Not So Dynamic Duos

By Loudoun Insider

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Last night I had to sit through dinner while my wife played a gag-inducing Hall & Oates Christmas CD. What absolute awful butchery of holiday classics! Of course, at least the songs sung by the real singer in the “duo”, Darryl Hall, were more palatable than the “singing” of John “Bababooey” Oates. There is an inescapable loss of musical gravitas the moment that guy decides to assert himself as a real partner in the “duo”.

Maybe the best example ever of a lopsided musical duo was Simon and Garfunkel. Simon did everything, wrote the songs, and basically took Art along for the ride out of the kindness of his heart, eventually kicking him to the sidelines where he belonged.

For country fans, there is an inescapable parallel in Brooks & Dunn. Just what the hell does that Brooks guy do other than try to look cool and singing doo-wop backing vocals??? ( I have to say at least they have kept themselves less distinct by name than the others – I had to double check to make sure I had the right guy for the right role – Brooks is in fact the loser)

So, for the ultimate in not so dynamic duos (notice the dominant half is always on the left side looking at the photo!):


I can’t help but have the same feeling when I see Bill and Hillary (and of course the dominant duo half is always listed first) in action – the ultimate dysfunctiuonal duo of the political world. For all of his many faults, Bill Clinton is a consumate and skilled politician. Hillary just doesn’t measure up in any appreciable fashion. She is the Oates to the Hall, the Garfunkel to the Simon, and the Brooks to the Dunn, all wrapped up in one unsaleable and unappealling package. Please, national Democrats, select this woman as your nominee!Â


  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Hey, all… Won’t get near the computer tomorrow…
    Or that’s the high probability, anyway…
    So I wanted to wish all those who’ve fought beside me a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Take time to remember THE REAL REASON we celebrate.

    Everyone be careful out there amongst the crowds on the highways if you travel.
    I look forward to re-establishing our relationships in the NEW YEAR.


  • Jose Kinusee says:


    Good comparisons–Billary will win the nomination and the election next fall, just look at what happened when Pelosi took over. Also, LoCo is a microcosm of what is happening in the country, so expect more of turning away the GOP.

    Although, since Nancy and Steny haven’t delivered, the GOP may get its grove back to some extent.

    10 ft, you need to get some rest, buddy.

    Seasons Greeting to all!

  • Bwana says:

    Actually, Brooks co-writes several songs, is the driving business force behind the duo, and has sung lead on enough of their hits to lift them out of the company of S/G and H/O.

  • I don’t buy it, Bwana. In searching for the proper names for those two, I came across a comment from someone who said that the only thing Brooks has done in that duo is kept Ronnie Dunn from winning multiple Vocalist of the Year awards! And what’s with the name Kix? Was he named after the 80’s hair metal band?

    To get back into the holiday spirit – Merry Christmas to the TC family!

  • Suedehead says:

    Hall & Oates is one of the top 1980’s bands, and for good reason. They rule!

    And don’t slam Oates until you’ve heard his lead on H&O’s “Possession Obsession”; search it on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

    If you want to slam mismatched duos, they begin and end with Wham!

  • Suedehead, you have a point there with Wham! – that might be the most lopsided duo of all time.

    But back to Hillary – I really really really cannot stand the sight or sound of that woman. Please do not let her take over the White House. I can only imagine the horrors she will inflict upon the nation, and in particular the White House staff.

  • Lee j says:

    Milli Vanilli do I need to say more 🙂

    Lee j

  • BlackOut says:


    People found reason to defend Hill-Bill as well. Driven by other reasons than logic.

    On another note I never thought the banjo was needed in the Smother’s Brothers duo.

  • Kathy says:

    Garfunkel had that sweet tenor voice. Simon couldn’t have pulled off the stellar vocals in “Bridge
    Over Troubled Water.” That performance alone justifies his being a part of the duo.

  • Bwana says:

    LI, it doesn’t matter what you buy, the record is the record.

    “Kix”, btw, is a nickname…full name is Leon Eric Brooks III.

    On the singing front, a quick memory check reminds that Brooks was the lead singer on at minimum:

    Rock My World (Little Country Girl) (Single: BB #2 / R&R #2)
    You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone (Single: BB #1 / R&R #1)
    Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up For Nothing (Single: BB #13 / R&R #11)
    You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone (Single: BB #1 / R&R #1) (as part of the release of their greatest hits)

    and those are just the ones I know about without a great deal of research.

    Your general point is a valid one, but the slam on LE Brooks III is unjustified on the facts.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    #4….Did you just insult Kix??
    You cannot have gone thru the HAMMERJACK ERA without these boys. I saw the reunion tour just last year in Hagerstown.
    They weren’t just some 80’s “hair band”…. they were the local boys.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Did I mention that I personally knew Long-legged Rosie from Baltimore??

  • Kix kicked butt! Much more so than the Brooks & Dunn poseur!

  • G. Stone says:

    Kixx the hair band ?
    You gotta be kiddin me , right.

  • facedancer says:

    She had RED shoes I couldn’t believe it.

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