This is change we can believe in?

By VA Blogger

Times must be tough over at the Obama camp. Their brilliant strategy of a 75,000-attended acceptance speech was overshadowed by an even more brilliant strategy of picking Sarah Palin the very next morning. Then Palin turns around and gets as many people to tune into her as Obama. If that wasn’t enough, Palin is helping McCain and the RNC raise a tremendous amount of money as the Republican Party re-energizes around their ticket, while Obama is having trouble meeting his fundraising goals. And poll after poll now shows McCain leading Obama.

But Obama, halfway through his freshman term in Washington, has learned when you’re on the ropes, nothing works better than a little political expediency. Marc Ambinder reports:

After of year of telling donors not to contribute to 527 groups, of encouraging strategists not to form them and of suggesting that outside messaging efforts would not be welcome in Obama’s Democratic Party, Obama’s strategists have changed their approach.

Just like Obama once believed that public financing was a way to maintain the integrity of elections in America until it proved to be a practical liability, Obama now is signaling that 527 groups like and their “General Betray Us” tactics are exactly what Obama needs and wants in his Democratic Party.

Partisan Democrats, of course, will cheer this decision and pundits will talk again about how Obama made the right political decision by breaking yet another pledge. And I don’t begrudge the Junior Senator one bit for using the same tactics that have been used in elections past by both parties in an effort to tear down the other side. But can he please stop yammering about being “post-partisan” and changing Washington?


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Edmund, The Alaska Gov’s plane was 23 years old, do planes increase in value? It sold for less than the Broker’s price. I saw Ed Rendell boasting that he sold HIS state plane for more than the state bought it for 10 years earlier (I think) – yeah, right. I’d like to see who bought it and why. This is all crap, even Rendell complimented Palin for having the guts to do it, so why don’t you give Palin the same credit?

    As for leaving the town in debt, please provide link, no Kos or Huffington allowed.

  • AFF says:

    Palin left the town 20 million in the hole, even after all the earmarks she secured.

    Find your own link. I’m not your googlebitch.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    AFF, who asked you, I was talking to Edmund. Nice language, sounds like the heat is getting to you.

    From my googling I found out the debt is bonds to pay for a sportsplex that was built under budget and on time.

    Now, the first dozen or so hits were left wing nut hit jobs posts, but if you to the WSJ they have a good explanation with actual facts. If you have real links to post, feel free, I am not your googlebitch either. It is usually the responsibility of the accuser to prove the accusation, unless you are liberal.

  • LL, can you tell me which site or set of sites would suffice for citing? Who isn’t the liberal media? Just need to know so I don’t waste my time. Thanks.

    WSJ is ok? Right?
    Fox news? Right?
    Anything else?

  • Loudoun lady says:

    Edmund, why don’t you google “Sarah Palin Wasilla finances” or some such phrase yourself and find out? If you think small, hateful blogs with the correct wording (designed to attract traffic) that rail against Palin are reliable sources of information – have at it. If I page through and see WSJ or WashPost or WashTimes or several other major newspapers I will stop and read it, it will include at least SOME facts and I feel pretty confident I can discern the veracity of the article. Not sure if you trust a conservative to read and think, and chew gum at the same time, but it can happen.

    You are starting to sound like a one horn hank, FoxNews on the brain. The most hated Steve Doucey and his ilk!

  • I just asked what sources would be acceptable. Jeez.

    This discernment part of your process is the part in which I don’t have confidence. Of late, you seem pretty hard core party line. In fact, I can’t remember a post where you questioned anything — anything — about the McCain campaign. It’s A+, no wrong answers, etc…

    I understand if you’re a party loyalist — I don’t really like talking to the true believers — but don’t try to come off as someone who can be moved by reason or a set of facts. It isn’t happening and you know it.

    Sending people off to cite sources offers the guise that you can be swayed or you looking for more information.

    You are not.

    And that, by some who post around here, is not a conservative trait.

  • G. Stone says:

    Gotcha politics? Did you type that with a straight face?
    – edmundburkenator
    Straight indeed.

    Some, maybe not you but some, are all talk when it comes to political reform, especially when it comes to spending and taxes. Everybody talks a good game up until its time to actually do something. As the hour grows near to act ,political courage diminishes falling by the wayside in a flurry of excuses and BS. Those excuses can be born from political triangulation usually based on weak core beliefs or paranoia of a candidates traits one is not entirely comfortable with.

    Many have globbed onto the assertion Gov Palin is a card carrying member of some Alaskan Theocracy and therefore completely unacceptable as a choice for VP. They engage in a perpetual knee jerk aversion to those who mix God and politics . Even those who do so in a very measured and reasoned way are rejected out of hand by those who might gravitate towards them otherwise. This is that place where political paranoia simply overtakes reason.
    Like I’ve said before, I not a member of the religious right, they won’t have me, and for good reason. I do however see an opportunity in Gov Palin to introduce a Washington outsider who believes as I do that Government is too big and too expensive. If that cause is moved forward in any way shape or form by the introduction of Gov Palin as our next Vice President, then that is a good thing. That alone is worth supporting.

    I am old enough to remember the over the top rhetoric , non sense and political gamesmanship when Ronald Reagan ran for president. He was going to be an economic disaster on his way to getting us all killed. It was largely crap then , it is by and large crap now. Those really interested in taxes , spending , and the size and scope of government should welcome another reform minded leader in the White house.
    Just as I have beat up on John McCain in the past on issues for which we disagree, I give him all the credit in the world for taking a shot at actually trying to influence government in the right direction.

  • So, to you G, this pick had no “triangulation” component to it. He simply went out and got the best reformer.


  • G. Stone says:

    Every pick has a bit of “triangulation”, this is politics. I have said this before his pick of Palin plugged a few holes, one being his relationship to conservatives such as myself. It was also strategic in that it serves the reform theme . The fact that she is a woman did not hurt.
    He got the best reformer who had political appeal. Sure, he could have selected Tom Coburn and had he done so would be 20points behind and on his way to defeat.
    My early choice for VP was Sen Jim DeMint of SC. I believe him to be a solid reform minded conservative with a bright future. Having said that , it is my guess that pick would have also resulted in a loss.

    The reaction to date suggests he did the right thing. He selected a reform minded conservative from outside Washington with broad appeal. if this pick was a dud the opposition would not be running around the state of Alaska in a panic going through Gov Palins dry cleaning receipts looking for anything to use against her.

    Make no mistake , this is about the future. Big picture. The left in American knows full well they do not do very well in Presidential politics. They can ill afford to allow Sarah Palin to become VP and over the next 4 to 8 years become a political force in Washington. Certainly not now but a few years down the road this lady could become an American Margret Thatcher and that scares the crap out of them. They realize we have a combination they yearn for, a woman candidate that the American people actually like.

  • Margaret Thatcher was a brilliant woman who earned everything and everyplace she got in life. If Thatcher were well enough I would love to ask her what she thought of this pick.

    I doubt you would like the answer.

    The fact that you see Palin as Thatcher actually makes my stomach turn.

  • g.stone says:

    The fact that you see Palin as Thatcher actually makes my stomach turn.

    – edmundburkenator

    Re-read my last paragraph slowly.

    I will help you out-

    They can ill afford to allow Sarah Palin to become VP and over the next 4 to 8 years become a political force in Washington. Certainly not now but a few years down the road this lady could become an American Margret Thatcher and that scares the crap out of them. They realize we have a combination they yearn for, a woman candidate that the American people actually like.

    – G. Stone

    You are a smart guy. So I have to ask the following: Did you actually read the last paragraph. My guess is yes. Is there an issue with comprehension ? I suggest not.

    So then why this response- The fact that you see Palin as Thatcher actually makes my stomach turn.

    The statement is what I might expect from some political hack looking to score points irreguardless of what was said. What I said and your response to it are on two seperate pages.

  • To conflate, compare, or in any way associate these two people — in the present or the future — only reveals that faith is more part of your argument than reason.

    My comprehension is fine. Thanks.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Edmund, Faith in people and their abilities, skills and judgement is all we have. You don’t have it in Palin, many people do. After 4-8 years as VP I can easily see Palin making a shift in the politics and direction of this country that terrifies the left. The opposite is what terrifies me and other conservatives, however you are comfortable with an Obama Presidency and all that comes with it. If your stomach is turning over the Thatcher comparison, I advise you to get a truck load of Pepto Bismal if Obama wins, that is – if there is a shred of Edmund Burke left in you.

    Let me remind you of the skathing and unrelenting (and sometimes outright grotesque)criticism Thatcher received from the press of her country, the Labour Party, the world and here in USA over her relationship with RR. She weathered the criticism, stuck to her core principles and will go down in history as a tide changer. I’ll judge Palin on the same, not the “world opinion.”

  • Why does it not surprise me that you too would conflate a brilliant, intellectual woman with Palin?

    This is intellectual bankruptcy. You are now in some kind of irrational fugue from which I hope you someday wake.

  • Loudoun lady says:

    Edmund, I never said Palin was the intellectual equivalent or superior to Maggie Thatcher, but she can be pivotal and has potential. Thatcher broke the glass ceiling, but it took great strength, a weaker person may have failed. Read my post Edmund, your snearing reponse sounds like something out of an elitist’s mouth. I now see the attraction you have to Obama.

    Speaking of intellect, I have never been one to measure it by advanced degrees from Ivy League schools. I’ll take the practicality and common sense of a disciplined person over a Harvard Grad anyday.

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