Predictions: Obama, Huckabee Win Texas

By Too Conservative

It will seal the deal for Obama and prolong Huckabee through North Carolina.



  • Lee J says:

    Being an Texas and having grown up there way into my adult life. I believe Obama if he holds his own in these next debates will run away with texas.

    Although Texas has a lot of very hard core conservatives I don’t believe Huckabee has a chance. He has just lost any momentum if he ever had it.

    I am seeing some hard core Republicans that I know taking a good look at Obama and that does not bode well for McCain who still represents just more of the same.

    One of my hard core republican neighbors blew my mind when he said he likes Obama and is taking a very strong look at him in possibly voting for him. He also said it was way too early to tell but Obama is looking very appealing right now.

    Lee j

  • Texan says:


  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Obama peaked too early. Stand by for spiral to crash before November.

  • BlackOut says:

    I do not understand the fascination with Huckabee. At this stage, any vote he gets is an anti-McCain vote. The other more viable candidates dropped out earlier. Huck would be a single digit candidate if other anti-McCain options were available to cast a vote for.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Hope and change [insert city here]….
    Hope and change [insert city here]….
    Hope and change [insert city here]….
    Hope and change [insert city here]….

  • Sanity says:

    The Democrat nominee HAS to peak now or (s)he won’t be the nominee. Both candidates (McCain and Obama) have plenty of time to fall and rise (and fall and rise…) before November.

  • Malcolm says:

    What’s interesting about Obama is that he continues to improve his speeches and debate techniques with time. The “change” theme is continuing to improve in focus. Compare tonight’s performance with the first debate and it’s a sea change. The fact is, he thinks, he reads, he listens, and he has the smarts to process new information received. How refreshing after Bush. I don’t believe Hillary or McCain are as agile. His debates with McCain offer a whole new arena for him. But if McCain holds his own — and I thought he did well rebutting the Times today — the election campaign should offer some clear budgetary and philosophical choices for the country to ponder.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Give it up already. Mike Huckabee might as well be working for the DNC right now. All he is accomplishing is doing Barack Obama’s bidding.

    Fortunately, this little exercise is the last we will ever see of him on the national stage. He can go back to the Grand Caymans and his wife can hang out at Hooters in Vegas.

  • anon says:

    why does the Huck continue to want to destroy the Republican Party. McCain may not be the conservatives choice, but he’s proven to be the Republican choice. It’s time to circle the wagons and rally behind our canidate. Huck is standing out there like a dummy hurting the party and the campaign operations. Get out of the way dummy and let the campaign begin already.

  • rich says:

    Hey folks,

    Don’t get all excited. Huckabee has said when McCain gets the required delegates, he’ll close down his campaign. We the People set up the rules under which Huckanee is running under. Hurting McCain by staying in the race??? C’mon John McCain is hurting the GOP by being the front runner. Are we so without hope as republicans, are we so without vision and fresh ideas that we gravitate like moths to a barely lit bulb that is McCain? Huckabee’s fair tax makes sense, wake up! His courageous stand on abortion is what we know is right. He’s the only candidate that has actually run an executive branch of government. Time Magazone called him one of the top governors. Think for yourself people, this man has faith but he hasn’t and won’t (and can’t) run the US government with it. The GOP has been sold a bill of goods. We’re out of ideas and imagination so we’re gravitating to the candidate that matches our soulessness – McCain. Unplug for the TV, read some books — we need a leader that will make us feel good about yourselves and our fellow man. McCain lied about Romney but Huckabee when asked about the recent Mccain allegations said not a single word of criticism. We need someone with the character of Lincoln. Don’t live in fear. Huckabee wants us energy independent and living under a balanced budget. Go outside and get some fresh air GOP! You’ve been falling alsleep in the garage while the fumes of McCain fill the air. Go Huck. Go America.

  • Bwana says:

    As noted before, huckabee is no longer running for 2008, he is running to make the stage for himself in 2012 or 2016.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Huck is actually running McCain’s funds for the general into the ground. He’s actually weakening McCain’s monetary strength going into the general against Obama. How is this helpful again?

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Dipstick Mike ‘Gomer Pyle’ Huckabee made a big fool of himself on SNL tonight. It is obvious that this joker is in it for the fame and fortune. I wish his ‘big momma’ wife would sit on him for awhile and go make him some corn grits to shut him up.

  • WALTER REID says:

    The basic reality in America is that a universal healthcare will and does lead to rationing as it does in Canada. However, options for private and government controlled hospitals for the poor is a reasonable and financially prudent option. A socialist only healthcare system in America would harmonize the system and make it continental which would merge North America under the democratic health proposal of universal healthcare. The average family in America would save perhaps a thousand a month but the economic dismanteling of the private for profit system in America would lead to a large loss of American health professionals such as physicians and nurses and support staff within all private hospitals in America. The democratic consensus put forth by Hillary Clinton and copied by Obama is going to harmonize America to the Canadian system and hassen in the North American continental system that would hurt the American economy and create a huge loss of income within the hospital sector. A continental mindset or model is not good for America or Canada.
    I live in Calgary and the two most valuable resources in the future will be clean water which is controlled by Canada at 20 percent of the planets water and oil from Alberta Canada which is going to replace Saudi Arabia as the number one provider in North America within the next 5-10 years. Acommon currency appears to be the goal as the currency between America and Canada is being harmonized in value in the past 6 months.
    Wake up America and notice how Obama offers change yet articulates words filled with plagiarism. The media treats Obama will less scrutiny that all other candidates like Clinton and Huckabee and McCain. Why the extra support by the media? Do they support Barack blindly? He is not Martin Luther King and his i.q. is well below Hillary Clinton at 140 based on my brief research. I as an observer from North of the border hope you all pray for a candidate with balance like Mike Huckabee who would make an excellent Vice-President with his strong support from Texas and the American South. He is one republican that appears to have strong principles and comes from the great state of Arkansas.
    As a Canadian who graduated from a University in Texas near Dallas and a graduate from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa I appreciate folks from the South with their common sense and Lou Dobb like convictions and transparency.
    God-Bless you as you elect a President for change or whatever you want.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Look, America junior….
    Huckabee screwed up any chance he had at becoming a VP after Virginia. That’s the size of that apple.
    If Clinton/Obama wins, you might as well give up coming south for the coverage and treatment that fills in for what Canada rations out. It’ll be more of the same. Hell, we’ll all have to fly somewhere else to get anything done.
    With one in seven without insurance, Helldog is willing to take ALL of those covered people’s insurance away and give them federal insurance that covers HALF of what they have now. With Mandatory coverage, that does not offer me the option of retaining my current insurance…..

  • I Say If Huck takes TX, We Get a Brokered Convention

  • Git er right says:

    President Barack Husein Obama

    git used to it.

    Carries Texas, loses Ohio narrowly if he loses.

    On to November.

  • Julia says:

    This is for everybody:

    *who CARES about our future …and the future of our babies !
    *who loves to help the good guys win !

    I realize that some people think that I am *crazy* to be supporting Huckabee more now than I was before, especially since it is ‘impossible’ for Mike Huckabee to win the nomination.( But hang in there…and check this out )

    I KNOW the media is using the word ‘impossible’ but if you do the math it actually is possible, and if the GOP goes to what is called a ‘brokered’ convention, then it is very possible!! *The GOP hasn’t had a brokered convention since 1976, so it is a fairly unheard of idea for people my age. It really is very possible. (Ronald Reagan took the GOP to a brokered convention in 1976) McCain doesn’t have a chance against Obama, due to his dull personality and wishy-washy stance on relevant issues. Huckabee does. He has more executive experience than all of the candidates, 10 yrs. experience as governor of Ark., very likable personality, has class and integrity (NEVER criticized his opponents), voted one of the 5 best Governors in America, the Nat’l Governor’s Assoc. selected him as its Chairman, he cut taxes almost 100 times in the state of Ark, and turned a $200 million deficit into an $850 million SURPLUS!! He never ONCE voted pro-choice, unlike McCain. I am fighting for him BECAUSE HE IS *WORTH *FIGHTING FOR. Come on Republicans and Conservatives, please WAKE UP!! AND DON”T SETTLE. We need a LEADER.

  • richard says:

    I believe America needs a strong leader with convictions and a do or die attitude. Huckabee is that man. He will not give up. He will protect not only our unborn children but the right to life in all of its aspects. Women and men are blessed by god with children. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, this is the nature of what god intended. We must protect the family structure or this will be our downfall. Huckabee is a man after what this country was founded on. The freedom to choose what has been right about our American way of life. All men are created equal but will we chose to live free or be captives of our own selfish desires.

  • whynot? says:

    McCain should get out of the race and stop ruining the Republican Party by stealing votes from Huckabee. Wait, screw the Republican party, how about we just stand up for our ideas?

    So again, GTFO MCCAIN

    Huckabee is the real people’s choice. If Romney had listened to Huckabee and dropped like two weeks earlier, Huckabee would already be the nominee.

    America is conservative when they take a minute to stop and think. Huckabee is the most conservative, the most honest and a better speaker than even Obama. Obama tweaks his message but essentially xeroxes the speech from the last city and changes a few nouns. Huckabee is actually capable of more than this mere regurgitation.

    Shutup with the “blah blah blah republican party” CRAP.

    Vote. Conservative.

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