Holy, er… Moley

By VA Blogger

No, those weren’t my exact words when I saw this:

Survey USA, conducted 10/30-11/2, MoE=4%

Virgil Goode (R-inc.): 50%
Tom Perriello (D): 47%

Goode is at 50%, so chances are he’ll win tomorrow. But egads, man! Note to Virginia Republicans: this is a prime primary opportunity in 2010.


  • sloop john b says:

    Any possible candidates in mind?

  • Harry Landers says:

    Virgil Goode will never exhibit loyalty to the Republican party. He never submitted himself to Democratic party discipline, either. For better or worse, Virgil Goode does what’s best for the political fortunes of Virgil Goode.

    If he should manage to squeak by this time, sure, he’d deserve to be challenged in a primary. That said, if he gets knocked out in a primary, he’ll run as an independent. You can count on that.

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