President Obama’s Cameo On History Channel’s “The Bible”

By Joe Budzinski

Some Mondays you wake up tired, unsure about what the coming week will bring, and then you glance at the news – and simply say, “Thank you, Mark Burnett.”

There are too few reasons to smile in today’s world, so we must be grateful for each little spot of amusement on the fabric of our sorry existence.

US President Barack Obama

Barack Obama: "Only bow down to me, and the Earth will begin to cool, and the oceans will begin to recede. And you'll get a phone."

There are a few takeaways from the president’s appearance on the History Channel’s smash hit miniseries, The Bible:

  • As Mr. Obama prepares to visit the Middle East for his day job, he’s set to arrive with a new aura of gravitas.
  • Especially in America, we appreciate celebrities who don’t take themselves too seriously. The Obama’s must have known this cameo would bring controversy, but so be it: TV ratings are down across the board, and this jolt for The History Channel will be good for the economy.
  • Some will try to make the cheap joke, “He probably didn’t even need a teleprompter,” but, let’s bear in mind, the ability to quote Scripture off the cuff speaks well to the man’s religious upbringing.

Anyway, the shoe fit, it was all good fun, yadda yadda; now on with the week.


  • Scout says:

    Immensely so, Cato, when one lacks for amusement in other channels. Isn’t that why we’re all here?

  • Joe Budzinski says:

    That was a nice comment earlier, LA, thank you. (God willing, also have a new post coming soon).

    Like you, I have had to spend substantial amounts of time with Democrats and liberals and all manner of statists, and I do see their human side, and try to engender harmony, just as I am doing now.

    For instance, if I was as rancorous as some pro-nanny state types seem to think, I would be hard at work on a snide post involving this link, Photoshop, and a Clark Kent analogy … But I refuse to go after such low hanging fruit for a cheap laugh.

  • John Marsh says:

    Having forsaken TC for several months I’m happily reassured by rediscovering the wisdom of that neglect. The entries and comments from the right remain so inane, dogmatic, unsupported, and reeking with relentless bitterness that those seeking to counter it with sanity and perspective merit heavenly reward. Tuning in again in several months looks doubtful, given all the proof of TC’s perverse world view that one needs. A turn to local politics would be more useful and possibly more coherent.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Joe, Democrats and liberals you say are statists, but it’s conservatives who want the state to control what happens inside a woman’s womb.

    John M, ya noticed that, did ya? I agree. Ever since LI took a powder this place is definitely full of the wacko birds. They’d rather go all birther and conspiracy-wild, rather than explain why THEIR very own party-picked BOS can’t measurably cut taxes, even though Obama is supposed to.

    Nite all.

  • Liberal Anthropologist says:


    There are people that call themselves conservatives that are statists. They are not conservatives. They are refugees from the democratic party that should return there.

    And I am glad to see you do not deny that liberals are statists.

    John Marsh,

    You are a perfect example of what I am about to post about. Let’s examine your little post. It is devoid of content. It expresses a certain air of superiority. It is dismissive of another side you are not intellectually capable of understanding.

    You are typical. A false sense of your own intelligence when you are – in fact – not particularly smart. An inability to express a position with substance. A dismissive attitude to those you disagree with. A desire to not listen to opinions you disagree with.

    You are like Obama in these respects.

    This is why libertarians lean Republican even though we disagree on many issues. The Dems and Liberals are not welcoming and incapable of intellectual debate rather than groupthink.

    The Republicans are more welcoming and seek to engage. They are – on average – smarter too and more tolerant and interesting.

  • Eric the 1/2 a troll says:

    I suppose I am a statist since the opposite of statism is anarchism. However, I am no totalitarian. Just like LA, I accept a certain level of state involvement in private matters. The disagreement comes in defining what issues actually warrant that involvement.

  • Yeah, conservatives are concerned about the lives of the unborn, whereas the Democrats and liberals are only obsessed with and create laws to tabulate your gender, the color of your skin, where you came from, your sexual preferences, what weapons you might own, etc., while seeking to regulate what kind of light bulbs you use, toilet you can flush, what kind of car you drive, what kind of firearms you own, what kind of food you can eat, what schools your kids can go to, what procedures can be performed upon you by which doctors and at what price, not to mention how much you have, how much you earn and how much should be confiscated from you to assure you have paid your “fair share”.

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