LCRC Meeting

By Loudoun Insider

Was really not all that exciting. Paul Protic annoounced that he will not seek another term as Chairman, then there were a lot of post-election statements from various factions of the party. Ric James at Hooda Thunk has a very good synopsis of the meeting up (link here). There were a lot of pleas for unity, but also a lot of jabs at various factions.

I am not sure what to make of the next few months until the mass meeting to reconstitute the committee, which is tentaively scheduled for March 15, 2008. It is obvious that the current leadership is sticking around and the upper echelons of the party have no desire to step in and effect immediate change. This gives me no real hope for systemic change in the LCRC. I know far too many disaffected Republicans who will go nowhere near this committee as long as things remain the same.Â

Hopefully the current leadership learned its lesson with the Convention Call fiasco and conducts itself with integrity and fairness in putting together the call and rules for the upcoming mass meeting. I suggest that Suzanne Volpe have absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming mass meeting for starters. All I and many others ever wanted was a fair and level playing field. What has gotten this committee in so much trouble has been the manipulation and decipt of its so-called leaders.Â


  • Tired, can you promise I won’t have to sit next to Eugene?

  • RWN says:

    Thank you TOGOB&G.

    Burke – if you look at this thread, and many other threads, I’m the attackee, not the attacker, so when I get attacked, I will defend. Attack politics is not my M.O. I rather see a party united than divided, but if those that want to split the party (i.e. Stinky) attack, I must defend.

  • Independent Republican says:


    Why do you continue to duck answering obvious and factual questions?


    Will you vote to accept DPM et el back to the LCRC while at the same time would you vote to for the 11 who were excluded in 2005?

  • Mr. RWN says:

    My preference is to include any and all that want to be Republicans. But if you want to be a Republican, that also means you work to help elect Republicans. For those that helped Democrats & Independents in the past but want to be a Republican again, my question is what are they willing to do to help elect a Republican President, Rebublican Senator and a Republican Congressman. If they are willing to unconditionally support the ticket, then I say let them in.

  • RWN, unfortunately for my productivity, I do look at most of the threads — and I have a pretty good memory.

    Yes you do get a fair share of vitriol aimed your way. But you have to admit, you like pushing buttons. And you don’t answer a lot of questions when they are posed. I think people here respect you enough to engage you and debate you — unlike “t”.

    To me, you have come to represent a frustrating combination of absolute dedication to party and total lack of introspection.

    But I admit, it wouldn’t be the same around here without you.

    By the way, I have question that you won’t answer: if, as you say, attack politics is not your M.O. then how do you square that sentiment with your efforts for Eugene Delgaudio this election? Do you see how those kinds of positions undercut your integrity? The party’s integrity?

  • Mr. RWN says:

    Burke – Eugene’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to get elected, I do what I gotta do to help defend the party I love. And you gotta admit, Eugene is attacked with vitriol and venom that doesn’t belong in the public square.

  • G.Stone says:

    Tired – well said

    RWN- It is and will remain a conservative party. Republicans are center right, that will not change.
    I know I will work hard to keep it where it belongs.

    Concerned- I don’t know what Dem party you are talking about but the National party has been hijacked by the wacky left. The DNC is nowhere in site, it is gone.

    Those equating the recent loses in LOCO to a repudiation of conservatism are not only wrong but poor political observers. Insisting in a drastic philosophicial realignment based on one elections rejection of those perceived as too cozy with development or developers is foolish.
    Some of you need to learn how too seperate the fruit, I see a whole bunch of apples and oranges here.

  • Macho Man says:

    Tired…..that was spot-on.
    Mr. Stone, we agree again.
    RWN… first off, answer the question. Secondly, if your new criteria is “help elect a Republican President, Rebublican Senator and a Republican Congressman” I’m as good as IN on this plan. I just refused to support obvious crooks for office locally.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Nut Case,

    Let’s revisit your #43 where you explain the GOP by saying it is a ‘party united by the common ideals of smaller government, less taxes, fiscal discipline, strong national defense and a values based society’. The problem is the weight placed on ‘values based society’ ideal. You and others of your ilk have a skewed opinion of the definition and give the my way or highway approach. Come out of the privy and don’t bury you head in the hole–you’re breathing too much methane.

  • RWN says:

    Can’t see – read #49

    And as to your attack on a value’s based society, it’s nut our way or the highway. Surely there is common ground to agree on, and if not I can agree to disagree. But my values based society is not that different than the one that LI’s heroess Lori Waters defended as ED of the Eagle Forum.

  • Eagle Forum and Public Advocate are two very different organizations, RWN. I am very socially conservative, I just dont believe it is my duty to shove those beliefs down other people’s throats. I also believe that public officials should conduct themselves with honor and integrity, something Eugene Delgaudio has never done. Lori Waters did, which is why she won the biggest margin between her and ED.

    The LCRC needs to get off the new year on the right footing by working up a fair and defensible call and rules for a mass meeting. Suzanne Volpe, with her performance during the convention call fiasco, should be allowed nowhere near this process.

  • RWN says:

    I’ll be honest, of all the LCRC meetings I’ve been to, I’ve never seen anyone try to shove their beliefs down anyone’s throats.

    As for your disqualification of Suzanne Volpe, that makes about as much sense as letting Stinky run the mass meeting. Suzanne is the hardest worker on the committee, by far, and has earned the right to do what she does best. So while you and the posse were working to help elect Democrats, she actually working tirelessly to help elect Republicans. What a novel idea.

  • I guess you’ve missed the RINO hunting outfits and shout downs.

    Volpe’s tireless work produced horrendous results, and much of that bad blood started with the flawed convention call, which she supposedly had pre-approved by John Padgett. There have been far too many instances of deceipt and maniupulation by those currently in power. We’ll see if they make the right decision this time. There will be plenty of eyes on them again.

  • Let freedom ring says:

    How do you know Volpe is a tireless worker? Because she promotes herself and gets in front on every matter? She’s always been that way. She isn’t tireless, just tiresome, and loves the sound of her own voice. And to keep herself in front of everyone, she manipulates the process to her own ends, i.e. the Convention Call lie fiasco. She’s been caught in so many mistruths how can anyone believe or trust her? I’m not going to name all the instances, but believe me, they are many. Let’s give her a “well-earned” vacation.

  • RWN says:

    Wow, it’s sure hard to have an inclusive party when you want to exclude leaders who selflessly volunteer of themselves for the advancement of the party.

  • t says:

    edmundburkenator preaching on “integrity”


  • t says:

    ed, you’re no ED

  • BlackOut says:

    How amusing, RWN is promoting the same cadre of fools that produced the LOSING SLATE of candidates that were recently sent to the junk yard. Now there’s some intelligence. Hahahaha.

    When there is no leadership the sheep freak. Blind followers are not leaders.

  • Sorry if I hurt your feelings t. You do know how much I enjoy your little speed-bump posts.

  • Grapes says:

    “speed-bump posts”?!?

    The prose of t is like a fine expensive wine – to be relished.

    Oh, you ingrate!

  • Jose Kinusee says:


    You defended my postulations so well, that I found no reason to add, not to mention that I was watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in the form of the YouTube debates. Huckabee’s star was shining, Fred’s is fading and Mitt and Rudi’s were neutral.

  • Grapes, that was a good one!

    Jose, I simply haven’t worked up a ton of enthusiasm for the national scene yet. I do know that any one of those guys is way better than Hillary. I think even the LCRC could turn out enough votes for the eventual GOP nominee if the Dems are stupid enough to nominate Hillary.

  • BlackOut says:

    There it is. Props to burkenator for the speedbump analogy.

  • RWN says:

    Stinky, you’re wordsmithing almost reaches Clintonian levels of bull@#$%. I wonder why that is?

  • He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, of course. You should know that RWN.

  • David says:

    Mr. Nut sez:

    “Burke – you’ll probably find a more welcoming community to your views on the Equality Loudoun site, you may want to collaborate with them.”

    Right. Because the Constitution is oh-so radical. Oh wait, it is – I guess that’s why there was a “revolution.” We are so very flattered by your horror.

  • Macho Man says:

    #74… you should probably cut and paste Blackout’s advice into a word doc, frame it, and hang it upon your wall and recite it daily…I mean, if you ever want to see another republican elected from the black sheep squad in Loudoun from this day forward. Lori won handily. Eugene slid past by the hair on his chinny-chin-chin (this time). As the LCRC shrinks to just the members of the Cabal, they’ll likely begin loosing local elections …and much to the chagrin of the RVP, they’ll help put their negative eclusivity out in front of the voters and lose the 2008 elections as well.
    Then we’ll have TWO elections to tout as “We told you so”.
    How many more must you clowns lose before you change your tune? Even this old Marine learned at an early age if something ain’t workin’ you need to adapt to overcome it.

  • Macho Man says:

    RWN… you keep following that one (you know who I mean) down her road. THAT’ll get you where you want to go. YEAH, RIGHT.
    Telling the Committee she had John Padgett’s blessing on that CALL, when it turned out he’d never seen or heard of it, makes me wonder why she even has a cheerleading squad anymore.

  • RWN says:

    Nacho man, If I’m a clown in this GOP circus of ours, then you’re the firebreather. But I like the circus analogy, because we’re still all under one big tent.

  • I’m afraid of clowns.

  • RWN says:

    I would say I’m afraid of Rino’s, but Rino hunting season starts in a couple months.

  • Macho Man says:

    Question is…will you be wearing one of those rediculous safari hats?? If so, they might as well have targets painted on them this year. Whole NEW ballgame, now, brutha…whole NEW ballgame. In years past they just highlighted the 12 year old mentalities in the Committee. This year, they’ll highlight the reasons for the loss.

  • Ken Reid says:

    Roger Zurn and Joe May are correct, and they are seasoned political leaders. We need to take their counsel. Also, the LCRC should undergo a membership drive and boost its numbers, especially the Potomac and Leesburg Districts, which have few members. Getting folks interested, involved and motivated is a good thing — especially with the strong chance of a Clinton Restoration (uggh!). We need a new chairman in the mode of Randy Minchew, who kept the various ideological factions together. Randy is a great leader and motivator and because he works locally, he could devote a lot of time to the job. The LCRC must start funding the candidates it supports, too. It should have blown all its money on the candidates, but overspent on the convention, the call and robo calls. The GOP needs to be a Big Tent, but conservatism is our brand. Conservatism is NOT the fault of this election loss, nor is it the fault of folks who support growth and property rights, or lower taxes and traditional marriage. The problem is an attitude of belligerence and intolerance of members and candidates who don’t tow the ENTIRE party line and then there are efforts to exclude them and marginalize them. The outgoing Supervisors doomed themselves for being belligerent and intolerant of those who opposed them, too. Read the excellent letter in the T-M this week by Paul Feeney, a self-described Republican and friend of Dale Meyers. Unfortunately, the growth issue divides this party, and my hope for the new board is they won’t turn the clock back to 1999-2003, but try to meet the developers and farmers half way and find a win-win situation for all.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Honorable Reid,

    I want to hear solutions not rhetoric. What is your (and other contributors to this blog, as well) specific solution to the problem of bringing the party together to form real unity? Hiring a guy like RM is a start.

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