Interesting Week To Come

By Too Conservative

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

I am in the state for a couple weeks coordinating Governor Huckabee‘s petition drive in NOVA. If anyone wants to help please shoot me an e-mail to vincent dot harris

It’s bound to be an exciting week ahead. I’ll be at the LCRC meeting tomorrow and on Wednesday will be down in Lynchburg for a big event(details forthcoming) and then will be back up in NOVA with Lauren Huckabee(the daughter in law) of the Governor to attend a debate watching party at Whitlow’s on Wilson. If anyone wants to come out it begins at 7:00 PM.

I’ve heard that there will be some big moves this week dealing with the race to clinch the GOP Senate nomination. Look for a challenger to Gilmore to fully arise early this week….

This weekend is also the GOP Advance which will lend itself to some great blogging material.

Loudoun Insider and I are looking for some anyone wanting to join TC from Fairfax or PWC to shoot me an e-mail at and cc . Anonymity is guaranteed.

So check back throughout the week for some great updates!


  • Stephen G. Nichols and The Clue says:

    “Anonymity is guaranteed.”
    We all appreciate your striving for anonymity but how can you say that it’s guaranteed, Mr. Harris, when *everyone* knows that Loudoun Insider is Dean Settle?!?

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I thought Loudoun Insider was Frank Wolf.

  • George Hidy says:

    I nam Loudoun Insider! Mick Staton said so!

  • Big Dog says:

    Evidence of Huckabee moving up – a major hatchet job
    on him by in today’s WaPo Op/Ed by Novak –
    “The False Conservative”.

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    I heard that Loudoun Insider was really Thom Beres.

  • Macho Man says:

    Now, that’s just not right, Watcher. If you’re trying to imply that the far-right developer tilt of the LCRC is being challenged by the LCDC, you’re dead wrong. Myself and others are lifelong republican conservatives who draw the line at developer-endorsed candidates and far-right-out-of-mainstream-election-losing outlooks.

    What we want is a mainstream, conservative party where it’s actually possible to discuss the 20% of issues that we disagree on with civility, while embracing the 80% we do agree on to move the party forward and attempt to be a viable force in elections by representing a sane and guided representation of what the voters want.

    They want safe society. They do not want the schools to have the sole voice in what their children are going to be taught. They want tax relief.

    Unfortunately, the LCRC of late hasn’t provided any of this for the voters, but has instead made sure that developers get their money’s worth for every contributed dollar. THAT had to stop. But now the LCRC is offered a unique opportunity to turn the tide back and become appealing to the voters again. It remains to be seen whether that will sink in in March, or whether the bunch of exclusives will be left standing out in the cold wondering why they cannot for the life of them get a republican who meets their standard into a single office.
    Some of us are just quicker than them in figuring it all out, that’s all.

  • Cicero says:

    What is Huckabee’s allure to Republican voters as a national leader?

    Is it because he’s an very old-time evangelical who doesn’t believe in evolution, abortion rights or gay rights? Is it his vast foreign policy experience (yes, probably better than Cheny’s, Bush’s or Rumsfeld, if results count)? Or his economic and tax policies and criticism of the “Club of Greed”? Or is it because of his somewhat thoughtful social policies on health, global warming, taxation? Since when did today’s self-proclaimed conservatives care about these issues?

    Is it because he’s a remarkably personable, empathetic, humane, humorous person, which makes him likeable, and folks want a Reagan figure back? Or is it simply because the Republicans haven’t put up a thoughtful and convincing set of alternative candidates?

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    Huckabee may be a very personable and likeable guy but he is way too far right to win the presidential election.

    I believe that if it comes down to a far right Huckabee or a liberal Hillary, I’m afraid we’ll see the Clintons back in the White House–a horrific thought.

    If these two are the only choices, I’ll have to stay home on election day.

  • Cicero, I have to say I am also confused by the Huckabee attraction. He’s George W. Bush rehashed.

    Andrew Sullivan today on Huckabee:

    …have you heard of George W. Bush? Barely a government program he hasn’t expanded; barely a soul he doesn’t want to heal. Nation-building where there is no nation; borrowing when there is no more money. And all wrapped up in a theological bundle of conservative “compassion”. The main difference between Bush and Huckabee is that Huckabee once actually raised the money he wanted to spend, instead of borrowing it from the Chinese. And Huckabee’s resort to left-liberal criticism of conservatism – that’s it’s heartless and greedy – has been deployed by Bush as well. Heroic Christianism – with its certainty about everything and moral imperative to intervene wherever “evil” strikes – is not compatible with any sense of limited government. It’s pretty amazing to me that it has taken Huckabee to wake some up to this somewhat obvious fact.

  • John Galt says:

    Is Huckabee still paying 50 cents per signature? I may show up and help out if that is the case still. I noticed it is not on on the website anymore.

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