Anne Barth & the DCCC

By VA Blogger

I just saw an ad for Anne Barth paid for by the DCCC, running against Shelley Moore Capito in the 2nd District. Of West Virginia.

Sure, this Charlestown-based seat extends across the entire West Virginia panhandle to Harper’s Ferry, and I know the DCCC has some extra coin to spend, but dropping it in D.C.’s market for that campaign is an interesting tactic if it’s not a mistake.

I bet Judy Feder wishes the DCCC would spend that kind of money (or rather, any kind of money) on her race.


  • NoVA Scout says:

    Alert pickup on that, VB. It probably does say something significant about the kind of money DCCC is throwing around and their assessment of Feder.

  • T says:

    The mega high-power DC market definitely is reachable in the 2nd District of WV – I doubt that’s any mistake. Chris Van Hollen ran ads in both DC and Baltimore markets for his campaign in 2002…makes sense to me.

    But poor poor Judy Feder.

  • Former LCRC Member says:

    No, it’s not a mistake. The three eastern counties of that district are in the Washington DC MSA, so it is the only way to reach them by broadcast TV. It is a tremendous waste considering less than 5% of the people watching the ad can vote for that seat.

  • P2P says:

    Feder once again doesn’t have a chance.

    Her only opportunity will be when Rep Wolf retires from his venerable career.

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