Gerry Connolly Ducks Another Debate

By VA Blogger

What the hell is this guy hiding from? Questions how he drove the Fairfax County Budget to a $430 Million shortfall, or questions on why crime in Fairfax increased by 12% under his watch and we haven’t heard a word from him about it? Or maybe he’s scared that someone will ask him, as a Catholic, how he can stand by the DCCC ads and print mailers smearing Keith Fimian’s Catholicism.

I’m glad to see Fimian taking the fight to Connolly, on people’s doorsteps if necessary. Connolly runs Fairfax like Richard Daley runs Chicago, and it’s about time someone invests the money and energy into hitting him hard.


  • Connolly’s political calculus seems to be – “if I hide long enough and people forget about what an ass I am, they’ll just elect me because of the D next to my name”.

  • BlackOut says:

    Owee…better check with Steve Snow before chickening out on a debate. Not the best of ideas.

  • Dan says:

    “Connolly runs Fairfax like Richard Daley runs Chicago”

    Hyberbole much?

  • John says:

    No debates? What about the major Committee of 100 Debate in Prince William County Thursday night that attracted quite a crowd?

    Quite frankly, Fimian should have ducked it.

    The Prince William debate showed without a doubt that Keith Fimian is not ready for primetime. Gerry Connolly displayed a command of the issues ranging from transportation, energy, the faltering economy, and BRAC realignment, to legislation currently before Congress, Fimian was lost in space.

    Fimian mostly stuck to a few simplistic soundbites, even when they did not address the questions that were asked. He repeated them multiple times as he tried to avoid looking downright ignorant.

    Even some of the Republicans in the room cringed when Fimian failed to answer the questions asked and, instead, resorted to mouthing vague homilies that highlighted his lack of knowledge on federal issues that have a direct impact on Northern Virginia.

    To say Connolly won the debate is an understatement. Connolly responded to questions with clarity and specifics, while Fimian looked like a deer caught in headlights as he grasped to understand and respond to questions from the audience about issues that were clearly over his head.

    Connolly won this debate hands down.

  • Are there any opposing viewpoints on this debate? It doesn’t sound good for Fimian from that description, but I dislike Gerry Connolly so much (as do many Dems) that I would still vote for Fimian just so that arrogant blowhard doesn’t get what he thinks he deserves.

  • BudgetaryPoo says:

    Ok – So the debate reached about 200 people.

    100 who were there. Then 100 who watch Channel 8 News. Who cares?

    I do think Fimian is ignorant. Genuinely an airhead. But then again, look at the alternative.

  • I am still very disappointed that Tim Hugo passed on this.

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