What is Sharon Bulova running for again?

By VA Blogger

I was passed along Sharon Bulova’s latest fundraising letter, along with a donation envelope. Officially, its for her re-election three years from now, but Bulova is looking to run to replace her political mentor, Boss Connolly, as Chairman if Connolly is elected to Congress. At first glance, everything is in order:

But take a closer look at the fine print at the bottom:

We already knew Bulova would have trouble raising money while she desperately tries to explain how her tenure as Budget Chairman has led to a $430 million shortfall, the worst budget crisis in recent county history, despite having just raised taxes on residents. But she’s limiting herself to $2,300 a donation and refusing to take money from corporations too? That’s just not smart campaign strategy.

Of course, the reason why this error was made is because she likely just copied-and-pasted her donation materials from her mentor, Gerry Connolly, just as she aims to copy-and-paste his failed strategies that led to the budget crisis we’re currently in as Chairman. If this is the kind of keen eye for detail that Bulova lacks when she’s minding her own campaign, how can we trust her with the finer points of a massive budget that needs overhauled without just resorting to more massive tax hikes?


  • Michael Savage says:

    I am more interested in talking about Scott York’s failed strategies that has created the largest Loudoun County budget crises in memory… They are talking about a 176 million shortfall and all York can say is “…we’ve got to find another way to tell the truth.” Whatever that means. I believe the Loudoun budget mess is worse than Fairfax when taking the budget size of the two Counties into consideration…

  • Michael, would you like to discuss all of York’s wielding of power during the last class of BOS? Remember how the Rs on the board gave him all that power?

    The floor is yours.

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