastructure is just marvelous news for Loudoun taxpayers, who now get saddled with a nice hunk of that obligation for a couple stops and a couple miles of track on the edge of the county.

“The projects would require major financial commitments from local and federal governments and would take several years to plan and several more years to complete.”

“Shyam Kannan, Metro’s chief planner, said it will take a “reliable, sustained stream of capital funding from a combination of local and federal” moneys to pay for the slew of proposed projects.”

Well, at least the campaign contributors that get the Metro windfalls are happy!


  • JusticeLeague says:

    And all of this is happening with our boy York leading the way on regional transportation issues now. Don’t even get me started on the inferior financial oversight at MWAA.

  • Independent Voter says:

    Now they want to dig miles and miles of underground tunnels. Why didn’t they think ahead and do that at Tysons instead of building that monstrosity down the middle of Rt. 7. They didn’t have the money for underground metro so where are they getting it from going forward. Silly question, sorry I asked!

  • Elder Berry says:

    MWAA is a problem that Loudoun alone can’t solve.

  • JusticeLeague says:

    Loudoun doesn’t have to solve the MWAA problem, but they don’t have to compound it either. This region is severely lacking in fiscal oversight of large projects like this. It reminds me of the Boston Tunnel project back in the 90s. It was finally finished far exceeding the budget and then bits and pieces of the tunnel literally came crashing down on drivers. Point is, I have little faith in the folks managing and keeping tabs on all of this. Let me correct myself, I don’t have any faith.

  • BlackOut says:

    The Boston tunnel system transformed Boston. Expensive and over budget yes, but now that it is done not many complain about it.

    Your reference to the pieces fall was the florescent lights not being mounted correctly. Certainly a concern and one that costs to fix but it’s not like it’s a structural flaw in the tunnels themselves.

  • JusticeLeague says:

    Not to belay the issue, but it was a bit more than a few falling lights. More like gross negligence, mismanagement, and a federal investigtion leading to convictions. Then there were the actual structural flaws that were discoverd. The point being, the necessity for proper project oversight.

    Big Dig contractor pleads guilty to 40 – chargeshttp://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2009/05/modern_continen_2.html

  • Elder Berry says:

    So, graft and corruption exist therefore we shouldn’t construct significant infrastructure projects?

  • JusticeLeague says:

    So you don’t have an issue with the well oiled, I mean greased machine known as MWAA? Then there is the LoCo BoS; another derailment. The need for infrastructure does not surpass the public’s expectation for honest leadership, sound fiscal management, and responsible project implementation.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Metro has been and will be a disaster, especially financially. Opting in was a horrible choice. We have enough financial strains with the ridiculous amounts of residential growth this horribly planned county has allowed.

  • Baron Rosedown says:

    MWAA is nothing but a corrupt nepotistic cesspool. How much of our tax money will be thrown in to MWAA general account, thus diverting funds away from the Silver Line project.

    Any bets on how soon the vaunted Government Reform Commission, asserts their spurious authority on the poorly managed planning commission. Nothing says transparency like the PC having barely announced public hearing on the Outer-Beltway.

    Loudoun’s BoS, GRC & PC are like a starving Ouroboros.

  • Slow Doundoun says:

    As advocates of small government, I always find it comical when all the NoVA GOPs rail against defense cuts.

    Its like they endorse the subsidizing out of national defense to contractors all over NoVA who all make 6 figures on the government dime.

    You want to know what government employee makes the most money – look to the CEO of these defense companies. Millions of dollars paid for by the bloated Pentagon budget.

    Yes our local economy takes a hit, but arent we the only economy in america who HASNT taken one?

    Keep the sequester cuts – cut defense budgets.

    You always rail against the MWAA, while dont you look at the the generals at the pentagon being wined and dined by defense contractors for weapons the miliary admits they dont need.

    NoVA GOP – the biggest small government hypocrites in the country.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    “Metro has been and will be a disaster, especially financially. Opting in was a horrible choice.”

    Very likely.

    “We have enough financial strains with the ridiculous amounts of residential growth this horribly planned county has allowed.”

    Absolute truth.

  • FedUp says:

    I would hope that most of the $26 billion in funding comes from the federal government. There’s no doubt that another tunnel under the Potomac will eventually be needed. The underground walkways allowing passengers to change lines is pretty good idea, I think.

  • FedUp says:

    “The Boston tunnel system…. Expensive and over budget yes, but now that it is done not many complain about it. ”

    Except that, in addition to the large federal contribution, it is costing the state $550 million a year in debt service, which lawmakers would like to use for other road projects, according to this article:


  • “Keep the sequester cuts – cut defense budgets.”

    Ditto… across the board is the only we’ll ever get any at all. Of course 100 billion is a drop in the ocean compared to the out-of-control unfunded liabilities, but anything that knocks thousands of bureaucrats out of the government hammock and sends them back to deal with life in the real world like the rest of us will be good for the country.

  • When you consider the tens of billions dollars deep hole that Jack Potter left behind at the Postal Service, putting him in charge of MWAA is a joke, a sick joke. That man knows less about being a good fiscal steward than my 7-year old. You are fools to have put yourselves at MWAA’s mercy.

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