Group B Spokesman, Frederick, To Challenge Hager

By Too Conservative


Rep. Jeff Frederick will challenge current RPV Chairman John Hager for the post.

I am 100% behind Hager whose sensible leadership is slowly but steadily rebuilding our party in Virginia that Jeff Frederick’s faction has been destroying.



  • NoVA Scout says:

    This must be some sort of early April Fools joke.

  • Dorothy says:

    Smells like Cuccinelli is involved.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    And this Frederick has done what? Why is he even being considered against Lt. Governor Hager? What kind of astounding post does he bring to the table?
    Is he ‘ol “100 votes” Cucennelli’s choice?

  • republicanvoter says:

    Frederick seems to be very sneaky, look how he walked out of the major vote on transportation last year.Instead of taking a position he just did not vote, plain and simple. For various reasons, I predict he will be out of the race sooner rather than later. I would be very suprised if this made it to the voting stage.

    While some would classify me as solid group B, I will be wholeheartedly supporting John Hagar. Believe me, there will be plenty of people in the Group B category who will NOT be supporting Frederick. Hager has done a great job and worked very hard in his short time thus far.

  • t says:

    Praise God for Group B!

    The “astounding post” that J-Fred brings to the table is that he is a great fundraiser and he had nothing to do with recent statewide humiliating losses for the GOP.

    Can Hager claim either one of those credentials? Oh, happy day!

  • t says:

    t is a card-carrying member of Group B!

    Group B is comprised of the strongest pro-lifers in the land.

    What’s wrong with that?

  • 200 Grande says:

    If Frederick is indeed Senator Cuccinelli’s choice for the position, then that should be enough for any Republican in Virginia. It is time for a new generation of Republican to assume leadership.

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    First of all, who in the hell would vote for anyone t supports? Kiss o’ death, folks.

    If you want John Hagar as your RPV Chair, you must sign up to be a delegate to the state convention. That’s the only way to beat this guy. You cannot bet on an unknown person to lead our party. PS, t, John Hagar is an awesome fundraiser.

  • Get Shorty says:

    One word about Frederick:


  • anon says:

    Rep. Frederick? did he get a promotion, isn’t it Del. Frederick. Wow an elected Republican official who speaks conservativism who has won 3 or is it 4 elections in a Democrat leaning district, wants to do something for the pary and the conservative movement and TC is against it. Color me surprised!

  • novamiddleman says:

    Vince, drop the Group B garbage ok

  • Ric James says:

    Cripes, we’re back to the “Group B” stuff? I certainly hope you can get this purged out of your bloodstream before the mass meeting. It’s not going to work very well smacking around the people who have been doing the purity witchhunts over their grudge-holding and intolerance with this kind of rhetoric being aimed at them.

  • David C.F. Ray says:

    For the record, Jeff is not a “Rep.,” which Vincent should know. He’s a “Del.” We don’t have State Representatives in Virginia. This isn’t Texas.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Do we have a great county or what? The audacity (a.k.a., balls) that this brave young man has to run against a seasoned, great statesman is to be commended. Let’s give him a chance to embarrass himself and then if we’re lucky he will fade into oblivion.

  • James Young says:

    Vince, don’t you think it’s about time to group with this “Group B” crap? I know both these people — I stood at the polls with John when we were both on the ballot in ’97; I’ve stood at the same poll with Jeff and his wife — and I respect them both. I don’t know who I’ll support for the post, if both run. But the only “party-splitting” I see here is yours.

    Like I said: It’s about time to grow up.

  • Rep/Del…all the same…

    but for you David…I might change it.

  • Amused says:

    That’s “The Honorable” David to you, Vincent!

  • Grapes says:

    Jimbooooooooooooooooo Young!

    Nobody talks to Vince that way, boy.

    You got a problem with Group B, boy?

    You bring your concerns to me, boy.

    As for the Most Hon. David C.F. Ray, politics is no place for nitpickers, boy.

  • PWConservative says:

    Well I didn’t really care for Hagers leadership abilities when while the Dem leaders were having rallies for their state sen candidates, Hager and the Gop leadership were holding a “Hoedown”

  • James Young says:

    Were it that I could, “Sour,” but you still maintain your cowardly pseudonymity. As for “nobody speak[ing] to Vince that way,” well, I believe that I just did.

    As for some of the other comments, I can’t badmouth John Hager a la “PWConservative,” since I don’t have enough information, but what I object to is Vince’s childish Group A/Group B dichotomy when such a race — if there is one — may just be a contest between two men who both believe that he is the better person for the job, without the sinister motives that Vince implies.

  • BullElephant says:

    Jeff Frederick wins elections by raising money, building an organization, and sticking to solid, readily-identifiable conservative principles. Moderates and spineless squishes who try to out-liberal the Democrats tend to lose. That’s all this question should be about: who can best help the Virgina GOP win elections. I have nothing against Hager per se, but I can tell you that if Frederick brings the same set of principles and skills to the job of RPV chairman as he has brought to his own campaigning, we’ll see the best election results the party has seen in many years.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I assume that these sorts of silly ideas get started from, in this case, Mr. Frederick himself by whispering in some accommodating blogger’s ear and then the story starts making the rounds. I am completely unaware of any sort of leadership role that Frederick has ever played in the Republican realm in Virginia. His taking a walk on the congestion tax was a real profile in silly putty. I know guys like these feel a need to keep moving, but I can’t imagine what the credentials are for this one to take over as head of the state GOP (I know, I know, there may have been a predecessor or two even less qualified, but memories aren’t that short. We know that doesn’t work).

  • rtwng extrmst says:

    I think it’s high time we point the finger at the REAL problem in the GOP. Vince is right. There is a group in the GOP that is destroying the Party. It’s those dastardly Group C Republicans that came up with the “Group A” and “Group B” monikers in the first place! I say we purge ourselves of the lot so we A and B’ers can get back to the business of beating Democrats!

  • republicanvoter says:

    “I can tell you that if Frederick brings the same set of principles and skills to the job of RPV chairman as he has brought to his own campaigning, we’ll see the best election results the party has seen in many years”

    I certainly hope he does NOT bring those same skills. Ha, Ha, Ha, it does not take much skill’s to take a walk on a crucial vote in the GA and magically appear a few minutes later. I certainly hope these are not the principles we are looking for in an RPV chair. I want someone willing to take a stand and vote , NOT decide how they are going to vote AFTER the controversial vote.

    Take a very close look with a microscope at the entire resume of both candidates and double check to make sure everything they both claim is true for both Hager and Frederick and then decide who will be RPV chair. I think the answer is quite obvious.

  • Jimmy’s back! Everyone’s a coward!

  • Group B, Vince? Give us a break. Jeff is one of the best reps we have in Richmond.

    Hey, here’s a sad truth: The Huckster is Group C.

  • David C.F. Ray says:

    One more correction. This is, after all, a Republican blog. Isn’t it long past time every GOPer contributing to it stop using the misnomer “chair” when referring to a “chairman?”

    “Chair” is one of those silly Left-wing terms coined by the Left to neuter the language. Their motive was political, not grammatical, with a specific agenda behind it. The proper term is “Chairman,” even when referring to women. If one wants to recognize a female chairman’s gender, then the acceptable alternative is “Chairwoman.” But under NO circumstances is “chair” acceptable. One “chairs” a meeting, or one appeals a ruling issued by the “chairman” from the “chair” (often shortened to “appealing a ruling of the chair” — referring to the chair from which the chairman issued his ruling, not referring to the chairman himself).

    I imagine some will heap derisive scorn on this comment (there is, after all, no controlling rubes or the uneducated), but those who seek to actually honor the English language (in which things like our Constitution, our laws, and this blog are written) will never again refer to chairmen as “chairs.”

  • Ed Myers says:

    The gender neutral term is “Chairperson” and “Chair is acceptable as a noun — see [5] below. Unabridged (v 1.1)
    Chair –noun
    3. a seat of office or authority.
    4. a position of authority, as of a judge, professor, etc.
    5. the person occupying a seat of office, esp. the chairperson of a meeting: The speaker addressed the chair.

  • Ed Myers says:

    How does slang honor the English language Mr. Ray! 🙂

    American Heritage Dictionary
    n. Slang
    An unsophisticated country person.

    If you don’t want a living, breathing language that incorporates words from other langauges switch to French. English became a polyglot around 500AD and it’s much too late to go back. For those still open to learning new things check out the History of the English Language…

  • David C.F. Ray says:

    Mr. Myers,

    I have no problem learning new things. I DO have a problem contorting my language to suit the political agenda of the Left.

    I never argued with the term “chairperson.” I believe my quote was “If one wants to recognize a female chairman’s gender, then the acceptable alternative is “Chairwoman.”” “Chairperson” fails that criterion. What I DID object to was the reference to a chairman (since no one would argue John Hager is NOT a chairman, and no one would argue Jeff Frederick is NOT running for Chairman) as a “chair.”

    Regarding slang terms, I’d have had no problem if someone pointed out that John and Jeff are each running to be head honcho of RPV, for example, but I doubt Loudoun Watcher and republicanvoter used the term “chair” as slang. I also doubt they consulted before using the term. So my critique stands.

  • Ed Myers says:

    Mr Ray is so funny!

    Do rush out and help Lingamfelter revise HB 55 so that “Right” English instead of “Left” English becomes the required lanaguage of the Commonwealth.

    I’m warning the rest of you, stop using Latin-derived words or abbreviations in this blog because that just makes it easier for latinos and they aren’t welcome unless they speak “Right” English!

  • Thou art calling thee a rube! Thou hast injured thee.

  • …or is it callest…?

  • James Young says:

    I don’t know about that, Joe. My impression is that the Huckster is more group “D.”

  • Okay, let’s return back to the subject of the post about Del. Jeff Frederick running against John Hager. Of course, I am supportive of young Republicans assuming the reins of leadership. New blood is just what this party needs, and I will support Del. Frederick’s bid for the party chairmanship. Since Hager has been the Chairman, fundraising has been at an all-time low and there were many losses in the state legislative races. We need fresh leadership for the future of our party.

  • J. Tyler Ballance says:

    I have seen no data supporting the assertion that Mr. Hager has presided over a new low in fund raising.

    However, I encourage a fair and open competition for the RPV Chairmanship. This sort of open and honest discussion of ideas is what our Republican Party is supposed to be about.

    Staying the course is a term we often hear in conservative circles, but a steady hand on the tiller is not such a worthy asset as one is about to head over the falls.

    Regardless of who the next chairman is, we need to have an energetic voice speaking on behalf of our state party. We especially need someone who will aggressively court recent immigrants, especially those from the Latino and Asian community to become active Republicans.

    Of course, it would help this overall effort if our elected officials would limit government to core infrastructure issues and stop trying to legislate their way into our homes and families. Just one example of misplaced priorities: Republican support for those damned “abuser fees” really hurt our Party with the citizens.

    The People thirst for a positive, optimistic vision of the future that is supported by programs that promote job creation, limit government intrusion into our lives, and enhance our Liberty.

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