Hillary is Done

By Loudoun Insider

Stick a fork in her, as they say. Obama has won ten in a row, almost all by huge margins. Even Not Larry Sabato, Hillary groupie extraordinaire, is now calling for Hillary to drop out of the race (link to post here). The most frightening comment in that thread was someone pitching Hillary for a Supreme Court slot – no way Obama would pull that trigger! Hillary may still think she has a chance at Ohio and Texas, but her poll numbers are plumetting nationwide and super delegate are moving en masse to Obama. The only way she makes any progress is to tear down Obama beyond repair. Thank God, we may finally be done with the Clintons in national politics, but I still wouldn’t put the selfish nuclear option past either of them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

On the Republican side, I know TC himself has worked very hard for Huckabee, but he has no chance to wrest the nomination away from McCain. If Hillary drops out soon, Huckabee needs to do the same to help McCain conserve energy and cash for the general.


  • Tony Iovino says:

    Bottom line– she never did anything on her own, and she, in the end, is not likable.

    Without Bill having been President, she’d still be on the Board at Walmart, investing in some land deals, a few cattle future contracts, etc–just another liberal boomer cashing in.

    Without Bill having been Governor, she wouldn’t even have been that.

    And tho the Democrats felt an obligation to defend his nonsense while he was “their” President, many have made it clear they don’t want his baggage back–and when he went out of control in South Carolina, he reminded them even more.

    Stick a fork is right–as we saw with the TV pre-emption last night, the Clintons have met their match–they look ragged, tired and now more than a little pathetic. Good riddance.

  • RichmondDem says:

    You know, Tony, I think its the other way around. I’m an Obama supporter but shes a very smart, hard working woman regardless of what you think of her policies. But the Presidency is NOT the place for her. I’d like to see her as Attorney General or the aforementioned idea of a Supreme Court justice. Its where she belongs.

    Personally, I think Bill would be a used car salesman in Arkansas without her.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Wishful thinking for both of you. Remember California; it will take the Dem Convention to figure out the nominee and I still believe the Hill & Bill Machine will pull it out. I hope that I will have to eat my words!

  • Kelly Pierce says:

    By the way, does anyone know that Cindy McCain, the women, JM married when she was 25 and left his familly for, so he could launch his political career with her money is a former drug addict.

  • Malcolm says:

    Hillary’s down, not out. She’ll apply every possible tactic to the very end. From the perspective of one who would probably vote for McCain over Hillary, and Obama over McCain, her critics misstate her innate intellectual abilities that outpace George W’s, or George H.W.’s., and perhaps McCain’s She’d have been a rich Wall Street lawyer in her own right. But lacking those appealing and necessary Presidential attributes of personality and generosity of political temperament she’s likely to show her worst side in the coming weeks and months. I think we can trust the Dems to respond accordingly. If not, the November voters will. American voters are pretty good at picking candidates they’d like to have a beer with, if nothing else.

    Kelly, it’s pretty widely known that Cindy McCain had a prescription drug addiction that she dealt with — and without the hypocrisy of some. She deserves admiration and sympathy for what she went through.

  • Lee J says:

    I felt Obama would be our next president from almost the beginning. McCain is just an extension of Bush’s policies. His position on the war is going to kill bury him in the election as well as he does not have a clue about the economy. I am sorry and no offense to blue collar factory workers but that what he reminds me of another Archie bunker. He has no style or energy. The republicans have blown their chance for the white house this go around. I just don’t see it!!!!!

    America is looking to be energized again and McCain just does not have it.

  • RichmondDem says:

    Hey, your boy Huckabee might have recieved his miracle.

    The New York Times just broke a story about a possible extra-marital affair between McCain and a 40-year old lobbyist.

  • Lee J says:

    It is more then the affair and unless McCain can come up with some powerful rhetoric this may seriously damage him and the good old boy system washington and adds just more power to Obama’s we need change campaign. In any event this just puts more fuel to fire we need to change washingtons good old boy system and shake it to the ground. At least Obama gives us at the very least the illusion he will certainly try. I have gotten to the point just like in the last election in Loudoun, We need change in Washington too.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Kelly Pierce posts as much heresay as the NYT just did. All without one iota of “real” proof that McCain did anything. What the early feedback on this is revealing is a long line of Democrats and others who are vouching for McCain’s integrity.
    This was all a dirty little nationwide “pushpoll” to suggest that McCain had done something wrong. It also tells me that McCain really scares them.They just confirmed my suspicions that they think he will beat them in November.

    There are quite a few things wrong with the NYT’s story. They’re called facts, and the NYT should familiarize itself with them, because this might have been the story that mobilized those independents sitting on the fence that they’d rather align with a statesman like McCain than a sleazy mudslinger like the New York Times, and the far left democrats….which have their own problems, without compounding them with this crap.
    They can start with muzzling Michelle Obama.

  • Malcolm says:

    10 ft, recall that the NY Times endorsed McCain and Hillary before the NY primary. The story could have done damage to him if it had come out before the Florida primary, or if they’d waited until before late in the general election. A conspiracy theory won’t, as usual, fit the facts well. Four credible reporters worked on this, but the New Republic apparently has written about the controversy within the Times about how this story should be treated. I’ve not yet read that account. In any event, it’s not going to do much damage and will blow over, as I believe the Times recognizes. Contrary to so many folks who consider the Times to be sleazy but don’t actually read it regularly, I find its news reporting, like the WSJ’s (discounting the editorials of both) to be far more reliable than any other sources in this imperfect world.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    FWIW, The fact that the NYT endorsed McCain before this story is why the story won’t have teeth , and will not bother McCain. It is just another bit of sleaze from the masters of sleaze. I suppose we’ll all miss the NYT after their newspaper sales drop even more and they’re forced to drop more of those excellent reporters (who evidently never learned the distinction of running a story AFTER you have the facts)

  • I forgot just how utterly slimy the general election can get — if only for a moment. The lie and innuendo factory is hiring for extra shifts.

  • Kellie, what do they pay?

  • Bwana says:

    I suggest Huckabee stays in not because he thinks he can get the nod but because it gets him stage time and face time in preparation for 2012 or 2016. His w/d will be based not on whether his candidacy hurts McCain in 2008 but whether his candidacy hurts Team Huckabee for future candidacies.

    Apparently Ms. Pierce was not of voting age or interest in 2000, because Bush advocy groups threw all this at McCain 2000 in SC and elsewhere…and when the smoke cleared the Bush advocates conceded there was little value to the story. McCain is as vetted as they can come.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Simply put, Huckabee is wasting his time now and will be 4 years from now–read my letters–no more evangelicals.

    Religion should be preached from the pulpit and not the stump lectern.

  • Former Candidate says:

    I just read the NYT piece and am thoroughly disgusted. There are simply no facts in the entire piece that support any wrong-doing by Sen. McCain. It is all rumor and innuendo that belongs in the Sun, not the times.

    Unnamed sources suggest maybe the woman might become a campaign issue? That’s the big story? Nothing to indicate anything at all that actually happened that was remotely inappropriate, just some staffers were worried about public perception. That’s a story? A story is about something that actually happened. It is not a story that some former staffers were of the opnion that it might look bad in 2000 that Sen. McCain had a friend who was a female lobbyist and was getting involved in his campaign.

    $85,000.00 in donations among a group of wealty people in over eight years is not at all remarkable. We have nearly 10 times that going to the Fairfax Chairman of the Board of Supervisors over the past 8 years.

    Finally, if you want to see the slant… how often is Hillary “Mrs. Clinton” rather than “Sen. Clinton” in the Times? After 30 years of service, Sen. McCain doesn’t deserve an honorific befitting his office?

    It is pathetic that this is remotely considered journalism. I would expect this sort of conjecture and smear from MoveOn.org, not the Times… though maybe my expectations for the Times was unrealistic.

  • Lee J says:

    All I can say if McCain has the right stuff to be President, which I don’t think so especially during these times. This times article should be absolutely meaningless in the big picture one way or another. If this is a problem for McCain It is a sign he has much bigger problems other then this in convincing the American public he should be president. Basically if he can’t weather this in a powerful way he is finished and not because of the article. He would show he is just not tough enough to be president.

    Lee j

  • Malcolm says:

    Reading it this morning I agree: not a good story, and not worthy of the Times. Puzzling, but it will hurt the Times more than McCain. I expect it will evoke substantial criticism from the Times’ public editor that all readers will see; that’s something we never get from Fox, do we?

  • NoVA Scout says:

    What’s your point, Kelly? Does this have any relevance to selection of political candidates? Why should anyone care (other than sympathy and compassion) if someone else develops an addiction to prescription drugs? BTW, how close are you to McCain that he would confide in you that his purpose in marrying Mrs. McCain was to use her family money to support his political career? Somehow, I’m not too impressed with the quality of your information, or, for that matter, the quality of your character.

  • Malcolm says:

    Anyone still interested in why and how the NYTimes published its story today on McCain and the role of Fox and the Drudge report, See The New Republic’s story —


  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Here! Here!! Thank you Nova Scout.
    Her drivel is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country now. She put together a flawed hypothesis, and then treated it like an established truth for some reason.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Don’t kill the messenger. The NYT story is just the facts: several vetted former McCain aides have told reporters that they had these concerns, and why. That’s not rumor or innuendo.

    Mrs. MCain’s addiction was acknowledged after she stole drugs from a nonprofit she was volunteering for. Not inspiring that she had to get caught at thievery before she tried rehab.

    He left the wife who’d waited for him and raised his kids while he was a prisoner, and he immediately married 25-year old rich Cindy right after his divorce was final. Not quite as slimy as Newt, but almost.

    I don’t see how anyone who fusses about Bill Clinton’s personal life can stomach MCain. Even if he didn’t have an affair with the cute blonde lobbyist, what was he doing in her company on so many social occasions anyway? The man who wants to reform Hill finance has a pet lobbyist?

    I’m sick of this kind of “slick DC life” story. I surely didn’t like it from the Clintons and I don’t like it from MCain either. Time for a change and a breath of fresh air. He’s an old pol with baggage just like Hillary is a wife with baggage.

  • Dan says:

    Elder Berry, I think you are being a tad harsh on Senator McCain’s personal life. Having been married for 32 years myself, I have some understanding of the stresses a marriage may go through. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure that being apart 5 years as a POW might exert on a relationship. If half of marriages that don’t have to endure that end in divorce, I certainly think a little compassion and understanding are in order.

    While I never traveled in the same circles as Admirals’ kids and rich heiresses I don’t think it’s fair to assume that his current marriage was about money. And Mrs. McCain’s past addiction is well known and is irrelevant to this campaign.

    I will be voting for Obama in November. As far as McCain’s personal life goes, I see nothing that disqualifies him from the office. I was appalled by what the Republicans put this country through in 1998. I don’t want that sort of thing repeated again.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    “The NYT story is just the facts” REALLY.
    Perhaps you could point those out? It was an opinionated “suppose this is what happened” piece, and had NO substance, and was actually dismissed as that by more than a few democrats.
    As I’ve offered elsewhere, when it generates an absolute cash boost for McCain, unites the Conservatives with McCain, swings self-identified Independents towards McCain, and disgusts many democrats as how NOT to report about a rival… then I am giddy to see their next “hit piece” on the man. Hopefully, they’ll wait until McCain needs another cash boost going into November.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Dan, we may disagree on a number of topics, but I do thank you and realize that your outlooks are based in quite a bit of reality, judging from your thoughts on the marraige, and the strain that a life-altering event can place on these things.
    I can only hope that thinking people everywhere would put themselves in McCain’s shoes and look at it from that perspective.
    Unfortunately, in an instant gratification and me/my/I society, few people can relate to the events that McCain has had to endure, or they’d hit their knees and be thankful that they’ve never been asked to suffer the equivalent.

  • Remember: the media, or much of it, is about shareholder value and selling ads in a quickly evolving marketplace.

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