McDonnell Conference Call

By Too Conservative

A few hours ago I hopped on the blogger conference call sponsored by AG Bob McDonnell.

I appreciate the AG reaching out to bloggers and know that Tucker Martin has a lot to do with his embrace of New Media.

He made opening remarks and then took questions.

I asked one on the death penalty.

Vivian Paige has a recap of the call here.

McDonnell is definitey going to have ALOT of friends for his gubernatorial run….


  • Grapes says:

    He’s going to need a lot of friends to avoid getting his ass kicked by George Allen.

  • mytwocents says:

    Blogger confence calls and such are a nice little outreach but I do agree that if George Allen decides to run the nomination is essentially his and no amount of blogger conference calls are going to matter. Frankly, right now I think some politicians are way overplaying the significance of bloggers here in Virginia. They are just one very small aspect of a campaign.

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