Raising Kaine Shutting Down

By VA Blogger

I don’t agree about much with them, but no one can deny the impact that Raising Kaine has had on Virginia politics and the Democratic Party, and RK’s place as arguably the most influential Virginia politics blog. While there are deep partian differences between us, we have had Raising Kaine on our blogroll and they have had us on theirs. And when we re-launched after our dispute with our server, RK was gracious enough to announce our return. Lowell has even shown up to comment from time to time in various threads.

Thus, it’s sad to see the site shut down, even if it is likely to be carried on by other RK contributors on a new blog. RK has set the standard for blogging in Virginia, and I think it’s safe to say that no other has reached it yet. Congrats to Lowell and Eric for a job well done, and hopefully we can undo all the damage they’ve done now that they’re leaving. : )


  • Grapes says:

    t boycotted RK some time ago.

    That was probably the beginning of the end.

  • Too Conservative says:

    I agree, Lowell and them have been doing a great job over there.

  • Disappointed says:

    So does Grapes’ post about “t” prove officially that they are one in the same?

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Just when the GOP starts talking about the new media format, the biggest inlfuence or at least one of them in the progressive community is turning the lights off; thats pretty ironic I think. I am a tad bit miffed they will not be around now that they contributed to the GOP’s woes in NOVA in that what if all they have preached the last few years contributes to greater turmoil. Afterall, a 3 billion dollar shortfall, yet again by another Democrat Governor in Tim Kaine always seems to be lost in the shuffle of progressive views over there. I will miss reading the apologists take on why it is Democrats in Virginia couldnot manage to move the ball forward and yet a Republican Gov. like Romney with a liberal/prgressive State House in MA could—-oh yeah its the GOP in the House of Delegates; if only we had a dime for everytime RK laid that one on the table when void of ideas. But in the end I am sure the happiest of all that RK is turning out the lights will be Dominion Power after all that bashing, no wait maybe its George Allen-yeah I am sure he is smiling somewhere on the news at least or thanking God if he ever plans on having a political future that is.

  • G. Stone says:

    Good bye. I am deeply saddened. Almost suicidal.

    Fade to crickets.

  • How many people ever get to write a book for a major publisher? Lowell did with NetRoots.

    That is a major accomplishment. I also had not known that Lowell gave up a GS-15 job to blog. I kicked around the federal government for eight years in three different agencies and never got higher than a GS-12. Lowell’s grade was also impressive.

    All told, a major figure on the blogging scene. Well done.

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