VA-11: Byrne gives competition much needed attention

By VA Blogger

What a strategic mistake this is. A representative for Leslie Byrne’s camp pokes her finger into Lori Alexander’s shoulder and says she better “think long and hard” about running for Congress? Mason Conservative has more thoughts about it here.

Forget that Byrne, a one-term Rep. and statewide loser, is bizzarely acting like some sort of political machine, and just think about the attention that brings upon Alexander, a no-name candidate. What are the chances that WaPo would write about Alexander’s candidacy at all if that confrontation doesn’t take place? In an open seat election, expect up to a dozen or more names to file on both sides. Hell, 28 candidates were on the ballot in both primaries for the open Senate seat in Maryland last year. Why would you go out of your way to elevate a candidate who will have trouble gaining media attention on her own?

Three answers come to mind. One, Leslie Byrne’s camp is so inept they didn’t think through such an action; two, Byrne and her organizers are so full of ego that they believe no one else, especially another woman, has a right to run for “her” seat; or three, they on some level feel threatened by Alexander’s candidacy. As MC said, Byrne likely wins a one-on-one battle with Connelly, while a crowded primary complicates matters for her. Whatever the case, amateur mistakes are the quickest way to lose an election. Let’s hope Byrne keeps it up.


  • Kenton Ngo says:

    Now now, there is a big difference between “supporter” (WP article) and “representative” (your post). Your post implies that Byrne sent someone to force Alexander out of the race, while it was clear that an overzealous supporter took it upon herself.

  • Chris Beer says:

    “overzelous supporter” is the kind of loaded description when campaigns want to distance themselves from someone.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Kenton, while your distinction is an important one to make, I don’t think anything about this is “clear”.

    Alexander knows the identity of the “supporter”, and declined to make it public because she didn’t want to make it a bigger deal than it was. If this were just a private citizen with no ties to the Byrne campaign, I don’t know why the person’s identity would be important enough to be worth mentioning, let alone kept a secret.

    Secondly, the fact that this person felt empowered enough to make threats on Byrne’s behalf suggests that she knows Byrne more than just being a simple supporter.

    So I disagree that it is “clear” about her identity or role within the Byrne campaign. However, kudos to Alexander for not backing down and for taking the high road, and the one thing that is clear is that Byrne needs to keep her people more in line.

  • Now I'm Interested says:

    I really cannot suffer Bryne. The answer is door number two. Bryne and her people are sooooo cock sure they think they own the seat and the District. They have not yet figured out that anyone legal, eligible citizen can run for any elected seat. But this is not new, coronations happen all the time. One person thinks they own the seat and they along with their supporters damn near have a hissy fit when someone dares to challenge them. I’m surprised Bryne is not telling Alexander to go run for the School Board, is that now how it usually happens. Please people of the 11th, don’t elect Bryne, she is a left wing, rude, abrasive, nut job. Let’s make her go away once and for all.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Before Byrne gets so full of herself, she might want to ascertain whether Tom Davis is running. If Davis is running, these flights of fantasy by Byrne are going to be awfully hard to live down.

  • sarajam says:

    Why do people actually believe this really happened? Everyone is taking this rumour seriously when chances are Lori just made it up so that she would get some name publicity.

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