What You Don’t Hear About Robin Williams’ Death

By Lloyd the Idiot

If Robin Williams were killed by a murderer by a bullet, there would be screams for more gun control.  If he were killed by a drunk driver, the populace would demand harsher sentences for drunk driving.  Yet, he died the victim of a treatable disease, and no one speaks about the cure.

Far from being a “coward’ or “selfish” as some have suggested, he is a victim of a society that ignores, if not shuns, cries for mental treatment.  As I’ve written before, it’s time for us to get past the stigma of mental illness.   Williams’ tragic death – and our loss – simply underscores the point.


  • Dan says:

    Excellent post, Lloyd. His life was lost to a disease. It is no different than losing a life to cancer. Depression is not something that one just “snaps out of”.

    It is far past time for us to get serious about mental health and to devote the necessary resources to it.

  • Enviroman says:

    Robin Williams received excellent treatment, and his mental health problems were very public. Sometimes treatment does not cure.

    I think you are advocating that insurance cover mental health services on the same basis as other diseases – psychiatric care; talk therapy; physical trainers; long-term hospitalization? Social Security coverage? If you want to get to the problem, get more money into the caregiving system.

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