Connolly’s anti-Catholic Campaign Backfiring

By VA Blogger

The D.C. Examiner takes it to Connolly for his and the DCCC’s rampant Catholic-bashing campaign. What a shameful, un-American campaign this crook has tried to run. Absolutely disgusting.


  • NoVA Scout says:

    I think you can stand down on this, VB. My sense of this issue (admittedly not very scientific) is that its currency is far more attributable to the Fimian campaign and some of its blog supporters rubbing sticks together trying to get it to catch fire than it is to Connolly fanning the flames of anti-Catholicism. If I’m right about that, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it. I’ve gotten absolutely no literature on this in my mailbox (maybe because my GOP credentials disqualify me from Dem mailings). I’ve seen the DCCC piece from 15 July on some of the blogs, and it is, of course, silly, although it seemed to be more about gun control and it also seemed to wink out except in some of the more enthusiastic Fimian support blogs. But I thought this little pratfall occurred some time ago. Is DCCC showering the electorate with these charges? Is this still an actively pursued gimmick? Anyone have any idea about how actively this line is being plied by the Dems? Has Connolly done anything at all to distance himself from it (beyond the obvious fact that his campaign hasn’t been beating this drum)? If it isn’t getting any traction and hasn’t been circulated by DCCC more recently, is it possible that Connolly told them to cool it? Is there anything in the DCCC piece that isn’t true (I know, I know, there are always a lot of innuendoes in these things, but is Fimian is a member of Legatus? Is he getting a lot of big financial support from Legatus or its members? doesn’t bother me a bit if he is, but it might mean something to voters somewhere in the district and it’s fair game if it’s true).

    Again, I could be quite wrong about how much this is being pushed by the Democrats. So I stand ready to be corrected. I see a lot more GOP mits on it. But from where I sit (and that is probably similar to where a lot of voters in the 11th) this seems like a fairly trivial issue in the race. There are better reasons to be against Connolly.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    UPDATE: I checked around a bit after I put up the previous comment and folks tell me that DCCC is still circulating the Legatus-based stuff. So I’ll correct myself on that before someone else does. But I stand by my main point: If it’s true, it’s fair game, and I don’t see anything particularly anti-Catholic about it. There’s a pretty wide range of opinion among Catholics on social issues and if the Dems want to make something of Fimian’s affiliations with conservative religious organizations, let them try. It will cost him some votes and gain him some votes. It is what it is.

  • VA Blogger says:

    It’s one thing to call attention to a Catholic organization that Fimian belongs to. It’s another to repeatedly and excessively smear that organization, Fimian, and Catholics in general as being anti-women, as mailer after mailer has asserted. And Connolly, when given the chance, has stood by the ads the DCCC are putting out.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Yeah, its gross, disgusting and despicable.

    But I have yet to see any evidence that its actually backfiring. I wish that was the case, but I don’t believe it to be so.

  • VA Blogger says:

    If the media is starting to pick up on Connolly and the DCCC’s tactics–and not Fimian’s ties–that’s a backfire.

    Consider this:

    “Judging by the DCCC ads, the main issue in Northern Virginia isn’t energy independence, the faltering economy, taxes, or the war in Iraq. It’s women’s rights.”

    This is the same drum that Fimian has been pounding since these ridiculous accusations started.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I think Fimian believes his strongest issues are things like energy independence and taxes. The other side apparently agrees and wants to move him to social issues where, they suspect, his views are way off the beam with a majority of voters in the 11th. The other side doesn’t have to let Keith define the issues. They’re entitled to try to bait him out. He’s entitled not to go there if he thinks it unwise. My point is that this is fairly garden variety stuff and not in any way anti-Catholic. The solution is just not to go there, if you’re Fimian or one of his supporters. By trying to make this an issue, the Fimian camp is playing into the DCCC tactic.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Fimian has done a great job, on the stump and in his materials, promoting energy independence and strong business principles. I’ve been focusing on Connolly’s shameful tactics because I’m genuinely disgusted by them.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Are they Connolly’s tactics and are they shameful and disgusting. I think they are about par for the course in either party these days (maybe that’s a low standard, but I think it accurate)

  • Macacca from America says:

    It doesn’t “backfire” NoVaCon because of people like your Mom (i.e. Laurie Letourneau) who use catholicism to bash every candidate they don’t like. Voters are scared of your Mom.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    VA Blogger… I thought you always considered this just “politics”.

    Could you be specific as to where you are drawing your lines?

  • RichmondDem says:

    Fimian seems like a decent guy, but I don’t see how he has a chance when Obama is pulling 60%+ in NoVA.

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