11:30 ET At Huckabee HQ

By Too Conservative


It’s 11:30 PM ET and I am at Huckabee HQ in downtown Des Moines.

Yesterday the Governor went pheasant hunting in Iowa and got some good press out of the event. The Governor flew back in town today from Florida where he raised a boat load of cash. Tonight he spoke to a crowd of over 1,500 in Des Moines and beginning tomorrow A.M. will be heading across the state for votes. Senator Tim Hutchison, First Lady Janet Huckabee, Former Governor David Beasley, and Chuck Norris are among the people coming to Iowa to help the Governor campaign in the next stretch.

Things are getting intense here and things continue to look up for us. A new LA Times/Bloomberg poll out tonight shows the Governor with a commanding lead at 37%. Romney is in second with 23%.

I’ll be on the road alot over the next week blogging on events for the campaign. Keep checking out our national blog here for updates throughout the day.

The more I get to know the Governor I continue to know he is the best man for the job. He’s an incredibly kind man both on and off the cameras and his communication skills are incredible.

Keep your eyes glued to the television for what will be good news over the next few weeks.


  • G. Stone says:

    I hope the Gov had a better day hunting than he did responding to questions about the Bhutto assassination. To say that his responses were lacking would be kind. At some point this guy has to come up with some substance in lieu of the first lines to his favorite parables.

    He needs to swing into a International House of Pancakes and bone up on foreign policy.

  • Ken Reid says:

    True. Huckabee showed his lack of knowledge about foreign policy. Rudy is the man for the nomination. Rudy knows how to deal with terrorism in a crisis situation. He is determined to defeat the terrorists on their own soil, and he supports our efforts in Iraq. Join me in helping Rudy win the Feb. 12 Virginia primary.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    The lack of leadership by ‘kind’ man Jimmy Carter still affects are country. Is Huckabee really ready for prime time or is he a flash in the pan?

    Thanks for the insider info, TC.

  • BlackOut says:

    I just read where huck narrowly avoided a cheneyesque moment; apparently he aint to good with gun safety; shot right over the heads of the reports.

  • not amused says:

    BlackOut – got a link to that story?

    And nothing against Huckabee, but John Kerry also did a hunting photo-op. Whoop de doo! Just because a politician is a Fudd doesn’t mean he supports the Second Amendment and all that it entails.

  • M.D says:

    Good coverage? You mean when he almost shot reporters by pulling a “Cheney?” Please, Mike is NO conservative and is just another Bush…moderate Republican…it is time we show “compassionate conservatives” the door, and bring back Reagan conservatism…which Huck ain’t.

  • t says:

    Huck is the man, but he should not kill defenseless animals.

    At least TC did not reference “twitter” again.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    M.D: I always thought Reagan was a “compassionate conservative.” We just didn’t have that name for it back then.

  • G. Stone says:

    Rudy has his own issues to deal with. He and Romney both
    must convince grass roots conservatives that they are actually conservatives. This is a very tall order in that both just discovered conservatism within the last 24 months.

    Rudy is good on Islamo Fascists and the war. However, his love of big government and belief that the second amendment exists in only certain areas of the country is a real issue. Rudy like many elites cherry pick those amendments of the constitution in which they believe or make excuses for the governments restrictions on others.

    Rudy will not get my vote in a primary. No way.

  • TickTock says:

    Rudy’s personal life and his horrid treatment of family/former wives would prevent me from ever voting for him. He’s slime.

    At least Huckabee is a real human being. I may not agree with him on everything, but I don’t think he’s prentending to be anything but just who he is. I agree he needs to educate himself real quick on foreign affairs. He’s got a long way to go.

    Romney is a phoney. The last thing Republicans need – is a fake.

    If I had to vote today, it would be for McCain.

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    TT: In today’s world, you don’t educate yourself “real quick” on foreign policy. Does Huck have the security clearances that will allow him access to really important information? And his remark about Pakistani illegal immigrants…. That was beyond belief in someone running for the most important political office in the world.
    Even though I’d like a better choice, I have to go with John McCain at this point.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Yo…the last two of you..
    McCain was one of the biggest pushers for AMNESTY. Something that nearly all Americans thought was horrible. One of our finer moments was when we all collectively picked up the phone or e-mail and called these bastards on their plan for Amnesty for the illegals among us.

  • t says:

    10 feet is right!

    t SPEAKS

  • Janie says:

    Pheasant hunting photo op was dopey. imo I was totally unimpressed.

    I want to hear that Huckabee is a real conservative, lower taxes, less government and please, school choice.

    McCain is OUT, for three reasons: 1. Illegal immigration, he was dead wrong. 2. voting against the Bush tax cuts, he’s not a conservative on taxes and spending. 3. McCain-Feingold, a horrible law that suppresses our First Amendment rights.
    Three strikes, he’s out.

    My choices, in order:
    1. Guiliani (I don’t care what his ex says about him, it has nothing to do with how he governs).

    2. Romney (Don’t care about his religion or his stance on abortion).

    3. Huckabee (I do have concerns about his tax and spending.)

  • Laura V says:

    10 ft. – got to admit that the anti-illegal lobby did a brilliant job at contacting legislators on the amnesty issue. Hundreds and hundreds of calls and e-mails. Bravo. But you couldn’t be more wrong on the “somthing nearly all Americans thought was wrong” bit. Almost all major polls indicate that most Americans favor some form of amnesty under certain conditions, the main condition being better control of the border. It’s all in the way that you phrase the question. Unfortunately, just as many Americans don’t even vote, don’t know the names of all the countries to our south, much less the countries of Asia and the middle east, they also don’t call and e-mail their representatives. Those of us who are engaged (on either side of this issue) have a lot of work to do as far as getting others engaged as well. I know you are “creative’ in your postings but step it up and leave out the false broad statements.
    At least McCain has more substance and itellect to offer than a pure anti-campaign. His policy ideas offer a much more spohisticated understanding of inernational relations as well.

  • Laura V says:

    Actually – as a correction, most polls show that close to half of all Americans (not mostly all) support some form of amnesty under certain conditions.

  • alsoahunter says:

    Shame on Huck for the lame pheasant hunting photo op. I can respect the sport, but what he did had nothing to do with sport. He killed the birds for his vanity. It wasn’t a hunting trip that was meant for fun. It was an ugly photo op. And saying that the birds were “not voting for him” so they had to die were juvenile, hateful, and totally lacking in stature.
    This is not a man to be president. This is no minor incident, this shows his true character. He has nothing to do with my Christian values for “life”. He is small small man.

  • G. Stone says:

    mr 10 feet
    Had McCain been right on Immigration ( ammnesty ), the first amendment ( McCain Feingold ) it would be he who would be bulletproof.
    Had he held the true conservative positions he could start writing his acceptance speech right now.

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