DCCC disses Judy Feder again

By VA Blogger

The DCCC, reaping the spoils of an upcoming wave in 2008, have a lot of money to spend and a lot of places to spend it. The Swing State Project has a good overview of expenditures by Congressional races. There are some eyebrow raising plays here, targeting incumbents in what were once thought to be safe districts like Mark Souder in IN 3, Lee Terry in NE 2, and Henry Brown in SC 1.

In Virginia, the DCCC is investing in VA 11 and VA 2, where you’d expect, and making a strong play with $250K in VA 5. However, notably absent on their list of investments is Judy Feder in VA 10. Looking through this list (also courtesy of SSP), there are plenty of candidates who have raised more than Feder facing incumbents who have more money than Frank Wolf, so it can’t be a matter of finances.

It looks as if the DCCC has no confidence in the Feder campaign, and believes that SC 1 is a more likely pick-up than VA 10. With the DCCC hoping for a wave election, even they realize that Frank Wolf’s long record of great constituent service and independent mindedness makes him impervious to political winds.


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