Delgaudio Requires Religious Litmus Test?

By Liberal Anthropologist

I am admittedly behind on local politics.  Consistently.  I just got around to reading this report in Leesburg Today and noted this:

“The third plank of their case is an allegation that Delgaudio required his employees to hold a specific set of religious views and pressed job applicants to answer questions about their religious beliefs. That “religious litmus test” puts the county government at risk of litigation, critics said.”

Is this accurate?  What is the evidence?  I had never heard of this.  Clearly illegal if true (whether it should be illegal or not).

I have never liked Delgaudio.  He is on the wrong side of many issues – most notably his fixation on homosexuality.  He embarrasses Loudoun.  But people should not be jumping to recall him unless absolutely necessary.  There is always the next election.  To be fair, some interesting points are made about his effectiveness if he is not on any committees.

Again I know little.  And I bet you guys know more.


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