Saxman To Announce Intentions At Advance

By Too Conservative

I’ve gotten a preview schedule of Saturday at the advance:

4:30 pm           John Hager – Welcome

·       Welcome to the official Republican Party of Virginia Presidential Straw Poll. We are looking forward to hearing from representatives from some of the presidential campaigns. Before we begin I would like to give 2 of our great Party leaders time to address the crowd….


4:35 pm           Jim Gilmore – Remarks


4:40 pm           Chris Saxman – Remarks

Chris is the last speaker before the Presidential surrogates go on.


Jim Gilmore followed by Chris Saxman…what could this mean???


  • t says:

    While Gilmore did some initial good work as AG in the Hugh Finn case, he bailed before finishing the job.

    Sax is the pro-life “real deal.”

    t encourages his esteemed pro-life colleagues to collaborate with Sax.

    t speaks.

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    -t: Saxman may be the “real deal” but we need a really strong candidate who can beat Mark Warner. We need a right-leaning moderate who will is acceptable to moderate Republicans and to Indys too. We have to start winning again and I believe that is what it is going to take.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    LM: Your analysis may be right, but Saxman would seem to fit that picture. Pragmatic conservatives who draw across party lines are scarce as hens’ teeth around Virginia, but there are a few of them and they are the strength of the new, revived Republican Party in Virginia.

  • RunSaxRun says:

    75% the Republican loses to Warner. With that in mind, I’d rather have someone who can create a name for himself and lead the party going forward rather someone disliked by his own party that needs to head into retirement.

  • D.J. McGuire says:

    Not to be the broken record here, but Saxman supported HB3202. He is NOT a true conservative.

    I’m not supporting Gilmore either (unless Bob Marshall enters the race, I’m neutral for now), but Saxman will get crushed in NoVa and Hampton Roads because of that vote, period.

  • Not Larry Sabato says:

    DJ- Crushed like it destroyed Wittman (the only first district candidate that voted for it)?

  • Now I'm Interested says:

    I almost never say something is impossible, but anyone beating Mark Warner will be quite nearly impossible. He’s well known, well funded and left office with a pretty high approval rating. I just don’t see it happening.

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    Wait till the real story on Warner’s term comes out. He is not a moderate, he is a flaming liberal. I say he can be beaten. Let’s try…

  • Sue Brown says:

    I’m a moderate republican, couldn’t care less about abortion and such. I REALLY like Chris Saxman.

  • Bob Wilson says:

    HB 3202/aka Abuser Fees weren’t brought up at the 1st district convention. Wittman won as a low-tax conservative (that was his message, at least).

  • Tom says:

    FYI Saxman announced a short time ago at the Republican Advance that he will not run for US Senate.

  • Oops says:

    If you guys really want to get rid of Gilmore maybe you should just endorse him. That seems to be the kiss of death for all of candidates (Davis, Saxman, etc.).

  • Joe Kee says:

    There is NO EXCUSE for the Republican Party to EVER support a candidate for public office who is member of the TREASONOUS Council On Foreign Relations. For a list of it’s members which includes Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore, go to [ ]. Detractors: You have no basis to criticize unless you can prove me wrong!!!

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