Television Abominations!!!

By Loudoun Insider

I try to watch as llittle TV as possible, but will readily admit that I love certain shows and never miss them. 24, The Shield, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm are all can’t miss shows. After catching some of last night’s Dancing With the Stars finale (to see what the big deal was, which still eludes me), I really thought I could never burn my retinas to such a crisp again.  That is until tonight when I caught the grating Celine Dion butchering “Merry Christmas” (the old chestnuts roasting tune – not sure if that’s the proper title) and Heart’s “Alone” in some kind of psychotic medley. How far our society has indeed fallen is just far too evident in our prime time televeision viewing options. My ears and eyes may never fully recover!


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