Bill Gwatney dead

By VA Blogger

Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, shot and killed at the age of 49. Terrible tragedy.


  • jacob says:

    any idea what was wrong with the loon who killed Gwatney?

  • Too Conservativr says:

    As someone who worked in Little Rock, blocks from his office…it was such a horrible tragedy.

    I had always heard the best about him.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Jacob: None that I’ve heard yet.

  • Loudoun Moderate says:

    Such a tragedy and such a terrible loss! But another case to prove that guns and crazies don’t mix.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    I sympathise with his family in their time of loss. No matter the depths that we as politicos disagree, there is still no place for this sick level of action. It’s like a five year old that isn’t smart enough to outhink you …so he screams at you.

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