A Couple Things

By Too Conservative

Just returned from Lynchburg where Gov. Huckabee was well received by Liberty University students and staff. He also won the backing of Jerry Falwell Jr.

The Shad Planking blog looks into what’s at stake for Gov. Jim Gilmore this upcoming weekend.


  • Create identities that sound solidly Democratic. Get them to espouse being something other than true-red Republicans and have them endorse Saxman wherever and whenever possible. Then use this “grassroots” support to convince skeptical Republicans that Saxman not only can get support from Republicans, but by golly he can lure Democrats, too.

  • Andy Long says:

    I like Mike! In fact, I like him so much that I have pledged to give his campaign 100% of my profits in the month of December!

    Go to http://www.wealthytraders.com/ilikemike.php to find out why I like Mike!

  • Jonathan says:

    And then there’s this fabulous announcement.


    “I have been waiting for God’s man to emerge. I believe that Mike Huckabee is our man and I support him totally,” said Bishop John Gimenez , International Overseer of the Rock Ministerial Fellowship.

    Source: Mike Huckabee campaign

  • G.Stone says:

    The Huckabee ad with Chuck Norris is great.

    If Huckabee was better on Illegal Migration I too might like him. However, he looks like Bush II.

  • Macho Man says:

    I started down the road as a solid Fred!! man. I caught the debates last night and I like Huckabee, but would support Rudy if that doesn’t pan out. Rudy has experience and accolades from a long history of fighting crime, as well as handling impacts. We need someone in the hot seat that thinks on his feet, because if anyone thinks attacks on America are over, they’re smokin’ crack.

    And Ron Paul? Why didn’t that sorry SOB just run as a democrat and get it out the way?

  • Macho Man, I usually agree with you, but Giuliani would piss on the Constitution, and then stand there and shake all the dew off his lily.

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