Speaking of Sh*t

By Loudoun Insider

The Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA) has been cleaned up with the loss of Steve Snow and Eugene Delgaudio from its board (Leesburg Today story here). Dimitri Kesari is going to be a little lonely I think. John Rocca, who was deposed as Chairman by the Sultan of Sh*t himself, Steve Snow, is back on the board along with Patti Psaris, who is an environmental engineer with (surprise!) relevant experience. Both Rocca and Psaris received eight votes (I can only imagine who the no vote was!), while additional new board member Chuck Harris received six votes for his slot.

I guess putting Harris on this board is some sort of consolation prize, although I don’t understand for what. Nearly all of the Democratic supervisor candidates complained about Harris’ lack of campaigning for himself or anyone else, with him relying entirely on the Dem supervisor candidates to promote his less than inspired candidacy for Treasurer.

I guess the drive to force sewer into the Transition Area will fall by the wayside now, as it should. This makes even more sense with the apparent collapse of the Dulles Metro deal. I’ll be perfectly happy with no additional residential growth in this county for the next ten years. We’ve already grown beyond our carrying capacity in so many ways. Of course a slowdown may not be god for LCSA which has a brand spanking new treatment facility coming on line – another reason it is great to see no supervisors capable of approving land use decisions on the LCSA board.Â

LCSA is also planning to spend $89 million to increase connectivity to the Fairfax water system since (surprise!) we seem to have outstripped our own water producing capacity (WaPo story here). Really? Who would have thought that water isn’t infinite? Fairfax already supplys Loudoun with 2/3 of its water supply. This just great, Loudoun becomes even more dependent on Fairfax County, after we already serve Fairfax as a bedroom community (with all the tax burden) for its employment centers. Good deal for Fairfax!


  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    There was only so much water in the Potomac. It’s all been spoken for, too. But the big boys didn’t care about that….
    They just wanted to get their share and get out. Let the little people figure out how to get water to the damned things.

  • David says:

    Have you by any chance seen Kesari’s resume?

  • Disgruntled Buyer says:

    Speaking of Sh*t, have y’all seen the Two Girls One Cup clip? Too funny.

  • g.k.wallace says:

    WHAT!?!? Loudoun spent 89 mil on a treatment facility!? Then another, what, 18 mil? on a ‘campus’ like, what, CAMPUS is for what? Bill makers, bill mailers, bill collectors, treatment plant stats facilatators? Why on earth couldn’t LCSA have put up these offices in some of the near-empty government buildings down near COSTCO? Would have been far less expensive and perhaps some of the $$$ could have gone into a study to see if another dam or three could be built! Now, had THAT been done back in the 70’s/80’s, we would have (a.) good water on hand (b.) at reasonable rates (c.) some residential insurance against droughts!! Morons!! Who wants water that is rather funky looking, really funky tasting, and outrageously costly!!
    And ain’t no fairfax go’in to give no ‘discount’ on water to no Loudoun County! A gouge is coming and there ain’t nuth’in we can do about it!
    ….and “WE” the second-richest county in the USA!?

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