York’s Foreign Trips — Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained

By Lloyd the Idiot

Today’s Loudoun Times makes much  of Loudoun BOS chairman Scott York’s foreign travel in 2012,  representing the county in England, Germany and Taiwan ostensibly to encourage investment in the cCounty.  The actual cost of these five trips is unclear.  Although the county’s portion of these trips was $5,800, the Northern Virgina Regional Commission, a taxpayer funded entity, paid for the trips to Germany.  The trips to Taiwan were primarily covered by the Taiwanese government (why? you say).

Although York says he met with a pharmaceutical company considering a relocation to Loudoun, I’ve never seen anything that would suggest that  foreign travel by any local politico  ever has been a relevant factor in a company’s decision to move business to the US.   Indeed, there’s really no question that these trips are primarily for the benefit of the elected officials (or private parties seeking to make inroads with them by sponsoring the trip).  That said, it’s not implausible that these goodwill tours could bring some benefit, and  so throwing some bread crumbs on the water (that is, $5,800) is not entirely a bad idea.   It’s certainly not like he’s taking Air Force One with a huge entourage of cronies.

Bottom line on these foreign trips:  little value, but little expense.


  • top gun says:

    Loyd the Idiot

    What Kind of scum are you? You supported York for Chairman, now hes just doing what hes always done; spending OUR money. You were on Chapman and Yorks’ band wagon and now there both sticking it to us. Really, answer this, are you really a slob who has spent your life to scared to serve your country and got your life lessons watching Hollywood movies. All sissies must stay home . Please if your in the closet( most people think you are) stay there.

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