Prediction:Marshall Run Will Transform RPV

By Too Conservative


Word across Virginia is that Delegate Bob Marshall’s insurgent campaign is making incredible headway.

His constituency is similiar to that of my former boss, Gov. Mike Huckabee. These are motivated voters who will turn out to the convention.

Word is in places like the 2nd CD that pro-Marshall candidates running for District Chairman have been filing huge numbers.

While I still believe Jim Gilmore will win the Convention, a strong showing by Marshall will further divide the VA GOP and make it easier for Jeff Frederick to win the RPV Chairmanship.


  • t says:

    Praise God for Bobby M and J-Fred.

    We need BOTH of these Godly pro-lifers to advance as high as possible.

    t endorses BOTH of these outstanding Statesmen.

  • anon says:

    I am no longer sure that Gilmore will win the convention. He is clearly still the favorite but Marshall has him running scared. Although Marshall is showing very high numbers with his own supporters, plenty of activists are also going to the convention on an anti-Gilmore platform. These could very well include disgruntled Tom Davis supporters and others who Gilmore has run over like a steamroller in the past. Outside of the Richmond area counties I am really not sure how much support Gilmore’s candidacy will inspire. Gilmore is perhaps the most uninspiring candidate in the history of Republican politics here in Virginia. That is especially sad since this seat has been in GOP hands for so many years.

  • J. Tyler Ballance says:

    If Bob Marshall can get out in front of the libertarian-oriented Republicans and seriously show that he will return out government to its Constitutional limits and take steps to enhance our freedoms, rather than continue the current Republican trend of destroying our civil liberties, it will be the People, who transform the Virginia GOP, but Bob Marshall can be the candidate who rides this wave of change into the U.S. Senate.

    It is up to Bob Marshall, of course, to choose to only be the darling of the evangelicals, or to broaden his appeal, by becoming Virginia’s champion of the Constitution.

    I see no reason why Mr. Marshall can’t have the support of the evangelicals as well as be an advocate for Liberty and smaller government. After all, a government limited by our Constitution, would be good for all political factions, since all would be free to pursue happy lives.

    It is time to return to government FOR the people, instead of government ON the People. Mr. Marshall could be the first Virginia Republican to lead the way toward greater liberty, in the modern era.

  • The Libertarians are going to come together with the Hardest of the Hard Core Pro-Lifers to nominate a candidate with no state wide name recognition, and who gives away the issue of Security/National Defense?

    Last time I checked Libertarians are for the most part Pro-Choice JTB, why would they be so supportive of Marshall?

    Gov. Gilmore has done more to limit the size of Govt. Each year the General Assembly has to fund the Car Tax Reimbursement $950M to the localities, which would otherwise be spent to fund what ever ‘crisis’ is cooked up by the MSM and big spenders…

    I am sorry Gov. Gilmore isn’t or wasn’t the warmest and fuzziest politician, but his effectiveness is beyond doubt.

    Which is exactly why the Democrats, MSM loathe the man.

  • anonymous says:

    Mr. Ballance,

    There are more Evangelicals than Paultards. Evangelicals are important to building a winning Republican coalition – libertarians no so much.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    Marshall is a true servant to his electorate. He has remained focused on their needs, and ignored his own. This is the first step in having a responsible representation.

  • rtwng extrmst says:

    My understanding of Marshall is he has always opposed big government and more spending. Speaking as an Evangelical, I find it hard to understand why Libertarians seem to think we would oppose this. Mike Huckabee in my opinion is an exception and not the rule when it comes to Evangelicals and the preference for big government. I also think Libertarians need to understand that government does have a role. Especially when it comes to supporting the Constitution, and that document clearly provides for the right to Life, which is why Libertarians should have that issue in common with Evangelicals as well.

  • anon says:

    I see its now time for the Gilmore people to criticize Marshall’s strong pro-life stand. It makes sense since Gilmore has constantly waffled on this issue from the start. Gilmore is literally a “trainwreck” waiting to happen for the Republican Party. Yes, Gilmore has Name ID but it is negative…..he has no chance of beating M. Warner in the general. His electability is approaching zero. Just look at the awfull polling numbers. We can blame the MSM or the liberal Democrats but that won’t change people perceptions. At least Marshall would be starting with a clean slate from the electorate and not with historically low favorability ratings.

    No new energy, weaker personality, no strong grassroots effort, no strong stance on life, and a percieved bad reputation by the MSM equals a catastrophic loss for Gilmore at the polls.

  • TJDavis says:

    This might be the most ridiculous post I’ve read all year. Bob Marshall is the worst possible thing that could happen to RPV and anyone who supports him is willingly destroying the party.
    In case you haven’t noticed, VA is trending democratic, which means that pitting an extreme psychopath against the most popular democratic governor in recent history is idiotic. Not to mention divisive. He might tear the party apart, which I suppose would constitute “changing the race.”
    Anyone who cares about the future of the party need to support Gilmore, regardless of whether or not they like him. He’s the only candidate who can even make a run at Warner.

  • 10 feet tall and Bulletproof says:

    So, Davies…you want us to sit outside the office for another 4 years? Gilmore cannot win. Marshall is not a looneytune right wing psycho. He recently stood by his electorate in spite of the costs to his reputation inside the party to end the Abusive Driver fees because he knew they violated the Virginia Constitution. The rest of them rolled over and let it pass…but not Marshall. He stood on his core and his principles. People from all sides of the equation admire that trait.

  • Hokie Fan says:

    The most important race at the convention will not be for the Senate nomination but will instead be for RPV Chair. Jeff Frederick must win; he is the only candidate who will ensure that the GOP in Virginia will get up from the mat and fight for every office. He has new ideas and is bold and aggressive. John Hager is a nice man but is nothing more than “going through the motions.”

  • anon says:

    “He has new ideas and is bold and aggressive.”

    Like what? Taking a walk on important votes! Any one can give a fancy speech and Frederick does so with the best of them but just remember that talk is cheap! I would not be so quick to throw Hager under the bus when Frederick is the only option. This is a huge disaster waiting to happen. No exeutive experience, no statewide elected experience, and no one knows who the guys is outside of his district and he has no authority to speak on anything period.

  • t says:

    [2] And very early on the first day of the week they went to the tomb when the sun had risen.
    [6] And he said to them, “Do not be amazed; you seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen, he is not here; see the place where they laid him.
    [14] Afterward he appeared to the eleven themselves as they sat at table; and he upbraided them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had not believed those who saw him after he had risen.

  • Former Candidate says:

    The two ways to beat a strong, well-liked Democrat like Warner is either:

    1) to run a Moderate who is strong on the Life issue who will get cross-over votes and keep the base faithful, or

    2) to run a hard-core conservative with a positive message and low-negatives who will truly energize the base and hope that Virginia is redder than people think it is.

    Gilmore qualfies as neither of the above.

  • G. Stone says:

    Bob Marshalls recent actions on the floor of the house on behalf of Virginias Gun owners were courageous. While others folded like cheap lawn chairs, Bob stood tall. Del. Marshall actually believes in something other than building a power base. This is one reason many of the establishment fence sitters dislike him.

    Bob Marshall is a patriot in every sense of the word.

  • I love Bob Marshall. In a completely platonic sort of way, of course!

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Former Candidate #14,

    Neither does Marshall!!

  • John says:

    Does no one, including libertarians, see a hypocrisy is Marshall strong stance on Government intervention with his social policies?

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    As further evidence that Marshall is a wack job, look at his strikeout record according to the recent LTM: the average “strikeout’ (bills submitted but failed to pass) of Loudoun Legislators’ was 12. Marshall had 59, yes, that’s right 5 times more strikeouts. Can’t help but think he is a little on the fringe and wasting the precious time of the fellow legislators with his nonsense.

  • Shelley Lauren says:

    Marshall is our man, not because of his conservative values, but because of his anti-tax positons. I read that he said, “Citizens are tired of being treated like bottomless ATM machines.” Wow, how true.
    He is the only VA legislator I know who has never voted for a tax increase and i think he has been in for 16 or 17 years. He’s also an environmentalist and has the voting record to show it.
    He’s got stature with me !

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