Vote on Frederick at the Advance tonight?

By VA Blogger

Jeff Federick can’t be happy about these types of stories appearing in the Washington Post.

Let’s say you were a voting member. What would you vote tonight? Should he stay or should he go?

LI UPDATE:  He’s staying – story here.


  • Moderate R says:


    We need adults running the party. Not Frederick.

    And I’m just slightly younger than he is, for the record.

  • Michael Savage says:

    I would vote stay and would ask the Advance to remove Jim Rich from his seat if this is what he has to say publicly about the Party Chairman. Frederick was elected to his post and should keep it until the next election…or should we just let Jim Rich pick the candidates? This cat has been beat like a drum the past 4 election cycles and counting – he is a loser. If you rid Frederick, Rich is just as culpable and should be shown the door too….

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Nonsense Savage.

    You apparently haven’t been around long enough to know how Rich has built this party only to have it torn down by numbskulls like Frederick.

    Frederick should be run out of Dodge on the first train.

  • I have to say that I like Jim Rich and have been a big supporter of his, but he went way too far with his public comments. That said, I still think Frederick needs to go.

  • Michael Savage says:

    Jose, I have been in VA more than 50 years and know Jim Rich. He is a liar and coward that has brought done PW and Loudoun just like others did in Fairfax many years ago. The fact is, under Jim Rich’s leadership (lack thereof) PW and Loudoun went Democrat. Although I am not a fan of JF, he hasn’t been in power long enough to lose this district… if Frederick fails this upcoming election cycle I would say he should then be voted out.

  • MS, it is in no way Jim Rich’s fault that Loudoun and PW went Democratic. You are out of your mind. As far as Frederick goes, I’d rather not wait to see how he’ll hurt the McDonnell-Bolling-AG ticket.

  • G. Stone says:

    Rich’s public comments were those of a Political Hack.
    A Hack is what this guy has become.
    All this talk of party unity and pulling in the same direction by the Rich cheerleaders is pure BS.
    This guy cares about one thing , maintaining his own power base.

  • Michael Savage says:

    LI – As a leader, JR should be held accountable for his performance. Four election cycles with the same result is not a recipe for future success in this district. Wait until the Democrats finally get someone good to run against Wolf. Not holding leaders accountable for their failures leads to mediocrity/irrelavency and yes, more losses. After all LI, you are trying to hold JF accountable for the loss, but not JR – please tell me how this is not a double standard? They are on the same team right?

  • I’m not trying to hold Frederick responsible for any losses, just for living up to the promises he made, and expecting him to hold himself to the same standards he demanded of John Hager.

  • Daniel says:

    I would vote him out.

  • Moderate R says:

    LI’s comments are spot on.

    I would not give Frederick nearly as hard a time as I do had he not argued that Hager was in charge when we lost the Senate and therefore we should hold him accountable. That coupled with his “I’ve proven how ‘real’ conservatives can run and win in Democratic areas” rhetoric demonstrated to me that he was simply another ideologue who was willing to throw the Big Tent philosophy of Ronald Reagan out the window.

    Had he not made so many overblown statements and hung the Senate loss around Hager’s neck, I would have been less inclined to judge him so harshly.

  • Like Moderate R and LI, I too saw “hold himself to the same standards he demanded of John Hager.” and found myself nodding in agreement. JF needs to walk the walk, or resign.
    Actually, as it comes to me, the recent e-mail critisizing JF was a preemptive move to keep him from sliding out the back door with not so much as even the slightest scrutiny. Thus the scrutiny was heaped on him so that his departure would never be a quite “backdoor exit”… it would make papers. And everyone would know that it didn’t occur with a chorus of republicans singing.

  • NovaConservative says:

    Why can’t you guys make distinctions between federal elections and state elections? You should be. Its an entirely different situation.

    Frederick should get next year’s STATE election cycle. He is the STATE party chairman. The national party had much more to do with the federal races than any state party–and that includes the Dems who were successful.

    If Frederick blows it next year, fine, out. But to suggest that Keith Fimian and John McCain losing are somehow his fault is insane.

  • NovaCon, my exact point is I am a big McDonnell fan and I don’t want to take the chance with Frederick at the helm for McDonnell’s chance at the governorship next year. If we blow that chance the GOP is screwed for a long time in Virginia. Bob McDonnell can’t afford to let Frederick continue to embarrass himself and RPV.

  • NovaConservative says:

    I think you are being overly dramatic with the notion that Frederick is embarassing himself and RPV. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not overly impressed with the guy either–but he hasn’t really done anything either way. He made a few over-zealous comments, sure, but somebody is going to have to explain to me why what he said was any worse than what the Vice Presidential nominee herself was saying (remember “pals around with terrorists?”)

    I just don’t think we can keep changing party chairman every ten minutes. And I also don’t neccesarily think that the chairman makes that much of a difference on big campaigns. The big 3 races (Gov, LG, AG) will stand on their own regardless of the chairman. The state party chairman really makes a diffeence downballot–recruitment, fundraising, organization. Frederick probably is position as well as anyway to help with HoD races.

    Also, I’m sick of guys who call for party unity and then choose to air dirty laundry (I don’t mean you, I mean a certain District chair). Enough. This is not the first time, he did the same thing during the contested Tate-Vogel primary when he backed Tate at State Central by shooting off his mouth in the newspaper. He needs to learn two words: “no comment.” Think what you want, and do what you want, but don’t do it to reporters.

  • t says:

    Jim Rich is an inneffective embarrassment and should go quietly into the night.

    J-Fred is my man. Let’s give J-Fred the chance that he deserves.

  • Gnarly says:

    All of a sudden since everybody has it out for Frederick, the RPV Chairmanship is this amazingly critical, all powerful position that magically makes our candidates win or lose.

    We have always given these guys way too much credit for the wins, and now way too much blame for the losses.

    If you ask me, it’s just a glorified Press Secretary job with the occassional needed signatures on the paperwork processed by the RPV staff.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Gnarly’s point is not a bad one. But the job could be more than that in the right hands. In the short time Frederick has been there, it seems that his vision of the job is much more what it can do for him, as opposed to how the job can serve others. He did do Hager an injustice and it’s normal for folks to hold him to the same standard. The Kenny Kling letter has never been rebutted in its particulars (at least not that I’ve seen). I’m still waiting to find out if Frederick went on a juncket to Israel in September as JKK alleged. I have to assume its true, along with the other factual allegations in that letter. If most or all of his allegations are correct, then there’s now way Frederick should hold the office.

    I don’t particularly “blame” Frederick for the losses in November. After the economic collapse of November, McCain’s chances went up in smoke nationally, although one would have hoped he would have carried Virginia. Drake and Goode, especially the latter, were extremely low-quality candidates without whom the GOP is vastly better-off.

    I simply don’t think elected officials should hold that job and I think Frederick is the type of cardboard-cutout conservative who has been the bane of GOP existence in this Commonwealth. To have him nominally at the head of the Party impedes the Party getting on its feet and becoming an effective political force. But he’s certainly not the worst of our problems.

  • edm says:

    LI –

    Quick question, and it’s purely for the sake of being difficult. Hope you don’t mind.

    Why is it that a man nicknamed “Taliban Bob” and who barely came out on top of Creigh Deeds last go-round is someone you champion, while Jeff is a puritan extremist who’s dooming the GOP to permanent minority status?

    Given what I’ve gathered is your thoughts on the GOP as a big-tent, I would have assumed that McDonnell is a man that you would love to hate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the AG, as well, and think he can be Presidential material down the line; but I’m curious to see how you square this one away in your mind.

  • It’s very simple, edm. It’s a matter of style. Bob McDonnell has it, Jeff Frederick does not. McDonnell is conservative, but he is a great package who can speak to the masses, especially the middle.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    McDonnell in the last round was the kind of R that LI usually doesn’t have much use for, but McDonnell is not so dumb as to run that way again. He has been gradually changing his content to a more electorate-acceptable package over the past few years. He is media-genic, has a somewhat better resume than a lot of Republicans and probably can live down some of the crazy positions of the past (many of which will be forgotten by November 2009). Deeds was a very strong candidate in 2005 and would be again in 2009. But my money is on the Dems not running their best candidate.

  • novamiddleman says:

    No comment

    Just felt like saying totally agree with 21 & 22

  • “Think what you want, and do what you want, but don’t do it to reporters”
    I agree, but let me split hairs… I’d add “If you are an elected official or spokesman for any segmenty of the Party Platform.”
    Rich, as the Chair of the 10th District should have remained silent on his personal opinion. He cannot speak as himself, because he IS the face of the 10th.
    Anyone who is not the “face” of an organization thru official Chairmanship(or other professional link)can of course opine on matters…

  • Anna Lee says:

    Everyone is entitled to speak his mind. It is a right given to us by the 1st amendment. Was Frederick not the face of the Republican Party of Virginia when he attacked our Presidential nominee to the Post and the Times in this past election when Virginia was a battleground state? Then why didn’t you all go after him? Frederick is a total disgrace and he was the joke at the National Convention this past summer.

    Jim Rich has worked very hard for the Party through his tenure as Chairman of the 10th District and prior as a unit Chairman. If it weren’t for the District Chairs such as Jim Rich and Becky Stocekel the state would not have had any materials during this past Presidential election. You all don’t know the frustration the District Chairs went through this past fall trying to deal with Frederick and his lack of leadership.

    We ought to be applauding Jim for his dedication to the Party. He is a true leader and we are thankful to have him as the Chairman of the 10th District.

    As for Prince William and Loudoun Counties the fault lies within their own Committees By the way, Prince William only has a few precincts in the 10th so Mr. Savage please get your facts straight. I applaud Glen Caroline and Lyle Beefelt, the new Chairs of these two units, who inherited committees in total disarray from their predecessors and are working hard to turn things around.

    Those of us who know and have worked Jim Rich are very proud to br associated with him.

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    Hear, hear!!!

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    The WashPost article says that Freuderick worked 14 hour days. If so, his work and long hours were ineffective and meaningless and he should resign. Let’s have someone with calluses on his hands and not someone who is obviously green. There is no comparison to John Hager’s stature.

    Prediction: the GOP continues to go downhill with no end in sight to the blood letting.

  • RichmondDem says:

    I’m happy to her he’s staying. Great news for my side of the isle.

  • Moderate R says:

    I fully recognize the difference between federal and state elections. What Frederick should have been doing during this time period was working on the grassroots and fundraising. This was the time when people were willing to spend money on politics, and when party loyalty and fervor were at their highest ebb. You identify those people now who are willing to work and volunteer, and you can keep working with them through the election next year. Presidential contests garner far more attention than state contests, even gubernatorial ones. Frederick should have stayed behind the scenes, working with the district chairs and getting things ready for next year. Instead, he blew his time arguing with the McCain people and making idiot comments with press people in the room. Regardless of what Palin said, any Republican in Virginia should be extremely sensitive about making dumb comments in front of a crowd.

    I can also understand that Frederick had only been on the job for a few months. My issues with Frederick began with how he ran his race against Hager, how he portrayed Hager’s tenure and ran an attack heavy campaign and how he blamed Hager for losses that he had barely been on the job long enough to deal with.

    Had Frederick ran a standard “why I should be chair” race and not gotten into the attack mode, I wouldn’t have a problem with him. I don’t like to see the kind of tactics we should be using against Democrats being used against other Republicans. And I hate hypocrisy and the making of promises one can’t keep. So far, Frederick has barely kept a single promise he made – if any.

    Frederick has the job now and it’s been reconfirmed, so there’s not much that can happen. But I intend to be vocal about the need to hold him accountable, because he made significant promises and significant claims and he has yet to follow through with any of them.

  • Gnarly says:

    What is never discussed much is that the election of Frederick also put a stop to the crooked dealings and possbly another financial scandal that was brewing at RPV. Would if it had blown up in the heat of the campaigns? It would have been ugly.

    One of his first orders of business was to clean house and get rid of that problem. You never hear him talk about it because it’s not in the best interest of the party to air it publicly.

    Let’s just say he has done alot behind the scenes to fix things that had been slding in a very bad direction unnoticed for a VERY long time.

  • Not Charles Krauthammer says:

    Hey Republicans, who are you trying to beat? Remember, it’s the Democrats. Internal debate can be healthy, but publicly shooting at each other isn’t going to win elections. Rich went too far in his public comments. Frederick had better shape up as well – no more “jokes” and he’d better start reaching out and call for a truce with Rich and others. Rs better start getting united or else … Dems will make va deeper blue in 09.

  • NovaConservative says:

    My comments were soley about Jim Rich’s remarks in the Washington Post–not his job as 10th district chair.

    It is not in the best interest of the Republican Party to be making that kind of comment in the Washington Post. You don’t air your dirty laundry to the masses. If he felt that way, then make his case to those that are in a position to change chairman. The average reader of the Washington Post is not.

    All it does it continue to harm the Republican brand. I’m getting a little tired of this “my way or the highway” approach from EVERY faction within the GOP. There’s a certain way you are supposed to act unless you happen to disagree with the direction.

    I don’t care who said it or why, it was unprofessional to make that kind of comment in the Washington Post. Period. Of course its his RIGHT to do that, but it was not a prudent decision, and as I stated, its not the first time he’s made that decision. The last time he did he sided with the fridge elements of the party in favor of a guy who is currently trying to take down Bill Bolling, so maybe the lesson here is that perhaps he should think a little bit more before talks.

    And btw–that’s also a lesson that Jeff Frederick should learn.

  • Anna lee says:

    Nova Conservative,

    Please clarify yourself Jim Rich has never sided with the fridge elements of the Party, especially the likes of the ones who are trying to take out Bill Bolling. Jim Rich very much supports Bill Bolling. Jim Rich is a true believer of Ronald Reagan’s philosophy we need to focus on the 80 percent we agree with. Just like Ronal Reagan took strong stands in what he believed in for the betterment of the Party and the country so does Jim Rich.

    In my opinion and in that of many others the Republican brand is very much harmed as long as the face of the Republican Party is Jeff Frederick

  • Jose Kinusee says:

    I wish Jim Rich would run for state chair or public office for that matter. He’s the ideal Reagan Republican and someone who is much needed to build the party back up.

  • a VM says:

    I was a voting member and think the idiot should go.

  • Michael Savage says:

    If Rich had any …. he would of picked up the phone and called Frederick and talked to him directly about the issues he has a problem with. Instead, he runs to his friends at WaPo and divides the party further and tries to cast blame elsewhere when all he has to do is look at himself in the mirror. And this is leadership, blame everyone else? Jim Rich favors Democrat light candidates which is why Rs have lost so much ground in his district. Anna Lee, I am very happy to know Rich only has a few precincts in PW – it certainly will limit the damage he can do elsewhere.

  • MS, Whatever WILL you do when you and the other ten nutjobs are all that’s left of the old guard?

  • Anna lee says:

    Mr. Savage,
    You are so very uninformed, the District Chairs had spoken to Frederick many times. What Democratic leading candidates did Jim Rich support? Were they George Allen, Fred Thompson (Jim was the state Chair for the Thompson Campaign), Jerry Kilgore, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling to name a few. I would not call these leaders of our Party Democratic leading. Jim wants the Republican Party to win elections and he knows that we need more than just the 33 percent base to win.

    By the way Me Savage, why have you not attended any of the 10th District events? Such as the Oktoberfest that drew over 450 people most new attendees. That is how you win elections you bring new people into the party. Unfortunately we have people like you in the party, who do nothing but are ready to cast a stone. People who would rather shrink the party than have it grow. Remember Ronald Reagan grew the party by inviting new people to participate.
    Under Jim’s leadership the 10th District mailed thousands of absentee ballot applications to those who requested them from the McCain Campaign. This is something the State Party should have been done.

    Mr. Savage, I would suggest before you post again, you get your facts straight. I have seen Jim Rich out in pouring down rain putting up signs for our candidates and make phone calls on behalf our of tickets. How many signs have you put up or phone calls have you made?

  • NovaConservative says:

    I’m talking about this:

    Once again, my issue is running to the press with these kinds of statements. As the District chair, he shouldn’t be involved in a primary that’s occuring in his district. He’s entitled to his opinion and he’s entitled to raise whatever concerns he feels are appropriate at State Central, but it does the party as a whole no good to publicly take on RPV and basically accuse them of corruption to a reporter. And this was pre-Jeff Frederick–we’re talking about Hager’s RPV here.

    In this particular instance, of course, despite admittedly knowing virtually none of the facts, he sided with a guy who as we speak is trying to defeat Bill Bolling, which should tell you something.

    Let me be clear–I have nothing against Mr. Rich or the job he’s done. I don’t believe he should be blamed for anything and I think Mr. Wolf’s sound reelection is a feather in his cap. So please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not somebody who is anti-Jim Rich by any means.

    I AM saying that he should show more discretion when talking to the press. I am NOT a fan of airing dirty laundry and I would think given your level of experience working in this party you would agree with me. There is very little good that comes from it. Let internal deliberations and discussions stay that way, and at the end of the day, present a united front to the public.

    So I did have a problem with the comments about Frederick just as I did back in 2007 in that primary. I doubt very much I’m going to get you to admit that it was a mistake, but I hope that you see my point. At the end of the day, making those comments will not help us win an election. As it turns out, he wasn’t able to take Jeff Frederick down, so now we have an open wound festering between the 10th district chair and the RPV chair. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but when you lose, you need to be able to suck it up and make the best of it.

    It doesn’t do Bob McDonnell or Rust or any other the other candidates any good to have that kind of dissention aired so publicly.

  • Michael Savage says:

    Anna – I am not part of your party. I am independent and will vote for the best candidate. My facts are straight – the 10th district has lost the last 4 election cycles. Who is Chairman of the 10th – Jim Rich. But I guess JF deserves the blame. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I am glad you are happy with your Chairman, don’t count on too many victories in the future, the blue will be here for a while. My only hope is we can eliminate the white haired fool named Wolf (Rich’s mentor) – all the D’s need is a credible candidate.

    Also, I am happy to hear you are so much smarter than me to know everything about politics – I think you’ve drowned in your kool-aid.

    BPM – there are many more nutjobs like me out there believe it or not… I think independents make up 30%+ of the electorate and growing. Although not organized, the I vote dictates who gets in office. And yes, it is the I’s that are voting more D these days in the 10th.

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