McAuliffe’s First Act: Putting the Brakes on Transportion Programs

By Lloyd the Idiot

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First thing out of the gate, freshly-minted Governor Terry McAuliffe effectively ends efforts to build a toll road alongside crowded I-64 and US 460 from Richmond to Hampton Roads, an effort the McDonnell administration already spent $200 million on. Is it that he’s from northern Virginia and simply doesn’t care about down state transportation issues?

Or is McAuliffe a closet fiscal conservative?



  • Independent voter says:

    For crying out loud, there has been criticism for years about the money spent on roads in the southern part of the state (while NOVA foots the bills with its taxes). Now McAuliffe is taking the heat for putting the brakes on another road in the south.

    The new governor was sworn in less than a week ago. Does he not deserve a little slack? We all complain endlessly about the do-nothing government; yet, we see an executive who hit the ground running and already the partisan knives are out.

  • liberal anthropologist says:

    Nobody deserves slack. Ever.

  • “A little slack?” as if to suggest he made a mistake (already)?

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