When Does the Firetti Campaign Get the Tate Level of Scrutiny?

By Loudoun Insider

Someone sent me this link about “Mike Firetti of Rehoboth Beach” paying $16,000 for a vanity license plate in Delaware a month ago. Looks like “Mr. Loudoun County” is living large in Delaware!

This got me once again thinking about his decidedly unusual campaign financing for his failed bid to be Chairman of the Board. The last campaign filing from the Firetti campaign to be posted was that of January 15, 2008, which was a single page “No Activity Statement” showing a negative campaign balance of $5,637.37. The last substantive campaign finance filing was that of December 15, 2007, where the campaign showed the same negative balance, but listed $65,971.80 in “Debts Remaining Unpaid as of This Report”, including $51,248.31 to Fineline Marketing & Communications (headed by Herndon resident Brian Roherty), $4,812.00 to Blitz Media (Bob Maistros), and $1,500 to his campaign manager Joshua Dispenza.

So young Joshua Dispenza seemingly gets shafted for $1500 while Firetti blows $16,000 on a license plate? Wouldn’t you think this deserves at least cursory investigation, since rooting out campaign finance misdeeds seems so important in the Tate case? For pointing this out do I get personal email updates from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office like Laurie LeTourneau, or do I get a nasty letter like Jey Jeyanathan received?


  • t says:


  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    The only way for sure to know if anything unseemly is going on here would be to subpoena Firetti’s bank records, and those for Fine Line, Blitz Media and others.

    Hey, I have an idea. Perhaps we can plant someone to file a complaint with a friendly commonwealths attorney who will do that for us. Then, if there is any hint of a conflict, said prosecutor can simply hand the case off.


    Oh, wait, someone already did that.

    A message to Mr. Plowman: Start using your power to prosecute evenly, nevermind your friends and enemies, or you are going to continue to have the reputation of the scummiest prosecutors in the state. Your choice, James.

  • anon says:

    “”Mike Firetti of Rehoboth Beach said his winning bid of $16,000 for tag C 108 is “going to be a good investment” — and fun while he uses it.””

    Too funny!!!

  • NovaConservative says:

    First of all, nobody got personal emails updates from the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

    Second…nobody filed a complaint. SBE doesn’t investigate, it goes to the County Attorney. Until and unless somebody files a complaint, the Commonwealth Attorney won’t look into anything.

    So…go ahead if you want to, but don’t complain that something hasn’t happened if nobody has filed a complaint.

  • NovaCon, that is rubbish. Did you not see the emails from Plowman and LeTourneau? (of course many were said to have been “lost” when FOIA’d) Did you see the nasty gram Jey Jeyanathan got for asking the same thing LeTourneau asked?

    The CA can instigate his own investigation if he so wishes, but of course in this instance he would be immediately disqualified from pursuing it since he participated in meetings where Firetti discussed campaign finance issues. Personally, I gave the CA a great lead on a slam-dunk disclosure problem that never went anywhere, so I don’t have much faith in the complaint process.

    Someone should file a complaint and copy the Attorney General and US Attorney while they’re at it. As I’ve been pressing for, the only way to ever get to the bottom of these issues is for the AG to appoint a special prosecutor. Plowman is too compromised with all of these people to look at these cases objectively. Even if he could be impartial in his own mind, no one else would believe him to be impartial, therefore he must recuse himself.

    The feds are very limited in these investigations hinging on Virginia law – the state needs to step in here and restore public confidence in the electoral process.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Yes, I saw them, and they said absolutely nothing…she apparently was fishing for information, and he told her he couldn’t tell her anything. What more do you want?

    I realize you hate Jim Plowman, and that’s basically the whole point of this website these days, but this crap is so tiresome…and it does all go back to the Tate case and exactly what he did and didn’t do. You keep trying to compare various other infractions with what Tate did, and I keep telling you they aren’t even in the same league–forget league, they’re not even in the same sport. Its like whining that a jaywalker isn’t get prosecuted because a murderer is behind bars. You just don’t realize it yet.

  • I don’t hate Plowman, in fact he’s always seemed like a nice guy to me. However, I do question either his sense of fairness or his allegiances. There’s plenty more to this site than Plowman, NovaCon, even though you seem to be very sensitive about this topic. You may find it tiresome, but others do not, including people who can actually make a difference in this matter.

    The whole point of the LeTourneau-Jeyanathan dichotomy is just that – that there is a different standard applied to different people with different connections. Since you seem to be so on the inside there, I’m sure you’ve seen the nasty gram Jey received while LeTourneau got personal attention. Please tell me that you think Jey got a fair shake in that deal.

    We all know that really following the leads in the developer money wranglings will lead to some uncomfortable places. We’ll see where it goes.

  • BlackOut says:

    Based on the way Jay was “dismissed”, I wonder if he was just thought of as second class, and not worthy of a fair response. That’s disturbing! There certainly seems to have been a double standard.

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    Just for the record (how I love correcting NovaCon), the CA doesn’t need a complaint to invesitgate anything. As LI said, that’s rubbish. In fact, Scummy Jim Plowman has said exactly that previously in the press, that he doesn’t need a complaint.

    It’s fiction to say any CA needs a complaint. NovaCon, you know it, so stop trying to make stuff up.

    A message to Scummy Jim Plowman: Start using your power to prosecute evenly, nevermind your friends and enemies, or you are going to continue to have the reputation of the scummiest prosecutors in the state. Your choice, SJP.

  • See now, NovaCon, at least I’m a little more respectful of Plowman than the last commenter!

    By the way, if I file a complaint about the Firetti campaign , will Plowman simply take my word for everything and not investigate, like he took Dale Polen Myers’ word for it in the Susan Van Wagoner ruling. Said ruling which was later overturned by a judge incredulous that he would simply take DPM’s word as the only evidence? Why is that Plowman seems so beholden to DPM and her candidates/supervisors? Does this not create the appearance of being compromised?

  • NotMattBritton says:

    I Heart Howard Beale is my hero.

    Tell it like it is, baby. Tell it like it is, …

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    Ahhhhh, does NMB have a crush?

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    I did notice that in Protic’s last stand, Plowman was at least willing stand with us to accept the proposed Wertz amendment. I cannot say whether his heart was in the right place, or if he was supporting fellow a contitutional officer.
    I only offer that I did notice where he was standing.

  • Jay Billington Bulworth says:

    Plowman is in save his rear end mode. Of course he sided with the faction of the LCRC that might think rather lowly of him. That doesn’t change the fact he uses his public office to advance the agendas of his political allies.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Mr. Jay BB,

    What would have been interesting and somewhat funny is if your first name would have been spelled ‘Jey’.

  • NovaConservative says:

    I would submit, guys, that some of you just appear not to know Mr. Plowman very well, or were his political allegiances are. Once again, like in the Tate matter, I think you’ve got some of the associations a little backward here. The good thing is that I’ll think you see that now, with the ‘new’ Loudoun GOP on the way in. But some of this stuff…one of the ‘scummiest’ prosecutors in the state…that’s just rubbish and the vast majority of people in this county know it.

    I don’t think its any secret going back a ways on here that I supported Jey for a variety of reasons, most of which had to do with the man he ran against. I didn’t think the complaint he filed was particularly well done or documented, but I don’t know enough about the specifics to really say much. I obviously know far more about the Tate case, which seems to be the main ‘evidence’ against Plowman, and which I think is unfair because its such an egregious case.

  • NovaConservative says:

    And no, he doesn’t formally need a complaint, but how else would he even have any idea that there’s wrongdoing. No matter what county you are in, CA’s don’t spend their time pouring over campaign finance reports in an effort to catch someone. These things are prosecuted when there are complaints, generally forwarded by SBE. And even then, they are first investigated by the local law enforcement office, who determines if there is a case here. That’s kind of the irony–the Tate case was put together by the Sheriff’s Office, not Plowman. Of course, by saying that I’m probably just opening up poor Sheriff Simpson to the same sort of conspiracy theories, but in truth it was just the professional investigators who worked this case, like any other.

  • NovaCon, I know you think you’re helping Plowman, but as with that Elizabeth Smith letter to the editor, the protect Plowman PR machine is really inept. This post was primarily about Firetti, yet you turned it into another discussion of Plowman. Way to go for your guy.

    Why does Jey’s complaint need to be “particularly well done or documented”? As you said yourself, the investigations are done by the professional investigators of the LCSO. But wasn’t it Plowman himself who is said to have investigated Tate at first himself, even getting the subpoena to see Tate’s bank records as a declared supporter of JHV, then sending his findings to the press? How would he “have any idea that there’s wrongdoing”? That one made me laugh out loud!

    No answer to my Dale Polen Myers questions? I think there is somewhat of an anomoly with Plowman’s associations. Normally he is right there with the other Constitutional Officers (meaning primarily Zurn, Wertz, and Clemens), but all too often he, along with Simpson, kowtow to DPM and her favorites. Please don’t make me spell out all the past instances. It stinks.

  • Jey Billington Bulworth says:

    Excellent suggestion Mr. Jose Kinusee. Change inacted. As a long time reader, now second time commenter, I just want to be part of the club.

    Mr(s). NovaCon, your posts always befuddle me. The one above does as well. Of course Jim Plowman–and many others–will at least appear to change their allegiances now that there is new rule in the LCRC. It’s called self preservation. If Plowman doesn’t detach himself from Dale Myers’ back side, he’ll have a hard time even winning a primary with the new fangled GOP.

    So, while Plowman might try to shift allegiances now to save face, it’s only a political maneuver. Had he done so earlier perhaps, spoken out against the crowd that was in power, resisted his knee jerk reaction to side with the DPM crowd, maybe I might look at it differently.

    As of now, however, as an LCRC member, I’d support a motion dismissing Plowman from the party.

  • t says:

    [34] And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments.
    [35] And the people stood by, watching; but the rulers scoffed at him, saying, “He saved others; let him save himself, if he is the Christ of God, his Chosen One!”
    [36] The soldiers also mocked him, coming up and offering him vinegar,
    [37] and saying, “If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself!”
    [38] There was also an inscription over him, “This is the King of the Jews.”
    [39] One of the criminals who were hanged railed at him, saying, “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us!”
    [40] But the other rebuked him, saying, “Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation?
    [41] And we indeed justly; for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong.”
    [42] And he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
    [43] And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Jey Billington Bulworth , That notion …as applied to DPM and Plowman, has been discussed to death. There are those who would turn the recent events inside the LCRC around to become the hunters…seeking sweet revenge on those who hunted them just a couple of years ago. What Glen puts forth, as do I… is the level of hypocrisy that this introduces. Yes. The very ones that might be targeted for dismissal or membership revocation are indeed the ones who have REPEATEDLY damaged the Party in front of the voters. But do we turn right around and damage the Party more when we introduce yet another axe to the equation, to serve our interests in place of the former interests??
    I say “No”. We do introduce them to the will of the new LCRC, which is all inclusive of those who we agree with on the 80% of issues, and discuss the 20%, but keep it civil, and never let them run the Party again. But to expel them??
    We’d be no less guilty than they were.

  • I Heart Howard Beale says:

    Nova Con,

    It’s good to see you’ve decided to admit that you were simply making stuff up above (re: whether or not SJP needs a complaint or not).

  • Jey BIllington Bulworth says:


    The juxtaposition of my statements above misconstrued my point.

    1) I think Jim Plowman’s decision to stand on a certain side of the room was borne out of his desire to save his own hide.

    2) I think Jim Plowman should be removed from the LCRC, not for his allegiances, but because he is beyond a black eye on the local party. I believe we should stand behind ethical leaders, not those who would abuse the power of their office for the political gain of others. Former Senator Russ Potts was kicked out of various GOP committees for less aggregious actions.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    -t, (#20)

    It would be invigorating for us fellow bloggers, if rather than just quoting scriptures, you would explain the reasons behind them–are they allegories, metaphors or something cryptic . We all can take out our Bibles and read them, but interest begins when we discuss.

    BTW, you never answered my question about the hierarchy of sin–in your world you seem to place homosexuality higher than adultery? Come back?

  • Can we get back to Firetti now? Does anyone really believe Fineline is simply going to walk away from over $50k?

  • NotMattBritton says:

    On a hunch, … I went back and looked at about a half zillion NoVaCon posts on here and NLS, … every one of them (except for a weekend or two) were posted well after working hours.

    Clearly the work of a Loudoun County official/employee trying to have his loudoun.gov server show up when he posts.


    More to come

  • NotMattBritton says:

    oopss, .. I mean NOT have his loudoun.gov server show up when he posts

  • t says:

    Jose, in answer to your questions: we ALL should be focused on Jesus Christ on Good Friday; focused on His sacrifice and on His plan for our salvation.

    The Bible is clear on the prohibition against homosexual acts and adultery. People who engage in these sins seperate themselves from God, and do so at their peril.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    “Former Senator Russ Potts was kicked out of various GOP committees for less aggregious actions.”
    And whether or not you believe it or not, that expulsion gave the Party a particularly black eye in front of alot of voters. It could have been handled much more delicately and from within the Party. Plowman is a public official, and as such, we cannot just purge him. If the case against him before the public gains much more traction, however… we may not need to worry about removing him, because if he is proven to have broken or bent the law for certain individuals, the people will remove him, and we’ll also be in line with the people’s wishes when we remove him from the Party.
    But the two instances go hand in hand. You need voter’s consensus that he is bad and must go. Then , and only then is the LCRC looked upon favorably by the electorate for “taking out the trash”.

  • NotMattBritton says:

    Hey 10-footer, …

    if Plowman “broke or bent the law,” as you describe it, the “people” who remove him will be wearing badges, …

    As it is now, there is enough questionable out there that I’m sure those people wearing “I Voted” stickers will likely remove him next time.

    When about half of the current stuff was out there in November, a 2-week write in campaign got about 20 pct of the vote against Plowman.

    That is phenomenal, really, when you think about it.

    Isn’t that right, NoVa Con?

    Hey, NoVa Con, … by the way, you are kind of a Johnny One-Note, … what else can you comment on, besides l’affaire Plowgel-Vogelman Holtzer-Fischman-Whitson “paternity test”-Robinson?

    What about some other issues to talk about:

    What about the NoVa transpo taxing authority decison by the VA Supreme Court?
    What about INOVA’s antics in the county?
    What about the brewing corruption charges in the Revenue Commissioners office?

    Let’s find new stuff to talk about, … as I said above with your view from inside the county given your day job, … I’d really like to hear you spread yoru repetoire.

    Whaddya say?

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    If he is indeed led out in handcuffs, then we can actively set him out. Because by that time, it will be readily known and understood that he violated his Party’s principles. We will need to distance ourselves from him when it looks very certain that he’s done. If he’s simply voted out of office in a normal election year (devoid of any “special” election, I’d vote that he be retained, but minimalized….he should have no say other than his lone vote on issues brought before the committee…like everybody else.

    But plastering the press locally with exclusionary scandal after exclusionary scandal does not endear the Party to the local voters, nor does it add to the rolls of membership by drawing enthusiastic applicants from the community. We lose if we’re percieved to still have problems going into November. We have a very short 6 month period to get on the same page. Only time can tell if we can do that.

  • NotMattBritton says:

    The officers and directors of the American Center for Vorting Rights Sen Hill Jogel Voltman’s double client (client of Mehlman Vogel and Holtzman Vogel LLC) include





    The officers and directors of the ACVR-LF:



    Of local interest, …

    Thomas M. Lawson is a principal with the law firm of Lawson and Silek, P.L.C. in Winchester VA.

    Whitson Robinson is Warrenton VA town attorney. He is also the chairman of the Fauquier County (VA) Republican Committee.

    Brian Lunde was co-chairman along with Zell Miller of Democrats for Bush in 2004. Lunde is also an associate of Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon.

    In the ACVR 2005 990, the DC consulting firm of Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti is listed as the executive director. Alex Vogel, GOP operative, almost certainly serves as the ACVR’s actual executive director.

    Robin DeJarnette of is the executive director of the ACVR-LF. DeJarnette is also the Virginia Conservative Action PAC (VPAC).

    The ACVR paid more than $70k to Holtzman Vogel in 2005.

    Holtzman Vogel and the RNC are so closely linked that HV operates on the RNC internet server.

    The Vogels may have brought Robin DeJarnette, Thomas M. Lawson and Whitson Robinson into the ACVR. DeJarentte and Robinson both endorsed Jill Holtzman’s candidacy.

    No word on how closely Alex Vogel and Jack Abramoff worked together on this project.

  • NotMattBritton says:

    Oh yes, one more thing, the Faquier County GOP chair who supported Jill, and accoridng to Shaun Kenney was the guy who leaked the info on the impending indictment about Mark Tate, got himself a lobbying contract with the Tower Builders as soon as he got his gal elected, …

    From VPAP:

    Whitson W Robinson registered to lobby for the following clients during 2007-2008:

    Allegheny Power

    Most recent contact information for Whitson W Robinson: wwr@whitsonrobinson.com

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    This has to do with Firetti??? I thought we were drifting offtopic, but had faith that we’d eventually get back to Firetti’s process…or at least a discussion of Plowman’s double standard. What I see above is an attack on Jill, and I won’t follow you down that road…and I doubt LI will either. Some of her people, yes. Her…NO.

  • Jose Kinusee says:


    Let the record show that you still have not answered my question–I will put it in as simple of a form for you. Why do you pick on homosexuals more than say an overweight person? Don’t you classify them both as sins?

  • NotMattBritton says:

    hey 10 foot, …

    Give me credit for not straying as far off topic as Jose K who just equated obesity to faggotry!

    But anyway, … I will get back on topic:

    Plowman is an incompetent, or corrput prosecutor. Time will tell which. I believe the latter. That is my opinion.

    The following are facts: Plowman is not gay, nor is he fat.

  • Curious Bystander says:

    NotMatt -what “brewing corruption charges” in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office are you talking about?

    Apologies to LI and 10 Foot for continuing to go off topic but curious minds want to know….

  • That is news to me as well, do tell.

    I think NovaCon took my advice to stay silent.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    “Give me credit for not straying as far off topic as Jose K who just equated obesity to faggotry! ”


    That is a little bit farther off the path, Jose. Perhaps we can get a faggot/obesity post here shortly for -t and you….


  • NovaConservative says:

    No, its not really that–I just don’t have anything to say to all this nonsense. I think it speaks for itself and it demonstrates exactly what the anti-Vogel and anti-Plowman forces are all about (except for you, they are pretty much the same thing here.)

    I did get a chuckle about the fact that everyone is all tied up in knots about kicking Plowman out of the LCRC, yet Mark Tate was until this last meeting Chairman of the Finance Committee (!) and nobody blinked an eye. Talk about misplaced priorities. Hopefully in his “professionalization” of LCRC, Glen Caroline will make sure that indicted members of the Committee are no longer welcome.

    I’ve commented on many other items besides this one (I seem to recall a rather heated discussion recently about hospitals, growth, etc)…I’m hardly a one trick pony. This topic gets me riled up because so many people are looking for something that’s not there, but hopefully this fall the entire episode will be behind us and the truth will come out, and in the meantime LCRC will be focused on rebuilding and winning.

    Oh, and as far as when I post—you got me on one thing–I try to do my best to refrain from my hobbies and side interests when I’m at work. I think that’s a good rule to live by regardless of where you work.

  • NotMattBritton says:

    NoVaCon –

    So what is your work?

  • NovaConservative says:

    Now what fun would that be?

  • NotMattBritton says:


    So prickly about such an ordinary standard run of the mill question from one person who is getting to know another person!!

    You’ve bren sharing a lot of personal insights – your work habits, your perspective on growth and hospitals, your keen, almost prescient, knowledge of the Vogel campaign even though you live in the eastern part of the County and not in her district.

    I wasn’t really asking for fun, NoVaCon, I am sincerely interested in what you do for a living that keeps you – one of the most prolific bloggers on topics Loudoun and NoVa, besides those who actually have their own blog site – from blogging during the day.

    As I surmised, I think it is because during the day you sit behind a computer that is plugged in to a Loudoun.gov server.

    Then you leave that job in Leesburg, drive east on 7, go home, and blog your ass off on every little single minute detail of what is going on in the Jill Vogel campaign and Jim Plowman prosecutor’s office, etc. etc.

    All stuff you picked up during the day in the courthourse.

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