The RPV paid $80K for this??

By VA Blogger

It’s not a terrible ad, but Jim Gilmore’s first entry is far, far from a game-changer (let alone the pathetic $80K buy), and facing a 20- to 30-point deficit in the polls, that’s what he needs.

But more to the point, why is the RPV and not Jim Gilmore paying for this? First of all, why does Jim Gilmore not have any money to even put a meager $80K behind a statewide ad? Was he planning on doing any TV advertising? If things are this bad, the 3rd Quarter fundraising reports should be very telling.

But if you’re sitting in RPV headquarters and you have a candidate who’s trailing by more than twenty points in the polls, who every prognosticator says will likely lose, and who can’t even afford their own paid media, who makes that decision to sign a check for over half of your current account balance for their cause? What’s the return they’re expecting with this? To make Jim Gilmore and his handful of supporters happy?

suppose it’s possible that the RPV has significantly more than the $142,000 that they had two months ago, but given their brilliant fundraising pleas and propensity to hold money-losing fundraisers, I’m not that optimistic. And if they’re wasting their money on supporting losing candidates who can’t support themselves, I don’t know why anyone would give them money in the future.


  • NovaConservative says:

    That ad is horrible. The production quality is something out of high school video class. The graphics look like they came from Apple IIe’s.

    Embarrasing, its absolutely infuriating that RPV would DARE spend this much money on this piece of crap when we have a Presidential race AND at least two important House races (Drake and Wolf) that might need funds.

    Every single dime should be going to make sure John McCain wins this state–not to the ridiculous and hopeless Jim Gilmore campaign which will be lucky to break 40%.

  • jacob says:

    Further proof that the Republicans are the stupid party. I am dying of embarrassment.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    If I were Jim I would just play excerpts of Marky’s speech at the Democrat convention. That would even up the race real quick! Marky’s “moderate” and “bipartisan” cloak was completely removed in that speech.

  • Grozet says:

    ridiculous . . . in what sense? Gilmore has a terrific record as governor that was sold down the river by poor senate republican leaders. His views on current issues better line up with virginia voters than his vague and untrustworthy senate opponent.

    I guess what is really ridiculous is blowhards like you who won’t get off their ass and do something for a candidate who has always stood for the values that you as a conservative believe in. You should be ashamed.

  • rpvfan says:

    Well put novaconservative. I don’t know who authorized this purchase but it was just plain stupid. While I support Frederick, I hope the higher ups in the party like Bolling and McDonnell question this very very stupid move and complete waste of tight resources. Gilmore is running his own campaign into the ground from day 1. Rpv does not need to help him. At this point I am not even sure Gilmore has a handful of supporters othern than a few bloggers.

  • Not Matt Letourneau says:

    Wasn’t Frederick your man, NoVaCon?

  • RichmondDem says:

    I could do better with some video editing software and YouTube.

  • vavoter says:

    Couldn’t agree more VA Bloger, glad someone is actually printing what EVERYONE (but those who are delusional) is thinking.

    The ad is horrible and as a lifelong Va conservative I’m ashamed the RPV is diverting resources and acting as a lapdog to former Gov. Gilmore.

    He needs to prove (financially) that he is a viable candidate, which he’s far from doing, before he receives help from the RPV. The burden is on him to show that his “hard work” and “success” as Governor will take him to Washington. Having to rely on the party, which is in a pathetic financial and organizational state, is an embarrassment and every Republican should be voicing their concern to the whipped RPV. The RPV should shut down shop and divert all staff and resources to the Gilmore campaign and we’ll start from scratch in January.

    Why would I give money to RPV now? Sounds like someone, or numerous people, at the RPV is paying back “debts” and “favors” to Gilmore.

  • rpvfan says:

    RPV needs to work on party building and the grassroots with their cash not blowing it all for 1 candidate. How about helping incumbents and candidates that have a real shot at winning like Fimian, Drake, Goode, and Wolf?
    How about helping McCain-Palin?

    How about giving each real campaign this money instead of wasting it on a floundering Gilmore campaign? I hope the state central committee holds the leadership accountable to make sure money is not completely wasted again. I am very disappointed in Frederick.

  • Can I say I told-you-so yet??

  • UGH!!! says:

    Compare this with Keith Fimian’s ads…granted he has more money (how SAD!), but these ads SUCK!!!

    This is what the RPV gets for electing an idiot chairman who owns a “U.S. Small Business Administration certified Small Disadvantaged Business” (according to

    The “disadvantaged” part hints quite a bit at Jeff’s inability to create something from nothing. Kind of what he has to do with the RPV.

  • Bet you wished you had endorsed Marshall, He would have won.

  • I do believe Marshall has a reputation as a principled man and one that does not deviate from his course unless the reason is earth-shaking. This is why he would have won…not because everyone agreed with him, but that they knew where he stood on issues and that he never faltered.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Here we go again.

    No, Bob Marshall would not have won. Jim Gilmore isn’t going to win. Ok? Nobody was going to beat Mark Warner.

    I don’t happen to LIKE that fact, but it is a fact. Mark Warner was going to win. I’d just assume Marshall have won because then maybe we wouldn’t be wasting party money on ads for him, but it really didn’t matter.

    RPV should have the following purpose: raise money, and spend it on John McCain, Frank Wolf, and Thelma Drake.

    That’s PLENTY to worry about it.

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