Sources:Stewart to Announce for Lt.Gov

By Too Conservative

Prince William County Chairman(and Mitt Romney supporter) Corey Stewart is set to announce his intention to run for Lt. Governor as soon as the end of the week…



  • Jean-Charles says:

    I hear Mssr. Davis decide to retire ajourd hui…do you zink Mssr. Stewart change heez mind and go for ze congress???

  • t says:

    This is WONDERFUL news

  • James Young says:

    I doubt it. Of course, I’d expect you’d be supporting him, given the wonderful trail blazed by Chairman Sean.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Connaughton won two general elections, the first unseating a long-time Democratic incumbent, the second by huge margins and had served one and a half full terms with great popular support before running for LG. Stewart has held the job for a bit over a year and the verdict is out as to whether his choice of issues is good for the County. I see this report, if accurate, as consistent with a past pattern of “just keep moving.” Before Connaughton vacated the post, leaving it clear for a lay-up by any Republican who followed him, Stewart appeared to be shopping his name around for County Clerk and GA possibilities when it looked dicey for him to keep the Occoquan seat. This looks like more of the same.

    Of course, LG in Virginia is not a bad spot for pols with little to offer. The trouble is that some of them want to go on and some of them shouldn’t. I could consider people like Bolling or Stewart more avidly for the position if they were bound not to seek the next position and if one could be sure that the health and safety of the Governor were guaranteed against all perils.

  • James Young says:

    It’s nice to see when “NoVA Scout” stumbles unwittingly into the truth: “LG in Virginia is not a bad spot for pols with little to offer.” That’s the best argument that I’ve ever heard for Connaughton’s run for the seat.

    Of course, he sadly couples it with spin: “Connaughton won two general elections, the first unseating a long-time Democratic incumbent, the second by huge margins and had served one and a half full terms with great popular support before running for LG.”

    1. “Connaughton won two general elections….”: just like Corey Stewart.

    2. “…the first unseating a long-time Democratic incumbent…”: True.

    3. “…the second by huge margins…”: yeah, against a buffoon. Whatever else Pandak is, she’s not a buffoon.

    4. “…had served one and a half full terms…”: wow, time in grade. Color me impressed.

    5. “…with great popular support…”: open to dispute; his margin in his home County’s GOP primary for LG was much lower than Bolling’s. Connaughton couldn’t win — lost badly, in fact — a straw poll for the post conducted at his own County’s GOP Convention. And it ignores that his spending habits are coming home to roost in a depressed housing market…. which is probably the main reason he got out of Dodge when he could.

    The other stuff “NoVA Scout” says about Corey in Occoquan is probably just stuff he had heard around the office from Connaughton, and is belied by Stewart’s handy victories for the Chairman’s seat. And “clear for a lay-up by any Republican who followed him”!?!?!? That’s as phony as the Rolexes offered on the streets of New York. Corey ran as the ANTI-Sean, and voters knew it. But leave it to “NoVA Scout” to advance the canard that all good GOP fortunes arise full-blown from the toe of Chairman Sean.

    All that having been said, I don’t here endorse Stewart for LG, and don’t think he should run for the post. He needs seasoning before he runs for higher office, IF he runs for higher office. Aside from that, I would have thought that he would have talked about it with people who have enthusiastically supported him in the past. It might be mere ego to think that he would have done so, but he certainly hasn’t broached the subject with me. Ever.

    It seems highly unlikely that he would do so with young Vince. Or with anybody likely to spill the beans to Vince.

  • I think Corey Stewart has great future potential. He is one of the few GOP politicians in Virginia not beholden to the real estate/development industry and very much a populist. He has performed very well in his elections, although admittedly against less than impressive opposition.

    I do think he would be a formidable successor candidate to Tom Davis, and wish he would re-consider that opportunity. I’d love to see him up against Gerry Connolly, the developer’s best friend.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    James, James. What a short memory. By my reckoning, Connaughton served about five and a half years between his first election and the Republican primary in 2005. In the interim he curshed a Republican opponent in the 2003 primary and won overwhelmingly in his second general election. Stewart was elected in a special election after Connaughton resigned in 2006. He served one year before the next regularly scheduled general election. If Vince is correct that he has determined to run for LG, he has done so about six weeks into his first full term as Chairman. Stewart didn’t run against Connaughton, he ran against Pandak and I have no doubt that he had an easier time of it because of Connaughton’s popularity with the electorate. Brand name success does mean something.

    We can agree, however, that Mr. Stewart should take JY into his confidence before contemplating next moves. If Stewart has failed to vet his LG candidacy with you, he apparently is making the same grave mistake as Connaughton. Why don’t these guys understand that they should consult with you, James, before undertaking these new projects? I certainly will chat you up before throwing my hat in the ring for any office whose elecorate is larger than my immediate family (where I would run closely contested with no sure chance of success. My only hope is to build coalitions that include the dog and cat).

  • James Young says:

    I don’t have a “short memory,” “NoVA Scout,” but I do have a complete one, so let’s not get carried away with pretensions as though the fact that Chairman Sean “curshed [sic] a Republican opponent in the 2003 primary” meant anything, either. Chairman Sean’s primary opponent in 2003 was, of course, a Democrat in Republican guise, running at the behest of Sheriff Lee Stoffregen. Chairman Sean did the same thing to Stoffregen, running a Republican in Democrat guise. Both did it because of Virginia’s ill-advised “open primary” system, in order to keep individuals of the other party from voting in the primary of his party. Even those disenchanted by the Democrat-lite tax-and-spend policies of Chairman Sean were not prepared to vote for the Democrat-in-Republican’s-clothing running against him. So his results in 2003 weren’t as impressive as you would like to you would like to spin them. Beating a Democrat-in-Republican’s-clothing and a buffoon. What accomplishments! Perhaps they formed the basis of Chairman Sean’s delusions of grandeur.

    Of course, the entirety of your ridiculous rant dubiously credits Vince’s information about Corey. I know it must shock you to discover that someone else — particularly I — might have better sources, perhaps even direct ones, so you just have to belittle me. It’s so much convenient and easier, after all, than assessing the merits of the source of the assertion above.

    If Corey had such intentions, I would expect him to share them with me, since he has found value and expressed appreciation in the past for my counsel. Perhaps I am wrong — he certainly doesn’t have to “vet his LG candidacy” with me, since I would, as always, assess it on its own merits and the relative merits of competing candidates, facts of which I assume Corey is well aware — but experience teaches otherwise. If he had done so, and asked me to keep it in confidence, I would, and wouldn’t comment one way or the other on Vince’s rumor-mongering. I only draw the conclusion that he has no such intentions from our past interactions, and lack of present interactions on the topic at hand, and comment accordingly. Why that so upsets you, and sets you off on one of your belittling rants, raises questions about you that I wouldn’t presume to answer.

    Of course, perhaps Corey should seek your counsel, instead. After all, your advice on his electoral ambitions and political strategy must have been so very useful to Chairman Sean.

    I likewise conclude that Vince is just playing games to create blogosphere buzz against a politician he — like you — loathes. Probably because Corey demonstrates so effectively in his current role, and in his ability to get things done with more interest in doing the right thing than in remaining “popular,” that the former Emperor had no clothes.

  • Grapes says:

    Jimbooooooooooooooooooooo Young!

    Name-dropper Extraordinaire!

  • republicanvoter says:

    Did Stewart announce today?

  • t says:

    It would be remarkably unwise to run for any Statewide office, without first running it by the inimitable Jimbo Young.

    Jimbo is the gatekeeper.

    Aint that right Jimbo?

  • James Young says:


    Ha, ha, ha HA HA HA HA!

    No, caricature “t,” not hardly. Maybe I wish I were; maybe I should be.

    But it’s only the likes of you, “NoVA Scout,” and our estimable host who have such pretensions here.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    No it’s not. I think you’re overly impressed with your own importance as well.

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