An open comment to would-be journalists

By VA Blogger

Please learn the distinction between real investigative inquiry and small-minded, pathetic “Gotcha!” ambushing of public officials. If a politican doesn’t pay attention to you or answer your question, it’s not because he’s hiding the truth; it’s because you’ve demonstrated with your actions that you’re not worth acknowledgement. The ability to hold a camera and lack a sense of shame at the same time does not entitle you to anything.

Instances like this and this are the YouTube comments of political discourse.


  • Kelsey Grammer says:

    An open comment to would-be blogger:
    Its “i-n-q-u-i-r-y”, not “inquery”…

    Otherwise very good post. You’ll notice not many conservatives get in liberals’ faces like this. And if any do, they deserve a cane in the face.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Thank you for the spell check.

  • LoCo Independent says:

    True, but it also doesn’t entitle staffers and/or friends accompanying that public official to physically assault someone, and for said public official to stand by idly while such assault occurs.

  • VA Blogger says:

    I didn’t see any “physical assault” other than a camera being slapped after being shoved in the face of the Congressman. Apparently the “assault” wasn’t bad enough to keep the cameraman from running out a set of double-doors to continue his stalking of Wolf.

  • novamiddleman says:

    Its been picked up by the post

  • G. Stone says:

    Politics can be a contact sport. When you invade someones space with the intent to “make ” news you are not a journalist. You are baiting a ruckus.
    It is unfortunate that Wolfs supporters were unable to ignore these twits.

  • Moderate R says:

    What strikes me in reading the blogs about Fimian and the attacks made by Connolly is that they’re using the exact same kind of guilt by association that is being decried by Democrats when we talk about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

    I also thought the Post’s endorsement of Connolly was hypocritical because it made specific mention of the fact that Connolly had far more experience than Fimian did and that was one of his key qualifications, yet they ignored Obama’s lack of experience and went with him over McCain.

    Apparently, you only need experience if you’re running for any job other than President, and it only matters who you associate with if you’re running for any job other than President.

    Go figure.

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