INOVA and the GOBN

By Loudoun Insider

As the court case between HCA and INOVA approaches, the Good Old Boy Network (GOBN) is getting hysterical. It may seem a little far fetched to believe that a local hospital is so tied into the local GOBN, but trust me it is an integral cog in the local machine. If you recall, INOVA was right at the heart of the Dulles South and Ridgewater Park rezoning controversies (as was George Mason University by the way). INOVA sees ongoing rapid growth as a pathway to ongoing rapid growth in revenues and profits, taxpayers be damned, and the hell if they’re going to share any of it with evil HCA.

I know HCA has its share of corporate problems, but INOVA is no saint either. I can tell you one thing, from my perspective any non-profit that has Larry Beerman and John Ryan (puppet master father of Jack) on its board can’t be too squeaky clean. Apparently INOVA is no longer using lawyer Doug Fleming for its local lobbying efforts, now that his long-time friend Bruce Tulloch is no longer on the board of supervisors. I’ve now heard that INOVA’s efforts have gone bipartisan, with Mark Herring at the helm, who apparently has done legal work for them as well.

The simple fact that the past BOS approved 86 out of 87 Special Exceptions filed, with HCA mysteriously being the only one denied, speaks volumes about the reach of INOVA. Their ad this past weekend in the WaPo Loudoun Extra raised my eyebrows, and Ric James at Hooda Thunk dissects it here. I though Republicans are all for open markets and competition? Loudoun’s healthcare system will absolutely not collapse should HCA enter the marketplace. To insinuate otherwise is shameful to the extreme.

UPDATE:Â Excellent column on the monopoly-mongering of INOVA in today’s WaPo by Steve Pearlstein (link here).


  • Brambletonian says:

    I like whoever started using bullet points the best, so I’ll follow suit on this point after opening the Sunday Extra and finding more Inova not-for-profit donations at waste:

    – Inova staff is recruiting appellants to oppose the hospital in Broadlands (according to #9’s email from an Inova employee). Is it out of bounds to think they are also paying for that possible appeal or whatever, but pawning it off as “the people v. HCA” and how much might that be in attorney’s fees?
    – There have been full-page negative ads in every local paper it seems and the Post extra – anyone know how much that costs (in terms of how many donors to the foundation have been hoodwinked into thinking their donations go to substantive programs and uses, or better yet “are re-invested back into the community” as they like to say)

    – thats the last time I give to them.

  • itsonlyahospital says:

    #80- your pretty name for urban style brownstones is called a town home in my book; that’s suburban to me. We are not talking high density urban in Reston other than the few condo buildings at the RTC. Oh and by the way, they are building those brownstones in another suburban community; Brambleton right across the Town Center.

    You always rail against VDOT, the Waxpool Task Force, and other agencies because they waste time in the planning process, and now you want HCA to build dollhouses and cartoons to show how it will look like? I’ll give you a quicker solution; go look at Reston Hospital and you will see.


  • Lee J says:

    Hey you pro Hospital people for the BRMC what are you all so concerned about. 🙂

    You have the votes to get it approved from the current BOS. Come on their are close ties to some BOS and HCA that go way back.

    You got your hospital unfortunately a compromised one if the HCA really sticks to their concessions, and we will see if they really do. And a good many of the county residents will not be close to a hospital. And many residents will be very close to two hospitals. So this is not about building hospitals to serve and be close to as many residents as possible that are not near an hospital. It is about greed and greed on both sides. Not about giving as many residents as possible to be near an hospital. It is about a few residents to be close to two hospitals.

    I am glad I don’t live across the street from this hospital and watch my home values fall because of it. It is a shame medical care is about special interest and not about the residents.

  • BlackOut says:

    Lee, how about that Wash Post article, pretty revealing isn’t it?

  • PT says:

    That Washington Post article said all I needed to know. Somebody needs to stand up to Inova. That was some pretty damning evidence.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    LI, you’ve no doubt seen the Youtube bastardization of that, right? The one where after the commercial ends, Hillary picks up the phone and it’s Monica, and she’s drunk and making a booty call for Bill?

    Lee, whoever is advising you IS a member of the GOBN, and we all know what happens when they run up against “the POSSE”, now don’t we?

    HCA is going to pay $3 MIL in taxes. They are confined by hard fixtures on three sides, so growth of the complex better go straight up. But as you’ve already seen on the plans, in a campus layout, that’s pretty hard to do.

    HCA is coming. All you have to do now is accept that.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    And you know what I heard, Lee? Scott York is going to be working for HCA!!!!!!!!
    They are going to give him a quick tutorial on applying band-aids to patients.
    I suppose that you oppose actual oil companies and electric companies meeting with the President to address energy concerns and alternative power ideas, huh? You know, since they’re the “experts” on those types of matters, it sure does look fishy.

  • Lee J says:

    10 Feet you got the votes for the hospital so what the hell is everyone worried about. 😉 You know the BOS has been infiltrated by pro hospital people for this site so the votes are there.

    I am just glad I don’t live across the street from it an d watch my property values drop because of it. And those poor people that live across the street may start screaming when they have 2 to 4 years of loud construction and trucks and heavy equipment coming and going all the time. What do we care non of us live near it??? Who cares what happens to those people.

    Yep we need to have two hospitals very close together in this large county. It just wouldn’t make any sense to build the hospital closer to people that are not even close to an hospital now. Let them wait so people that already close to an hospital can now have a choice. Yep that is the thinking in loudoun no roads industrial up against homes. Blocked 30 to 50 million dollar interchanges that are only half useful again blocked by industrial. Building homes in totally industrial areas such as toll off 606 and industrial built on prime land destroying the potential of that land for class A developments. Yep you are right 10 feet you and the posse are doing a good job here in Loudoun. We will see in the near future how intelligent these decisions are. Looks like a lot a fuel for the next elections here. Oh did I mention one of our paid transportation folks in Loudoun believes the toll road and metro is going to take care of most of the traffic around our largest urban center to be built around Moorefield. Apparently parallel service roads along the greenway in that area is not important here in Loudoun like it is in other cities planned by innovative professional planners with proven track records solving the tough problems.. In Loudoun we have amateurs and the paid F Troop planning our county. ANd you wonder why we can not attract many high paying businesses if any at all here these days. hmmmm Yep get that hospital built in the wrong location destroy the property values of the near homes to get the last of the high paying jobs and tax dollars this county may see for a long long long time. And who cares that a few county residents get a choice of two hospital close by and leave a good chunk of the loudoun residents with no close by hospital care. Yep an county run by shortsighted amateurs and it is starting to look like like it is with misplaced developments and a almost non existent road system. I am going to sit back and watch until we can get real farsighted people and professionals planning the county then I will join in when I can work with real farsighted people that want to keep this county prosperous and beautiful like the puds many of you live in designed and built by the pros not the amateurs that are ruining many many sites and roads in this county forever. THat is when I will join in when we have people run this county intelligently and not shortsighted for immediate gain that will lead to more ruin. So my time will come it is not at this moment. 🙂

  • BlackOut says:


    Do you see the irony in your this statement of yours, “ANd you wonder why we can not attract many high paying businesses”.

    Loudoun HAS attracted a high paying tax business. It’s called HCA. Now why in the world is our County making it so difficult for them to join our business community and contribute 3.5 million in revenue.

    BTW, how about that Wash Post article, did you read it? Some really good stuff in their.

  • Lee J says:

    Well my good blackout hurry up and get the hospital built in the wrong location so a few residents can have double care and the many will have no close by care. Makes sense to me ha ha ha Hurry up my friend as that maybe all she wrote until the county gets some professional help in planning and developments and transportation.

    You got the votes so just get the hospital built. I will wait maybe not so quietly back until the day comes and the pros come in to help this county and we can prosper and keep the county beautiful. Like I said my time will come to see how to correct and screen our past and present and near future mistakes.

    The day will come as it always does when the right people come along and fix the place. 😉

  • I can’t believe INOVA actually asks for donations as someone mentioned above. I am thoroughly disgusted that they are instructing all of their staff to pitch the whole INOVA vs. HCA case to all of their patients. Once again corporate greed seems to take precedence over everything else.

  • Can someone take the smiley-face option away from Lee J?

  • BlackOut says:


    I agree, but on the other hand, it does highlight Lee’s propensity to communicate emotions rather than facts. 🙂

  • Lee J says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  • BlackOut says:

    I rest my case.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    “The day will come as it always does when the right people come along and fix the place.”

    LeeJ…THANKFULLY, that is what has just happened. A new BOS majority will now turn a huge wrongdoing around, and make it correct. They will add $3.5 MIL to the county tax reciepts in the process, and will effectively end the reign of INOVA’s special interest and greed.
    This is a great day for Loudoun’s citizens.

  • Lee J says:

    10 feet a great day for a few citizens that will have double hospital care and many more will be far from hospital care. Also what are you saying we should double the hospital care in a small part of the county to punish another hospital. Perhaps the better solution is to replace 10 feets evil hospital and give many more close hospital care. Seems to be you have a personal vendetta not a concern for the many to have hospital care.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Let me illustrate the double standard for you.
    Most out that way want the Executive building to be in the most populous area of the county…. but those same people do not endorse the same logic for a Hospital that will even the playing field on county healthcare?
    I don’t want to punish INOVA. I want choices for Loudoun. The entry of BRMC raises the bar on healthcare in Loudoun county and benefits all her citizens.
    If you try to paint this as a personal vendetta, you’ll be sucked into a real one, Lee. I will be more inclined to introduce the POSSE to the person who’s writing your script. I have no desire to do this, so I’m asking you to relax on that particular point, please. You do not want to face the POSSE on this, friend.

  • Lee J says:

    Sorry 10 feet I don’t scare easy as I am from Texas that had real Posse’s ha ha ha ha ha Or check with my lawyer brother first or the other ton of lawyers around me from relatives to friends. That is where you need to send your posse 😉

    Seriously it really does look like a vendetta or the pro HCA people wanting to punish inova. If inova is a problem then fix it and that does not mean by using another hospital to do it.

    Close hospital care for the many NOT double hospital care for the few or to teach another hospital a lesson. 🙂 😉 🙂

  • Lee J says:

    Further they want to build one executive building complex not two complexes near each other like the two hospitals for the few and no hospital for the many like the hospital wars are doing.

  • vacliff says:

    The latest:

    HCA Virginia Dismisses Lawsuit Against
    Loudoun’s Prior Board of Supervisors
    Will Re-Apply for Zoning Permit to Build
    Broadlands Regional Medical Center

    Reston, VA, Wednesday, March 5, 2008 – HCA Virginia today announced that it will dismiss its legal claims against Loudoun County’s prior Board of Supervisors for denying the company’s zoning request for Broadlands Regional Medical Center (BRMC). That court case had been scheduled for trial beginning Monday, March 10, in Loudoun County Circuit Court.

    In addition, the company announced plans to re-submit its zoning request to build the 164-bed hospital in Ashburn.

    “This action gives the Board an opportunity to evaluate our application without pre-conditions or the pressure of looming litigation,” said Margaret Lewis, President of HCA’s Reston-based Capital Division. “We look forward to a fair and impartial review of our application. Our objective remains unchanged: to bring the county a hospital it supports and needs, and to improve healthcare access for all.”

  • BlackOut says:

    Wow, we finally have a Board of Supervisors who know how to negotiate with big business. I am impressed!

    I am more impressed that the motive is for increased healthcare and options for our County.

    Great job BOS! Now on to a civil debate about approving this project. Hold their feet to the fire about the proffered Belmont Ridge Rd improvements.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Completely different ball of wax this time around, eh? Man is this refreshing, or what?
    They actually do something FOR the county INSTEAD of for their own pockets.
    This is the way it’s supposed to work, people.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Concur on the proffers. After all they’ve been thru, don’t cheese out on the improvements and make it look bad.

  • Lee J says:

    and how many names are many of you posting under on all the different blogs to make it look like there is more support for the BRMC then maybe there is. You don’t fool me 😉 😉 😉

  • Dan says:

    Yeah… I see some crazy conspiracy theorist posting as lbuividas over at the Post.

  • BlackOut says:


  • Lee J says:

    You know perhaps I don’t belong here. I showed up and really believed we needed a change in Loudoun Government. Maybe the pendulum now has moved too far in the other direction from what I read here lately. I am very independent in my thinking so perhaps this club here is not for me. 😉 😉

  • Lee J, don’t start pressing the pouty-face button now. I think you bring a good perspective and would hate to see you go because you got some static on the hospital issue.

  • Lee J says:

    You are correct Ed I just had a very rare weak moment. 😉 I am back in action”””” Hospital care for the many NOT double hospital care for the few””””. 🙂

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Lee…the one thing you do not want to start accusing us of is multiple posters on one computer. It is the VERY mistake Munsey, Smith and Myers made last election. We’re very real, we are very numbered, and we don’t need to stack aliases to win.

    “Those who forget the lessons of (recent Loudoun)history, are doomed to repeat them.”

  • Lee J says:

    10 feet you know the real truth and you will have to live with it. 😉

  • Lee J says:

    I will add it is funny how you all welcomed me when I went to bat for Miller and agreed with you all. Now that on one subject I take an entirely diferent position and you all, all of sudden don’t want me around. What do you all think about the vice chairman Susan Klimek Buckley’s strong stance against the vote last week at the BOS her credentials as an lawyer look pretty impressive especially her job with fairfax county. Perhaps because of that job she has a lot more insight in what will happen because the BOS decided to stop the BRMC lawsuit and the vote to move forward with a whole new look at this.

  • Chill out, Lee! You’re welcome here – don’t take everything Munsey says as the gospel truth, even though she puts it across that way. You do tend to ramble on a bit, which can set people off at times, but you are certainly welcome to state your case and defend it.

    As I have said, I don’t have any vested interest in either HCA or INOVA, I simply believe that competition is good and we need more businesses in this county. Anything the last board did deserves scrutiny, and anything this board does deserves scrutiny – I just have a very informed opinion that many of the actions of the last board were ethically and morally challenged.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Lee, I’m with LI on this one, and if you read all the threads here for months back… sometimes LI and I have not always agreed.
    What did you mean about me having to live with the truth? I do fine with the truth. The identities you witness here are all individuals.
    Munsey and Smith made that allegation here years ago, and in the end, we found NUMEROUS identities for both of them over a plethora of forums. Kinda like they believed if they did it, we also did it.
    I believe they do this because if it were known to be them posting, the subject about which they speak instantly goes in the dumpster. Normal people dislike them that much.

  • Lee J says:

    Are we done here now that LI opened up a new hospital thread???? I hope so 😉

  • RN says:

    INOVA is a horrible company to work for. I know because I was employed as a nurse with them for 3 years. They care about one thing-the bottom line. Not patient safety or satisfaction, or employee safety or satisfaction. Most INOVA facilities have a rapid turnover rate for staff (especially Fairfax hospital), and this is because they are not a good hospital to work for.
    I also am a Loudoun county resident, and feel that we could greatly benefit from another hospital to serve the Dulles South area. I just pray that it is NOT an INOVA facility.
    INOVA’s budget-saving tactics when it comes to staffing directly affects patient safety in a negative way. They want to take money from as many patients as possible while paying as few RNs and MDs as possible to take care of them.
    The reason why you as consumers don’t always see this is because INOVA is not just the only place to go for care (other than Reston), but it’s also the only place to work as well, so that is who we have to work for if we want a job. Competition for quality healthcare employees would cause INOVA to hopefully try to retain employees and in turn increase employee satisfaction which would also increase patient satisfaction.

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