BREAKING NEWS! NVTA Declared Null and Void by State Supremes!

By Loudoun Insider

Luckily I got this inside tip just before I left for the day. The Virginia Supreme Court has unanimously declared the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority unconstitutional. I don’t have any details, but apparently this will throw the General Assembly into a meltdown in its last week. This is going to be a mess!


  • I’ll tell you Over-taxed…

    I’m 47, own my own business which is a profitable consulting practice. I hold a couple of degrees and I (you should like this) own a ’71 Triumph Bonneville 650. I’m also an adjunct professor (not in politics though), and own two homes.

    I can’t find where any one of the three of us mentioned a Bible verse, but I count several instances where you misrepresent our positions or create straw men.

    I disagree with a few folks around here from time to time, but the arguments are usually good natured and based on facts.

    Yours are not.

    With that said, I’m going to take my own advice and not engage you again. I spend too much time talking to true believers.

    I hope for the best for you Over Taxed and I sincerely wish that you start asking more questions of those in whom you place so much trust.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    BTW Over Taxed R,

    I just got back from a refreshing trip to Florida that you helped subsidize as part of a business tax deduction. Thank you very much.

  • Over Taxed Republican says:


    You should take the money you saved from the tax deduction and send it to Richmond and help the poor and build roads for us working slobs here in NoVA. Evidently you are a fan of welfare for the rich, eh?


    I am a 51 year old, college educated environmental consultant with over 25 years experience. That includes 10+ years as a regulator in the People’s Republic of Maryland. So when I make comments about how wasteful and inefficient the government is, I speak as a witness.

    I never stated that any one of you mentioned the Bible. However, I have noticed that the left side of the spectrum seems to use the Bible or a moral argument to justify taxation to feed the poor. However, they sure get ticked off when people on the other side use the Bible as support for legislating certain issues.

    I am no Bible-thumper but I sure do see the hypocrisy of the lefties.

    By the way, I question everyone, especially people with whom I have no trust, like politicians and amateur pundits.

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