Huge Turnout for Frank Wolf

By Loudoun Insider

Frank Wolf had a huge standing room only crowd of probably 300 people last night for his birthday/campaign kick-off celebration. Of course this only warrants the tiniest of mentions in the WaPo. If this were a Feder extravaganza it certainly would’ve made first page Metro above the fold. Of course Feder just doesn’t draw these kinds of crowds and remains way out of touch with the voters of the 10th District.

Tom Davis spoke, and I have to say his departure from the scene is really depressing. For all the arrows shot at him from the wingnuts this guy really knew how to stay relevant and as conservative as possible in an increasingly Democratic district. Keith Fimian was working the crowd, and since he is the apparent frontrunner I hope he heeds the advice of Davis and doesn’t go too far in placating the hard religious right. That is not a path to victory. He absolutely needs Davis strongly on his side to win this. His greatest gift would be a Hillary coronation with a Leslie Byrne candidacy, it wil simply be too easy to paint them as Hillary Sr. and Hillary Jr.. While this may play well in the more liberal portions of the district, it would be a great driver to the polls for Republicans.

Back to Frank Wolf – what a great guy and one who really truly cares about this country and his constituents. There is no way in the world that Judy Feder will ever beat Wolf. Never gonna happen.


  • republicanvoter says:

    Nice assessment of the event last night. You are so right. Feder could NOT dream of having this type of crowd out to support her. We are certainly fortunate to be represented by a Congressman such as Frank Wolf. Maybe Feder and her liberal socialist allies will just go home. This year is setting up to be a big year and a big win for Congressman Wolf. I think Feder is in desparation mode right now.

  • Wolf Supporter says:

    It was a great event last night. The turnout on a week night shows how much support Congressman Wolf has in the 10th district. Even IF Feder makes it through the primary, she still stands no chance of defeating our great Congressman! She will lose by a bigger margin this year. BYE BYE FEDER!!!

  • B says:

    I was there from the beginning. It was great to see such a turnout for a stand up guy! We have the best Congressman in the country. Happy birthday Congressman Wolf. Keep up the good work!

  • Sibyl Says says:

    Wolf was fired up and gave the crowd a super energized speech! He listed one accomplishement after another, that reminded us all why we are so proud he is our Congressman.

    I hope Fimian was listening so he begins to realize “what people want” from their Northern Virginia Congressman.

  • Average Voter says:

    Bob Marshall was there working the crowd. I know a lot of you TC’ers think the guy is on the fringe, but I think he really “gets it” with regard to connecting with the average voter on a wide variety of issues. He stands up for what he believes in and has always impressed me. Go Bob!

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    Frank Wolf energized the crowd last night. He brought folks to their feet. He is the most decent, hardworking, reliable man on Capitol Hill. If only every congressional district had a Frank Wolf.

    Congressman Wolf, thank you for all you do, not just for your constituents, but for people all over the world who benefit from your concern and advocacy. You are truly the best.

  • CommonGroundGirl says:

    Congressman Wolf’s stance on everything from Iraq, the Greenway, JTHG, Earmarks and Dulles Rail resonates with voters in the 10th district. He makes an effort to travel cross-district to meet with key constituencies in order to understand what matters. Given his experience, morality and faith he’s sure to win as long as he wants to. His staff is fantastic too. Thanks to Mary Ann Cannon and Linda Douglas for putting on a great event.

  • Happy Birthday Congressman Wolf! The event was well attended. I thought the Congressman gave an electrifying speech that emphasized his solid record on improving transportation and fighting for human rights around the world.

  • Interested Constituent says:

    I couldn’t attend the event but I’m glad to hear it went well. Congressman Wolf has nothing to worry about this election… didn’t he beat this same woman by 14 points in a landslide Democratic year??? Congressman Wolf has shown time and time again that if you stand by your principles and listen to your constituents you will continue to get votes… from both sides of the isle.

  • Jane says:

    Yes, last night was a great event. I have never seen Frank so fired up. His speech was great.

    I live in the 11th and agree that it was very sad to see him and know that he’s leaving. Worse to think that we are likely to be stuck with Gerry Connelly or Leslie Byrne. I can’t think of two people I would less like to have represent me.

    At the party Steve Hunt told me that he’s running for Congress in the 11th. He’s a true conservative and a heck of a nice guy. He was the only voice for the parents on the school board. He is well aware that it will be an uphill battle.

  • Bob Marshall is awesome – I am definitely supporting him over Gilmore on personality alone. I just don’t see any way Gilmore beats Mark Warner – Marshall is a different kind of candidate and one who could really excite the base to turn out.

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    OMG. Why don’t you all just pucker up and attach your lips to Wolf’s rear! It was almost sickening reading through all of that.

    Is Wolf a decent guy? You bet. Is he without fail? Hardly. I agree with LI that if Feder is the nominee he’ll coast to reelection. But is that really good for our Democracy?

    And a few questions to ask Frank the next time he gives an apparently rousing speech: Why didn’t he support the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations, instead falling to political pressure to support the Bushies? Why was Wolf part of the 2005 Republican Congress who decided not to act on immigration in order to use it as a campaign issue? Why is he bound and determined to make sure metro will be above-ground, and that any important discussions on the matter are held behind closed doors? Lastly, Wolf is a spend and don’t take Republican? The amount of pork he signs off on is jaw dropping. Here I thought Republicans didn’t like both taking and spending.

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    take = tax…

  • Sanity says:

    Frank’s just a right-wing Bush apologist that does nothing. It’s obvious to me that he’s fixed our transportation problems. NOT! Where’s my metro Frank? The one you’ve been working on for seven years? Your near 100% voting record with Bush hasn’t helped? Gee, too bad. But I guess you’re the transportation guy.

    Human Rights? That’s why he loves the Patriot Act. Why doesn’t he start at home? C’mon guys, get a clue. What kind of Kool-Aid did he serve?

    Frank’s fired up ‘cuz he’s scared. He should be. Dem coattails could bounce him in November, or if McCain wins, then the 2010 bounceback will. Isn’t it about time he retired?

  • republicanvoter says:

    Scared of What? Socialist, liberal, pro-choice, anti-family, even anti-religion Judy Feder! Ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny.

    Wolf HELP FOUND the Iraq Study Group. I just don’t think he wants to help liberal democrats ideas of the recommendations. Wolf is truly a bi-partisan politician and I believe he would follow through with the recommendations if they were NOT jaded by Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies of surrender.

    As for the so-called pork, Congressman Wolf has been one of the leaders in earmark reform. Just take a look at his legislation.

    Congressman Wolf is truly one of the great Congressman in Virginia’s long storied history. I could not be more excited that he is going for another term and hopefully many more. The crowd of over 300 people was more than would show up for many U.S. senate candidates. People all around the distict are excited about all of our Congressman’s accomplishments and they want to see him stay for many more years.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Sanity…is your Bush Enragement Syndrome bothering you again?? They make medication for that.

  • Sanity says:

    My BES is still bubbling just below the surface. I think I need to up my dose. 1/20/08 can’t come fast enough. I’ll be smiling whoever wins. None of the four major candidates is a Bush repeat. Compared to some of the “winners” in the current administration they’re ALL far-left wackos.

  • bwana says:

    OK, I will take the honors and note that 1/20/08 has already passed us by…

    Amazing what BES does to our ability to type 😉

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    “Wolf is truly a bipartisan politician.”

    Is that why he staged a political stunt with Jill Vogel and Lynn Chapman on the toll road issue, while people like Joe May and Tom Rust didn’t join in on the grandstanding? Frank Wolf is your typical partisan politician.

    And I don’t really have a problem with his partisanship, but please, republicanvoter, let’s not go start just making stuff up just for the hell of it.

    Wolf is smart to strategically intiate legislation. But as far as pork goes, Wolf is one of the worst of the lot. I’m happy he tries to downplay that by introducing some legislation, but it doesn’t change the reality of his time on the apps committee.

  • Jean Vajean says:

    Frank Wolf is the manifestation of honor, humility, and decency.

    It is crucial that he be reelected.

    And he has become a leader in earmark reform.

  • Sanity sucks says:

    Sanity needs a new name… somehow it doesn’t really fit if you ask me. Good catch bwana, made me chuckle a bit. $10 bucks says Sanity works for the Feder campaign and monitors all the blogs for the word “Wolf” and immediately begins pounding our great Congressman. You can always smell desperation in the air.

  • Feder is done, even before she gets going.

  • republicanvoter says:

    I am proud to have our Congressman Frank Wolf fighting with us on the toll road related issues. What’s sad is the while Frank Wolf is fighting for a bi-partisan solution to our local issue’s, Judy Feder is fighting for required mandatory socialized medicine that would take away our rights as citizens and basically make us pawns of the government. Unless the issue in on moveon and her other liberal allies agenda, Feder really does not care.

    Our Congressman Frank Wolf, fights for those who cannot fight for themselves like the persecuted church in China. Feder’s campaign has mocked him on this in the past.

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