Who Else Is Sick Of The RPV LG Race?

By Loudoun Insider

The excruciating convention is months away, but the ridiculous onslaught of emails and mailers from prospective Lieutenant Governor candidates seeking the nomination of the Republican Party of Virginia is way past annoying. I doubt I will ever attend one of these party hack events ever agin in my lifetime, but since I did in the past I get barraged with too much of this vote trolling for what is a truly minor political position. But to those with too much personal political ambition, the stepping stone is just too exciting to pass up.


  • JTHmishmash says:

    I’m an E.W. Jackson fan….liked him in the senate race and still like him now. While it is a minor position, I’d like to see him get the stepping stone into the political world. If I get the time/opportunity to attend the convention, it’ll be for the purpose of supporting him. He’s definitely not an establishment guy as far as I can tell, and he’s pretty conservative. I’m not gonna speak for him so here’s his website: http://www.jacksonforlg.com/
    (Note: I don’t work for him and have never met him)

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    Another vote for EW here. We need candidates whose voices will compel attention, who will not be easily throttled by the media and who can convey the big picture. Ken C is like that, and so is E W Jackson.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Jackson has always struck me as very straight forward and not the typical politician.

    The most annoying so far is Pete Snyder. I’m really really sick of all his spam.

  • NateDogg614 says:

    Received one mailer from Corey Stewart, one from Susan Stimpson, and for the AG race, one from Rob Bell.

    Thankfully, I have not yet received a Ramadan for Delegate mailer (I expect those will start to arrive in waves in the next few months). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As an aside, any word on who is running for Delegate in NoVA? Obviously, Loudoun County has a number of GOP incumbents — is anyone looking to primary or run for the Dem nomination? Any word on Fairfax or PWC?

    The inquisitive mind wonders!

  • BlackOut says:

    Jackson is a stand up guy. I had a very nice conversation with he and his wife at the GOP convention. Dude has speaking pipes too.

  • BTownite says:

    Think it’s a pretty important position for the next two years with a 20-20 Senate. If the Democrats or Republicans get a majority in 2015 it goes back to being irrelevant.

  • BlackOut says:

    Not related to LG race but the Bolling article in the WaPo today is very interesting. Love this quote:

    โ€œItโ€™s just a challenging time for the Republican Party when a conservative, mainstream guy like me doesnโ€™t really feel comfortable with his party,โ€ Bolling said. โ€œThe party has moved too far, and itโ€™s become too extreme and too ideological.โ€

    Duh? Ya think?

  • Cato the Elder says:

    I’m sick of Bolling caterwauling.

    Translation: Waah. The party wouldn’t deliver me a gift-wrapped nomination. Waah. They’re extreme. Waah. Sure, my voting record is just as conservative as Cooch, but he’s extreme and I’m mainstream. Waah.

    Please just sit down and STFU.

    I anxiously await your announcement that you’re becoming a Democrat.

  • Scout says:

    Bolling was perfectly happy playing “conservative” with the best of them when it was to his advantage. He ought to have a hard time slipping into a “moderate” costume.

  • LocoConservative says:

    I like Rob Bell. He has sent out updates on a number of issues and led the fight for the legal interpretation of a number of high level discussions.
    I also like EWJ and his unblemished public personna , but he’s never held a public ofice before. I fear that his drive may lose some traction trying to get onto the conveyor belt.

  • LocoConservative says:

    I do like Jackson’s DEFY not COMPLY with OBAMACARE position, however.

  • BlackOut says:

    Big denial here. An ultra conservative like Bolling has found no home in the current make up of the VGOP. Really? That reflects a major move to the far right by zealots, one that is destined for failure amongst the general electorate.

    I think he’d have a better than average chance amongst voters in a general election. Certainly enough to piss off the Cuccinelli supporters.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    What’s that word that you closeted moonbats like to bandy about?

    Oh yeah, “pragmatism.”

    Pragmatism tells me that Cooch has the cash and organization to put your lights out. I couldn’t care less what he does once he wins, he opposes everything you want, and that’s good enough for me.

    Pragmatism also tells me that Bolling would have been an abysmal GE candidate, and so I’m glad he came to the same conclusion and withdrew from the race, his recent overtures notwithstanding.

  • Scout says:

    I find it very hard to think Bolling will run. Nonetheless, I am surprised about how long he’s drawing out the uncertainty about that.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    so, if Bolling is “ultra conservative”, how CAN there be anyone further right than he?

    As for the slim determining majority of the general electorate, they’ll vote for whoever Carl’s Jr. and Brawndo tell them to on Twitter.

  • BlackOut says:

    Easy answer Barbara, that would be Cuccinelli.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    so, that would make him the ne plus ultra? Chic!

  • BlackOut says:

    Ha, I could say the GOP is stretching the limits on how far right they can go. New category maybe?

  • LocoConservative says:

    Don’t do pastels, when there are bold and stark colors available.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    Are they going so far right that they are turning into libertarians which are close on the spectrum towards anarchists which are leftist s. Full circle.

  • LocoConservative says:

    Cool question, LA… Many former Republicans are indeed approaching Constitutionalists and Conservative Caucus status…and distancing themselves from the trainwreck that is the elected republicans in both state and the nation.

    Lots of money spent last year , and not a lot of results….but the “right” people seemed to get paid, despite the loss that they manipulated. The grassroots folks just got hung out afterwards. So most of them are going Right. We’ve been doing the work anyway….might as well do it for ourselves and our candidates.

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