HD-67: Caputo’s Transportation Solution

By VA Blogger

According to a source who asked the House Clerk in Richmond, the “long-standing commitment” that Chuck Caputo had that caused him to miss this summer’s special session to find transportation solutions was a European cruise. Apparently, he was tired of sitting in traffic every day and needed to get away…

Fortunately, voters in the 67th will have the chance next year to vote for a community leader like Jim LeMunyon, who pledges a long-standing commitment to represent his constituents in Richmond. Chuck Caputo may find that, once he’s out of elected office, he’ll have a lot more time for vacations without things like “doing his job” getting in the way.


  • Dan says:

    As a constituent, I’d like to know the reason why he wasn’t in Richmond for the special session. I don’t think I’ll accept rumors from anonymous sources though.

    There may be a valid explanation. If not, I assume he won’t be running for re-election.

  • Ron says:

    I wonder if he had long-standing reservation and/or non-refundable tickets. How much notice did Kaine give the General Assembly that the special session would take place? Then again, how much guesswork would it have taken even before Kaine announced the special session?

    Olda Carmine has gotta see-a da olda country yaknowhatta I mean? Den again, dat’sa whya ya buy trip cancellation insurance, capice?

  • VA Blogger says:

    My heart goes out for him if he had non-refudable ticket; it truly does. However, in those situations you have to make a choice of what is more important. Caputo made his, and in my opinion it was the wrong choice.

  • Dan says:

    Again, we are assuming this is truly the reason he missed the session based on nothing but an anonymous source. Pretty flimsy. We may ultimately learn that this bears absolutely no resemblence to the truth.

    As I said, I’m a constituent and I would like very much to know the reason he wasn’t there. And I hope it is a damn good reason to miss a session or else he shouldn’t run again.

    I think we should all wait for the facts though.

  • Not Running says:

    It was and remains Chuck’s job to make a public statement about his absence during the most significant transportation votes in 20 years, and indicate how he would have voted if he had been there. (This is the way Congress handles absences). Chuck’s silence is deafening, and he could easily squelch the rumors by, for example, making a posting on his website.

    However, I note that his website, http://www.delegatecaputo.com, makes no mention of the special session, and in fact hasn’t been updated since last winter. (Town Hall meeting announcements from last February and March are still listed).

    He sure acts like he’s not running again. This story is also an indictment of the mainstream press in NOVA–weeks have gone by, and they haven’t asked any questions.

  • VA Blogger says:


    I sent him an email right after the special session ended and he never got back to me; since posting this I’ve emailed him again, promising a correction and a retraction if my source was in error. We’ll see if he responds.

  • Dan says:

    What seems most odd to me is that there has been no public explanation. That is what makes me wonder if it may be some profound personal issue. A serious illness or something.

    I just find it hard to believe any legislator would blow off a special session because it conflicted with his vacation plans. I am betting it is something else entirely.

  • VA Blogger says:


    I doubt it is a serious illness or anything tragic like a death or illness in the family. When the special session was ongoing and Caputo’s absence first noticed, someone asked Del. Dave Englin, who stated that Caputo had a “long-standing commitment” which is why he missed it. That would preclude anything that came up suddenly.

  • jb says:

    Come on Va Blogger, you’re way better than this. This is playing by NLS rules and is way below you.

    Basically you’ve printed a pretty explosive second hand anonymous charge that you don’t know the veracity of. You’re passing it on from a source who won’t even identify himself, most likely because he doesn’t want to be associated with an odious smear. Furthermore, you said you only emailed Caputo after you published it. Sure, he didn’t get back to you in June, but surely you owe it to him to ask if this is true or not before you publish it, rather than just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

  • VA Blogger says:


    Is this really that “odius”? We already know Caputo had a “long-standing commitment”, which precludes any sudden and sympathetic excuse. An event like a family reunion would be understandable, but any “getaway” in lieu of doing your job deserves an explanation.

    I don’t think I “owe” it to Chuck to wait until he confirms my story; Chuck owes it to his constituents to explain why he’s either unwilling or unable to do what the voters elected him to do. The fact that I emailed him and didn’t get a response only compounds the dereliction of his duties. If he wasn’t going to respond to me in June, why should I believe he would respond to me in August?

    Your definition of an “explosive charge” aside, I’m not throwing anything and hoping it sticks; I’m posting a singular and precise claim from a source I trust.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Love the picture of the ship.

  • jb, you’re really reaching and trying to spin this the other way. Good response, VAB.

    Of course, Caputo probably knew exactly what was going to happen in this special session called by his own party’s governor – NOTHING – and figured why miss a good cruise.

  • Ron says:

    That boat looks suspiciously like Algore’s new ride! LOL

  • anonlady says:

    I’d have gone on my European cruise too. There’s no way I’d throw away a few grand in lieu of the dog-and-pony show in Richmond. As it was, nothing got accomplished there – nothing ever does.

  • Cruiser says:

    It was a cruise for his 70th birthday that he had previously purchased. Still should indicate how he would have voted on the various tax plans.

  • Brian says:

    Given what was accomplished at the special session, I’d say he made the right decision.

  • Not Dick Saslaw says:

    Of course, it’s hard to accomplish anything if you don’t show up.

  • A Voter says:

    LOL – This is awesome!

    The travesty in this is that Jim LeMunyon should have setup some law chairs, a kiddy pool, and a boom-box playing ocean sounds outside of Caputo’s home. Then held a press conference telling the local papers that he was bringing the cruise atmosphere to Virginia in hopes of luring Caputo back here to do his job!

    Missed opportunity…

  • Jon says:

    This is so silly. Why aren’t you more outraged at your party’s inept ability to pass anything or consider any plan that comes from Gov. Kaine? Were you mad when Del. Jeff Frederick ducked a huge transportation vote, claiming to have gone to the bathroom? Thanks to Republicans, we have had a failed transportation plan that was ruled unconstitutional and we have a GOP US Senator (Tom Coburn) who is blocking a bill that would allow for dedicated funding for Metro.

    Considering the Republican obstruction that was bound to happen in the House of Delegates, Caputo seems to have made the right choice.

  • A Voter says:

    Good call, Jon.

    Note to all Dems: Please follow Caputo’s lead!

    If you think that a special session will involve difficult negotiations – you should probably just skip town and travel abroad.

    Yes, you were elected to represent your constituents, but why do that when you can be sipping frozen drinks on the pool deck?

    Maybe if we work together we can get this message out to more Democrats, who will be encouraged to avoid going down to Richmond as much as possible – especially when they are called upon to perform their elected duties!

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