VA GOP puts forward strongest possible ticket in 2009

By VA Blogger

By now, you’ve seen that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will run for re-election in 2009, and not seek the Governor’s Mansion as previously thought.

This makes Attorney General Bob McDonnell, who has already announced he’s running, the presumptive GOP nominee and the front-runner in the general election, ahead of either the man he defeated three years ago or a far-left delegate.

I imagine Tim Hugo will not run for Lt. Governor as previously rumored, and will instead run for re-election in 2009. No word yet on Corey Stewart or Jay O’Brien, but I can’t imagine either getting a lot of support now. Del. Kenny Alexander may be the Democratic front-runner, as it’s unlikely anyone will want to challenge a strong incumbent.

Now all we need a definitive word on an AG candidate. Ken Cuccinelli’s name has been strongly churned by the rumor mill. With McDonnell/Bolling at the top, a NoVa Republican would fit in well. Let’s hope it comes true.

As far as I’m concerned, a McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli ticket is the strongest possible ticket the Virginia GOP could come up with, as it presents a lot of strengths, especially regional balance, statewide viability, and loads of experience, with no real negatives like bruising primaries. Against a ticket such as Moran/Alexander/Shannon, I like our chances. A lot.

UPDATE: On video, Ken Cuccinelli says that he is “likely” to run for Attorney General. YouTube link here (1:33 seconds in). H/T to Rick Sincere.


  • RichmondDem says:

    You’re not going to be running against Moran.

    The DPVA is too smart to nominate someone who will have a very tough time winning any region except Novaville.

  • Va Blogger says:

    We’ll see. My instinct says that, in 2009 after Kaine, Webb, and Warner, Democrats will be cocky and feel they can nominate someone from the far-left that they really like, instead of “settling” for someone more centrist like Deeds.

  • Not Running says:

    Agree. And hats off to Bolling for doing what’s best for the party. We owe him one.

  • I’d like to see a moderate on that ticket…

    but I agree…it’s strong.

    Cuccinelli being from NOVA will help.

  • PT says:

    Why not Bill Mims for Attorney General? I think he’d be a terrific candidate.

  • J. Tyler Ballance says:

    I would like to not treat this like some sort of
    horse race and instead ask, what each of these candidates have done when they have had the opportunity to reduce the burden of government on the citizens?

    Surely those ill-conceived abuse fees and the RTAs come to mind. For those that are always braying for bipartisanship, I say, if RTAs and abuser fees are what we get, then let’s foment endless bickering among the two parties.

    Who among these men, from either side, have acted to make our citizens more free and who has real solutions that provide a path to an optimistic future for Virginians?

  • RichmondDem says:

    The abuser fees would have never existed if politicians would be honest about the amount of taxes it takes to run a good road system.

    But they’d rather sign ideological no-tax pledges from lobbying groups based in Washington than have good infrastructure.

  • J. Tyler Ballance says:

    RichmondDem: Congratulations! You have identified, yet another, point of common ground with most working-class Republicans.

    My Delegate, and several others in our Republican Party leadership have told me that, had many of our Republicans not felt that their hands were tied by signing that “NoTax” pledge, we could have been well on our way to solving transportation issues, via a simple, easily audited gas tax increase, rather than wrestling with various RTA and abuser fee scheme, fallout.

    Both Democrats and Republicans have fallen into the “No Tax” trap, and it is little wonder, when one must deal with a voter population with the attention span of a gnat.

    How can we self govern when so many people fall for campaigns made-up exclusively of feel-good, yet empty, sound-bites?

    One candidate for a nearby House District, put up a campaign website that basically had nothing on it except words to the effect, Hey, I am a family man. I have a family. You know, with kids and all that; a family man, I am.

    It was so absurd, just reading the empty drivel on that site had me RALFMAO, at least until the sheeple went and elected him.

    WTF are we going to say when we run out of gas, run out of jobs and our economy grinds to a halt? Will we just sit around starving and think, “Well at least all of those Representatives that ran our country into the ground were good family men.”

  • Big West says:

    Great day for the GOP. Bolling made a smart and selfless decision. I wouldn’t put too many chips on Cuccinelli, however. I have heard that the U.S. Attorney from Roanoke, John Brownlee, is going to make a run for AG. Brownlee has been the President’s U.S. Attorney for over 6 years and has tons of support from law enforcement. I also am hearing that McDonnell wants him because he can bring the entire western part of the state.
    Things are looking up!

  • TylerQ says:

    Bolling has done a great service to the party and we should commend him for it. We have a strong ticket and great outlook for 2009.

  • James Young says:

    I agree. Bolling has done much to prove that he puts the interests of the party above his personal ambition.

    But I’m confused. Isn’t former Chairman Sean the best candidate for, well, any office? 😉

    This will NOT get you reelected as President of Chairman Sean’s Cult of Personality, Vince.

  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    RichmondComrade (Oh I mean Dem)

    Do not underestimate Brian Moran. He would make a formidable candidate for any statewide office. He is a very different guy than his brother.

  • Va Blogger says:

    James, I actually am the one who made this post, not Vincent. I don’t know if Vincent would prefer Cuccinelli over Connaughton or not. I don’t have a strong preference myself either, but count me as a huge fan of SenKen.

  • RichmondDem says:


    I’m not ruling out a vote for Moran in the primary. I need to know more about him, but from what I know now hes a bit too liberal and Northern Virginia to win in the rest of the state

    You say hes nothing like his brother, but for example does he share his brothers views on gun control? If hes pro-gun control that will kill us in Southwest, the Valley, and to a lesser extent the Richmond suburbs.

  • […] VA GOP ticket reported over at Too Conservative Posted on 24 March, 2008 by Ric James Not much time to do more that post you a pointer: By now, you’ve seen that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will run for re-election in 2009, and not seek the Governor’s Mansion as previously thought. […]

  • Loudoun Outsider says:


    I don’t think Brian Moran will be holding a fundraiser at the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club anytime soon.

    As to your concerns about geography, your point about gun control is well taken as to Southwest Virginia, but the Valley has consistently voted Republican since the “War of Northern Aggression” and suburban Richmond –Hanover and Henrico have to be two of the most Republican counties in the nation. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • E. Spitzer, Manhattan, NY says:

    Loudoun Insider,

    In your opinion, is there room on the 09 Democratic party ticket for a well-educated law and order guy who is a tad more libertine in his private life.

    I really want to know?

  • Stay out of public life, Eliot.

    This is indeed a great act of sleflessness on Bolling’s part to avoid a nasty Hillary-Obama style party fight. Bolling’s stock has gone way up in my book.

  • James Young says:

    Yeah, VA Blogger, I discovered that after I posted my comment, since the author of the post is not listed when the specific post is accessed. Apologies to both you and Vince. It would have been much funnier if he had authored this posted.

  • VA Blogger says:

    No worries James. You can make jokes at my expense as well if you wish.

  • James Young says:

    I’ll bear that in mind, VA Blogger.

  • RichmondDem says:

    “suburban Richmond –Hanover and Henrico have to be two of the most Republican counties in the nation.”

    You’re right about Hanover, but Henrico has changed a lot due to the massive growth there in the last decade. Henrico voted for Kaine in ’05, and Allen beat Webb there by only one percentage point in ’06. The margins in Chesterfield have been getting closer, too.

    We’ll never win the Valley, but the point is not to get totally creamed in the Valley, which necessitates huge margins in NOVA and other urban areas.

  • Dorothy says:

    I am sure there are several from NOVA who would be better AG candidates than Cuccinelli.
    I am tired of his Taliban mentality and have given him my last vote!!

  • NovaConservative says:

    Great news for the party and of course for Bob McDonnell. What he really needs to do is play up his Springfield roots–I don’t think most NoVA voters realize he’s actually from our neck of the woods.

    Despite the transportation fiasco–which really wasn’t his fault (remember that Ed Gillespie was largely beyond the strategy of pushing forward something that would give the GOP a foothold on the transportation issue and claim leadership, and I thought it was a good idea at the time), McDonnell is a smart pol who has been working hard for this.

    Of course, this time last cycle it looked like Jerry Kilgore was in good shape, and we all know what happened…hopefully there are some lessons learned. I will say that I’m not convinced that John Hager is the guy to lead us to the promised land, however. Unity for the sake of unity is a misplaced goal–I’m more about results.

  • George Frank says:

    Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling are two great guy to make the top of the ticket for the GOP.

    But, a nomination of Cuccinelli for AG would be a horrible mistake as he would play the losing role the same way Mike Farris did in dragging down the Allen- Gilmore ticket a few years ago.

    Incumbent Senator Cuccinelli with an incredible voter ID program barely beat an woefully poor Democratic candidate this past November. He survives as the hardworking Eugene Delgaudio of Fairfax County.

    I agree that the GOP could use a Northern Virginia or Valley candidate for AG. The best choice for the GOP AG nominee would be Loudoun’s own BILL MIMS, now Chief Deputy AG. Mims has Valley roots and was undefeated in all of his Loudoun races.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    VA Blogger,

    Is this some sort of joke, “the strongest possible ticket the GOP could come up with”???Bill Mims would clean up against the barely incumbent right wing fanatic Cuccinelli. Hopefully this is just some sort of mistake or laspe in judgement.

    Dorothy; you should be sent back to Kansas for voting for nutcase cuccinelli–shame.

  • NovaConservative says:

    I’m not sure yet what I think of Cuccinelli for AG, but comparing him to Mike Farris is way off base. He’s an elected office holder in a frighteningly Democrat leaning district. Nothing against Mike Farris, but there’s no way he’d ever get elected to the Senate from that District or frankly even from the 37th.

    The Dem candidate was well funded and had her own good ground game. The fact that he won at all was impressive.

    I don’t mean any of that to be pro or con his candidacy for AG, but lets not go overboard.

  • Va Blogger says:

    It seems some are forgetting how terrible of a year 2007 was for us (comparible to 2006 nationwide), and how Democratic that district is. Cuccinelli winning that seat in that year would be like Stephen Laffey winning Rhode Island Senate in 2006. It takes one hell of a campaign.

    I’m also confused how you can praise Cuccinelli’s campaigning and ground game and disparage the results of the election at the same time. He won, and deservedly so.

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