Split on who to support for AG? I’ve got an idea.

By VA Blogger

Many people have made up their mind in the Attorney General’s race. Personally, I like Cuccinelli, but think Brownlee has a great resume, and I came away from the FCRC meeting last Tuesday impressed with Dave Foster as well. I’d enthusiastically support any of the three in the general election.

But when it comes to who gets support before the convention, I have a great way to make a determination: Whichever candidate does the most to elect Pat Herrity as Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

All three candidates (and Bob McDonnell) on Tuesday said that electing Herrity is their first priority, and I’d like to see them live up to their word. Besides which, having Herrity as Chairman will help immensely in the general election, especially with Fairfax’s own Steve Shannon as the competition.

So Ken, you’ve made a name for yourself with your phenominal Fairfax-based grassroots team. Let’s put them to work for Pat.

Dave, you got elected twice in Arlington County and are campaigning on your ability to win in Democratic areas. Let’s turn some of the non-traditionally Republican areas of Fairfax out for Pat.

John, you’re a novice at elections but have an energetic personality and great communication skills. We’ve got a message for you to deliver to the voters of Fairfax.

There’s been a lot of talk in the AG race so far, and there’s sure to be a lot more to come. I think some on-the-ground action would be a positive change of pace.


  • A Voter says:

    Yes, it’s true… Brownlee doesn’t have any experience in running for office in Northern Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter. But, he did stay at a Holiday Inn once!

  • Jonathan Mark says:

    John Brownlee has experience as a federal prosecutor and running a large prosecutor’s office. Ken is a patent attorney with a two person office (if that.)

    Who do you think has a better resume to be AG? Prosecutor John or Patent Attorney Ken?

    And what’s wrong with John Brownlee staying at the Holiday Inn anyway? The rooms are clean, and they have wholesome bands in the bar. Years ago Gloria Estefan got started there.

    All told Virginia needs more Holiday Inns and fewer tax-hiking pols like Cuccinelli, who voted for HB3202, which authorized higher taxes for Northern Virginians. And Cooch was the 21st (and thus the deciding) vote for HB3202 a few weeks after Cooch signed a no-new-taxes pledge a few weeks earlier.

    Maybe if John Brownlee wins then Gloria Estefan will perform at his inauguration.

  • VA Blogger says:


    Thanks for rehashing the ongoing Cuccinelli vs Brownlee debate. Do you think Brownlee (your preferred candidate) will help out Pat Herrity?

  • VAB, I think your contest has a pretty strong inherent bias towards Cooch, since he is the only one to reside in the county Herrity wishes to represent. Brownlee lives a little bit further away. I’ll have to set up the same contest with someone running for office near Roanoke!

    That said, I’m all for Pat Herrity. I hope he’s working hard already – there isn’t much time.

  • VA Blogger says:

    Well, LI, if you or others take me up on this challenge, you can use your own criteria for determining who did the best.

  • Steve says:

    So you say you do not know anything about Dave Foster eh?
    Dave is a Republican with solid credentials that was reelected in Arlington County with 62% thats 6-2 in his last bid. I don’t see how a Democrat would even stand a chance with Dave running. He would flip Arlington, McLean, maybe even Falls Church.

  • They all seem like great candidates.

  • 200 Grande says:

    Ken helped Pat in 2007 during his Supervisor’s race. Of course he will help Pat’s run for Chairman.

  • Morgan says:

    I totally agree with your post. The best way to determine who do the best job as the commonwealth’s top law enforcement official is by how much they campaign for some guy running to become chairman of Fairfax board of supervisors. Yep, cause the best way to tell who is gonna be a great prosecutor for the state is to see how well he helps Joe Schmoe up in NOVA.

  • DaveJ says:

    From the campaign e-newsletter “Brownlee Report,” dated Sunday, 11/30:
    I am proud to support Pat Herrity in his bid to be the next chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Pat Herrity, whose late father Jack Herrity served 16 years on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors from 1972 to 1988, including 12 years as Chairman, is a wonderful leader who serves Fairfax County with honor and distinction. As Republicans, we need to fight in every city and county in the Commonwealth. Nothing would show that the Republican Party in Virginia is alive and well [better] than a big win in this special election in February. You can learn more about Pat’s campaign to restore fiscal sanity to Virginia’s largest locality at http://www.patherrity.com.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    I think an interesting measure would be how each AG campaign did on the petition drive.

  • Va Blogger says:

    Morgan, I get the sense that you aren’t being sincere in your post.

    At no point did I say the best way to determine who will be the best prosecutor is whoever does the most to help out Joe Schmoe.

    However, what I did say is that whoever does the most to help out Pat Herrity will actually perform some action to back up the electoral claims each of them are making. And yes, each of them are making those claims.

    And in the process, Pat Herrity receives help in his race for the Chairman. That may not mean much to you. I’m fine with that. In fact, I’m willing to believe there are several people on this planet, at least a few dozen, who couldn’t care less about this race. I’m not among them, and according to each of the three candidates two days ago, neither are they.

    Also, this suggestion is two-fold: First, it’s a suggestion to the respective candidates and their campaigns as an incentive for them to become more involved than they planned on becoming in the race. Second, it’s a method for an undecided voter to establish some sort of criterion for judging each candidate. If you don’t fall under any of these categories, and if your interest in who leads the body that oversees 1/7th of the state population is so low that you can’t be bothered to reference his name beyond “some guy” and “Joe Schmoe”, then the post doesn’t apply to you at all, which makes your opinion on the matter unnecessary.

  • At the 3/31/07 campaign kickoff for Faisal Gill in HOD-51, Cuccinelli endorsed Gill over Julie Lucas for the Republican nomination. (Photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodbyecorey/ )

    Cooch claimed that one reason he did it is that Gill had helped him win office. Unfortunately, helping Cooch win office in Fairfax County did not make Faisal Gill (a former Director of Government Relations for the terrorist-led American Muslim Council) a stronger candidate in PWC.

    Indeed, the result of the controversial, Cuccinelli-backed Gill nomination was the loss of a Republican seat.

    Do successful parties actually pick their candidates this way? Nominating people as a reward for past service? Do successful parties tell voters up front that they are not nominating the best person, but merely the most helpful?

  • Morgan says:

    Va Blogger,
    I realize that you did not say “the best way to determine who will be the best prosecutor is whoever does the most to help out Joe Schmoe.” However, I do not believe that you are giving these gentlemen nor the position that they are seeking the respect they and it deserve. The office of Attorney General is extremley important to all of us as Virginians which is why this post does in fact concern me. However, I have never lived in Fairfax and I most certainly am not concerened about the local elections that go on there. My hometown is West Point, VA. West Point is located in King William. I do not nor will I judge statewide candidates, especially those running for the position of AG, based on how well they know and have helped the chairman of King William County Board of Supervisors. I am quite sure that you do not know who the chairman of that board is. But that is not important because although Tommy Redd is indeed a family friend, in terms of matters of statewide importance, he is simply just another Joe Schmoe local politician. Although one must consider to some slight degree which candidate for AG will perform the best in the general election; I believe that the true test of a candidate for AG must be in his qualifications. There is much much more to being AG than just running for the postion. My intent was not to critize Pat Herity. I am sure is quite capable and would do a fantastic job as head of the board of supervisors for some county up in NOVA. Instead the intention of my ctique was to beg you and your readers to please consider more than solely Pat Herity when decideing who should be our state’s persocutor. If you disagree, then I beg you to please not attend the convention. Now is not the time for trades, barbs, bribes, and favors in government. Now is the time for experience, for leadership, and vitality. If you are not concerned with how these candidates would each perform as AG then you should really have no say in the matter and just stick with voting in local elections.

  • Bwana says:

    Last time I checked, prosecutor’s represent the state in criminal trials. That is typically done by the various commonwealth’s atttorney’s elected around the state.

    The state AG is the state’s lawyer, representing the state in a wide variety of legal matters, including the appellate level, adn to counsel the Governor on legal matters. I don’t recall any recent state AG doing a great deal of criminal work.

    While I admire the slick attempt to label the position of Attorney General as that of a prosecutor (or persecutor, as was written above) so as to boost Mr. Brownlee, not to mention the chutzpah of the attempt , it is not an accurate label.

    And to also put things in proper perspective, Pat Herrity is not simply a candidate for Board Chair in some random county, he is a candidate for board chair in the largest locality in Virginia, one where the GOP losses over the last three years have been catastrophic. It is in the best interest of all potential statewide candidates to see Pat Herrity get elected-doing so is a step in the right direction for a GOP win in November 2009…and no matter how skilled a Gov/LtGov/AG you might be once in office, you got to get elected first.

  • Va Blogger says:

    Morgan, for the last time, it was a suggestion aimed at those who, like me, feel that all three candidates would make an excellent AG and would support any of them in the general election.

    As I said in my post, if that doesn’t apply to you, then feel free to disregard it.

  • Va Blogger says:


    Cuccinelli did not pick the nominee. The voters of the 51st picked the nominee. It’s quite a leap of logic to ask “do successful parties pick their candidates this way”.

  • In his speech at the 3/31/07 kickoff, Cuccinelli advocated nominating Gill based in part on Cooch’s claim that Gill had helped his campaign in the past.

    You can see photos of Cooch endorsing Gill here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodbyecorey/ .

    Gill then proceeded to lose a Republican-held seat. Cooch had advocated choosing a nominee based in part upon how much the nominee had helped him, Cooch, in a previous election.

    Cooch gave a self-centered endorsement speech. That is why I asked whether successful political parties choose their nominees this way. The HOD-51 convention was not successful.

  • A Voter says:

    Jon Mark’s right… as a former “federal prosecutor” Brownlee has the experience to do a lot of help other Republicans in the state… he can…. ummm….
    1) watch?
    2) release press releases that are favorable of other Republicans?
    3) send out lackies like JM who do anything they can to change the subject away from Browlee’s lack of campaign experience?

  • A Voter says:

    *do a lot TO help other Republicans…

  • AWCheney says:

    Actually, that might not be a bad campaign strategy for Brownlee. It would give him the positive exposure he needs in Northern Virginia and position him well to erode some of the base of the other two candidates. I actually like the idea and I think that the Brownlee people should propose it to their guy.

  • VA Blogger says:


    I’m utterly shocked that personal loyalty and favors played a part in a politician supporting one candidate over another.

    However, your anecdote has no larger value in determining anything about the upcoming AG’s race.

  • Ivan Mroz says:

    How about this test: we support the candidate for AG who will committ to helping Bill Bolling get elected as Govenor in 2014 instead of starting a nasty interparty fight for the 2014 nomination? Cuccinelli has made no secret of his desire to be Governor in 2014.
    Brownlee, on the other hand, has vowed to serve at least two terms as AG, in order to build the AG’s office and also to support Bolling in his 2014 bid to be Governor. Sounds like a really, really good litmus test!

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