Your Loudoun Government At “Work”

By Loudoun Insider

Lots of ridiculousness in this article on recent BOS actions, including dubious privatization initiatives, massive Metro signs (they just love huge signs!),  and most ridiculous of all the dissolving of a volunteer fire and rescue squad in the middle of nowhere where people could actually use relatively timely help in an emergency (remember they shelved the volunteer illegal sign removal crews as well).

Then they have a super special secret meeting today to discuss security.  This great comment on the linked LTM story made me laugh:

“Perhaps the goal is to figure out if there are any more informants slipping into the government center, ready to expose another Super like they did Delgaudio…”

Maybe they will have the super special LCRC thugs who specialize in security there to advise them.

And don’t forget about the ongoing work of the LCRC political hacks on the Government Reform Commission, and the ongoing rush to pave the way for the Always Promised, Never Playing Loudoun Hounds (be sure to visit the No Stadium On Route 7 blog for more info).  Your government at “work”, apparently looking to drum up as much business for their pals as possible.



  • Pragmatist says:

    LI, you need to do research on the volunteer fire / rescure organization before you spout off about the Board’s action. It was the right decision and it changes nothing about service delivery.

  • Indy Pendant says:

    This is John Whitbeck’s very first exposure to government in practice, since this “commission” is the closest he has ever been to seeing government at work. Maybe he could also make a call to his McLean colleagues on the 10th District Republican Committee, people like the former 10th District Chairman.
    They can give him an earful about former Fairfax County Supervisor Ernie Berger’s epic fail of an effort to privatize school bus maintenance in the mid-90s.
    Berger was an even more clueless political wannabe than Whitbeck and similarly completely unsuited for public service but driven into it by hubris. Might as well learn from his own ilk before calling up Colorado and Georgia to waste their time with apples and wheelbarrow comparisons.

  • Scotty McFly says:

    A building that is FAR from Fed requirements on security.. No space from the road to avoid car bombs, only up to about 2 years ago or so where people couldn’t drive straight thru the front courtyard (I know as I have had to avoid an elderly woman driving thru it), and being located right next to a gas station.. Umm you think we have a secure govn;t center? NOT!!!

    Throw in that anyone can walk into the building and enter any space BUT the County Admin and BOS space on the 5th floor or get past the bullet proof glass in the Treasurers office… Very few offices have secure entry points.. and those are limited to the 4th and 5th floors..

    The School Admin Building in Ashburn is more secure, larger, and and has better security than the Govnt Center… pr any other govn’t building…

  • Indy Pendant says:

    Two supervisors’ aides are already carrying guns.

  • Ed Myers says:

    Maybe we should ask the state legislatuture for a personal property tax on guns and a sales tax premium on ammunition.
    This would allow the county to raise revenue to pay for the security enhancements for the county government and schools.

  • Leej says:

    This just proves how full of many people are of themselves are in government in Loudoun. Nobody gives a crap about the people in government in Loudoun except themselves. We have had some horrible and sensational mass murders in this country, but they are isolated. You just can’t money wise over protect every building in america. When people get elected they change and become power hunger and think they are more important then they are.

    What do we want a country that becomes a total military base.

  • Independent Voter says:

    Leej: “What do we want a country that becomes a total military base”

    That’s what the gun manufacturers, retailers, and the NRA would like. More sales of guns and ammo = more lobbying money for the NRA. This could then trickle down to political campaigns and the gutless wonders who are continually running for office instead of doing the work for which they were elected.

    Advice to politicians: grow some cojones or a female equivalent, if there is one. Why are we paying these spineless jerks on both sides of the aisle.

  • Loudoun Moron says:

    Seriously, Fed level security for the Loudoun Government center? GTFO

    None of you people in local government are important enough to warrant needing security.

    Enough with the culture of fear in America.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Come on, they need to protect all those secrets!

  • LawHawk says:

    Two board aides are carrying guns? Now that’s creepy. Doesn’t the county have a policy regarding employees carrying weapons? Regardless of their benefit status, aides are county employees. Talk about a liability. What is stopping someone from taking a weapon from one of those wet behind the ears kids? I’m guessing it is a couple of the PHC kids exercising their constitutional rights.

    No worries. Everything will be fixed once the assessments are finalized and the taxes are collected by our inspirational Constitutional Officers. We all know they are looking out for our best interests. Oh wait, the grand Mr. Wertz hasn’t gotten that done yet either. Mr. Zurn will soon be screaming because he can’t do his cush job. Wonder who they will ultimately blame, because that is what they do. Maybe Wertz will turn on the board for giving him job that he “never asked for” in the first place…except in writing, at meetings, behind closed doors…..

    Great county government at work here folks.

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