Loudoun Town Elections Open Thread

By Loudoun Insider

I really don’t follow local town politics too much, although I know the contests can be quite spirited. Town elections will be held May 6, 2008. Leesburg of course is the biggest and most high profile venue, but Purcellville’s battle between Mayor Bob Lazarro and challenger Karl Phillips should get pretty testy. Feel free to put up your thoughts.


  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Leesburg would be missing out on a great leader if it doesn’t elect Frank Holtz for the Town Council. We need a strong leader in the Town for once. Sanjaya would be better than the dumb broads leading our town.

  • CSR says:

    I’ve said it before on a thread – Leesburg desperately needs Kevin Wright to step up and take on the Mayor. She just doesn’t get it. And Jose is 100% right, Frank Holtz is a must add to the Council. The scary thing right now is that there are three candidates for three Council seats…I bet even I can predict the outcome there.

  • Purcell says:

    The rumor mills are already working. It seems that Phillips is in for bumpy ride. He was recently in court with his first wife and he is currently living in Beacon Hill with his second wife (current) and doesn’t even live in town.

    When I learned of this, I call the Court and they confirmed that he is the defendant in several civil actions this month.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Evidently, you ARE the rumor mill.
    Don’t cast it somewhere lese, son…own up to it. Post links to the court notices that are online. Don’t expect us to take your word for it.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    The central issue in P’ville is the high school. Lazaro (much as I agree with him on many growth issues) should be run out on a rail for what he has done to our kids. This situation at Blue Ridge, Harmony, and Valley are inexcusable.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    But, if Lazaro can start with the personal attacking of his opponent thru the anonymous poster above, (or if the person did it of their own accord w/o Lazaro’s knowledge) this would give him an edge how??
    Everyone should stick to the issues before voters…no delve into personal lives to try to dig up dirt that just won’t matter when it comes to how the town is run.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Mr. Lazaro took a confrontational path with the county over the high school issue, to the detriment of the kids, and it more and more seems like he did it to make a name for himself. He sure demonized Jim Burton for no good reason. As I recall, Mr. Lazaro now backs the SCR, but he hasn’t given us any vision for the town center to keep PV from becoming just another suburban smear across the middle of the county. Some deal about selling the town hall and moving into the church! I would have liked to hear an idea about how to revitalize the town center that didn’t involve selling public property. He should have worked with the owner of the shopping center to get some redevelopment going on there, too. Now another big grocery store with another big asphalt parking lot is going in down by Patrick Henry and that huge lot at the ole IGA still sits vacant. Nope, Mr. Lazaro didn’t help much.

  • I recently learned of this blog and was somewhat amused to read the speculation about my legal and residential status. Since it was brought up by someone who thinks they know, I will explain. My former wife decided after 12 years of marriage to end it back in 2004. That was her decision and I did not share it. Since she brought the action she was the plaintiff and I was the defendent. If you’ve ever been divorced you know that these cases do not end until the children are grown. Therefore I will continue to be the defendent until 2015 when my youngest son turns 18. I recently brought a custody issue before the court, but since I was the original defendent in the divorce, that’s how it was listed on the docket. I will not go into the reasons why I brought action.
    As far as my residence is concerned I will just say that I still live at the same home I built back in 1998 in Purcellville. I have not moved despite my divorce and subsequent remarriage to Kathleen. Believe me we thought about moving to her home in Leesburg but decided not to take the kids out of the schools and away from the friends they have here. Yes Kathleen still owns her home near Beacon Hill. She’s been trying to sell it for a year. I have never lived there. Kathleen moved into my house after we were married nearly two years ago. It’s really simple guys. I would not have qualified to be on the ballot if I didn’t live in Purcellville. Those are the facts. I didn’t have to go into them but I think people should know the truth rather than speculate about someone who want’s to be entrusted with the public business. I’m glad to see that some of the posters would prefer to focus on the issues. That is what I do. I have no intention of attacking Lazaro personally. I have always liked him and don’t see any need to smear his good name. He is a decent man. He is a father who loves his wife and daughter just as much as I love my wife and two sons. He is doing what he thinks is right for the town. We just disagree on some important issues. I will not stoop to low campaigning. If I post in the future it will only be about issues, because that is my only concern.


  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Apparently, Mr. Purcell has to much time on his hands. He also admits to starting rumors–shame on him.

    Mr. Phillips, thank you for correcting the record–you seem to be an honorable man. Good luck in the election.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Whisper campaigns ALWAYS backfire in Loudoun. At least when the POSSE latches onto those who spread them.

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