“Most Men are Weak and Evil and Vicious”

By Loudoun Insider

I hope everyone has HBO and can avail themselves of the opportunity to watch the new “John Adams” mini-series that debuted last night. Those who don’t, be sure to get it when it comes out on DVD. What a great cast and production. I’m already dreading its conclusion and passing from the ever-diminishing HBO lineup, much as the passing of “The Wire” still upsets me (and what a contrast that all too real drama is to the real principles of our nation exhibited by the original Patriots depicted in “John Adams”).

I hate to say I tend to agree with Adams’ quote in the title above. I am still amazed that society is filled with so many of weak and flawed character (see mega-hypocrite Eliot Spitzer as just one example). Of course we all have flaws, but in today’s society it appears that really fighting for truth, justice and the American Way is frowned upon while scheming and getting ahead at all costs are what really matters. Unfortunately the latter viewpoint seems to have infected the Republican Party at all levels, while of course I believe it has infected the Dems as a whole for much longer. Whistleblowers still routinely get the shaft while crooked Wall Street barons fleece the average citizens while raking in multi-million dollar bonuses for dismal performances. How would John Adams have reacted to such indignities?

Each and every one of us can learn more about our founding fathers, and should strive to emulate their passion for democracy, real truth, and real freedom. The American Way should be judged by a standard set by these great men, not by the current selfish SOBs running most halls of government these days. There is much work to be done, so let’s get to it.Â

Calling all Patriots….


  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    “Each and every one of us can learn more about our founding fathers”
    Speak for yourself, LI. 🙂

  • Michael says:

    I have to admit I was only watching it initially because my son was an extra (for a very very very brief moment) in the second episode. But it’s fascinating.

    I was most fascinated by the debate in the Continental Congress and how it compared to the arguments we hear today.

  • Tom Conway says:

    Keep in mind that Adams was also the President under whom the Alien Sedition acts were passed – a shameful time in our history that thankfully was swept into the dustbin of history. And one cannot forget the issue of slavery.

    The moral of the story is that the Founding Fathers , not to mention Lincoln, (like all of us) were flesh and blood, with many, many redeeming qualities but also a few flaws. They had relatively little to gain and much to lose by opposing a system that designed for and by members of their upper class. But they did the right thing anyway. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is doing right thing even when you are very scared and could lose everything.

    The key to a better country is finding a way of promoting and reward the better angels in all our souls, while discouraging the darker sides of human nature. Programs like HBO’s Adams series, and better yet books by masters like McCullough and Steven Ambrose are a start – great educations disguised as entertainment, or is it vice versa.

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    Couldn’t agree more, LI–about HBO’s depleted lineup and about the state of our republic.

  • I’m certain that our founding fathers were human beings and therefore failable, but I guarantee you George W. Bush and Bill Clinton couldn’t hold a candle to any of them. The quality of leadership in this country has not gone forward with the ages.

  • Lee J says:

    Amen LI

  • Elder Berry says:

    Read the book. It’s almost always better.

    I do like the portrayals by Giamatti and Linney and the others, though, and the sets (even if computer generated) are very good. The musical “1776” was fun, but this is inspiring.

    I don’t think any of us can quite comprehend what their life was like, what they endured, and how brave they were. Their light was from candles that someone made by hand, they rode horses to travel in all weather, and if they were lucky, their homes were heated by firewood.

    They faced the might of an empire with one of the largest armies and navies on earth. Think of the young Chinese man standing in front of the tank at Tienanmin Square and you may get some idea.

    I grew up and lived most of the first half of my life in places that had well-known and documented colonial histories, and then later came back to Virginia again. That is a part of what makes Loudoun county’s physical environment so precious. There are houses here that the Founders lived in, buildings where they sat and debated; we can look out onto the same fields they saw, drive on the same roads they rode on. It’s a gift we shouldn’t debase, no more than we should debase the system of justice and laws they created for us. It was a brand new thing they made then. We ought to keep it shining.

  • anon says:

    God knows I love my country, the United States is the most wonderful and generous country on earth. I will go to the mat to fight for her.

    Having said that there is one problem with this post. Our Founding Fathers did not have the media to deal with. Example, Jefferson not only kept slaves but actually had one as a mistress and had children with her. This is fact. Can you imagine what today’s media would have done to him? The fact is that even good people can sometimes not stand up to a overzealous media, or blogs that get away with making harmful accusations, with no proof whatsoever and call it “just a opinion”

    And even if the story is disproved the damage has been done you really can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. I’ve even seen it on this blog.

    I may be naive but I still believe there are many, many more good people in every area of our political arena then bad ones. And when you think about the crap we put politicians through its amazing so many are willing to hold and office at all.

    No LI I’ve seen much too much good accomplished to believe “most men are evil”
    I do believe the bad and evil ones get the press. After all how fun is it to report that the Mayor of Town X goes home to his wife every night and is a great father and husband. No headline there.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    A great example of harmful innuendo was by none other than our former first lady Hillary who said, “Barark Hussein Obama isn’t a Muslim; as far as I know”.

    I heard that Obama shot back with the line, “Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t a lesbian; as far as I know”.

  • Working Mom says:

    I think men (and women) are essentially the same flawed creatures. The big difference that I see is that in Adam’s time, politics was an avocation. Today it is considered a vocation.

  • anon, screw you and your aspersions on this blog. This is an open forum for discussion. I believe it is always better to raise issues and whisper campaign items publicly and rigorously debate them.

    And of course the colonists had to deal with media, they had their own forms, albeit not as pervasive and instantaneous as those available today.

  • Loudoun Watcher says:

    “Example, Jefferson not only kept slaves but actually had one as a mistress and had children with her. This is fact.”

    There is absolutely no proof that Jefferson had an affair and/or children with Sally Hemmings. The DNA tests only proved that someone in the Jefferson family was the father of some of her children. There is ample evidence that Jefferson’s cousin was the father. But even if he was, this was a different time and place and the culture was different. I’m not excusing it, I’m just offering a different look at it. But to say it’s a fact is simply wrong.

  • Working Mom says:

    A gentle correction, LI. There WAS an instantaneous and pervasive news medium in England by the late 1600s: what we today call newspapers. By the early 1700s, this is how political news and gossip was quickly spread. Satire ruled the day — think Swift’s A Modest Proposal. These “news sheets” (probably a better term) were born around one issue and then usually faded away. Does it get any more vicious than comparing the British government’s actions to eating Irish infants?

  • I agree there were newspapers, but they weren’t as immediate as blogs for instance.

  • Working Mom says:

    I think that “immediate” is relative. In a time of travel by horse and carriage and low literacy rates, the fact that a political scandal or legislation would occur and be written about in a matter of hours (the presses worked furiously back then) probably seemed as quick as the internet does today. My larger point was that our forefathers were not saints and were just as guilty of sniping and backstabbing. Sitting around in coffee/chocolate houses, as they were wont to do, may seem more civilized than sitting alone at a computer, but it didn’t lessen the rancor. I don’t think we gain much by romanticizing the past.

  • anon says:

    Wow LI after all I wrote the thing that most grabbed you was the short sentence about this blog and that sentence actually elicited a “screw you”. Yes it’s better to bring up issues, but there have been times where flat out lies were wrote on this blog and couched as “just my opinion.” I don’t believe that’s ever okay to do.

    The media will print a story they have not verified and later when it is proven to be incorrect, the correction is not printed in large fonts on the front page, above the fold, but on page 26 in the corner in font that is barely visible to the naked eye. The media (and blogs) for all its good can also be incredibly damaging.

    Anyway the point I was making was that the media and sub-media (to include blogs) brings to realization every flaw of public people. Our forefathers no doubt had many dark secrets. Let’s assume for the sake of argument Sally Hemming children were not those of Thomas Jefferson. Is there any belief that Jefferson not only had an affair with her he expressed love for her? Can you just imagine the field day today’s media would have had with Jefferson?

    I just believe it hard for people, even good people to make it though the ringer that is the media today. Again there is a reason the media does not report on the thousands of politicians who do the correct things and are upstanding people. It just does not make interesting print. And even if LI chooses to say screw you to me all day long, I still submit more people, even those in public life are good people.

  • anon, I absolutely agree it isn’t right to lie on this blog – please give me a specific example of when I did so. You’re falling into the same trap you accuse the MSM (mainstream media) of doing. First off, this is a blog, not an arm of the MSM, and as such it primarily is a venue for my opinion. I am always careful with what is my opinion versus what is presented as fact. I hear many many rumors and never put up anything on this site until I have heard something from two different sources, or if it is something I have firsthand knowledge of.

    I do agree that all too often the bad is reported over the good, but far too much of the bad remains under the radar, especially in government. Government especially is made up of too many under-achieving slackers who tend to be jealous and vindictive towards those who aren’t reliant on their system. I’ve seen from the inside and the outside.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    anon seems to suffer from an impaired reading comprehension proble. EVERYTHING offered by LI is very specifically labelled as an absolute…or an opinion. Never has there been a mis=xing of the two. Learn to read.

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