Fairfax Dems dig up dirt on Tim Hugo

By VA Blogger

The FCDC “Red-to-Blue” campaign (original title, guys) is targeting the last three Republican delegates in Fairfax, including Tim Hugo in the 40th. Here’s what their vaunted opposition research team uncovered about Tim Hugo:

 Delegate Hugo has a long history of supporting conservative causes and opposing transportation investments.  Along with Delegate Dave Albo, he was a signatory to Grover Norquist’s Anti-Tax Pledge from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 – a pledge signed by only 22% of Virginia’s legislators.  He voted for Abuser Fees (before proposing to repeal them) and opposes a woman’s right to choose.  His primary supporters are the Republican leadership and corporate interests.

All this time, Tim Hugo is actually an anti-tax, pro-life Republican supported by his party and the business community! Egads! Nothing gets by the FCDC!

Except the results of the last election, which they included for Tom Rust and Dave Albo but seem to have forgotten to include for Hugo. Maybe because Hugo laid a Wolf-esque smackdown against a candidate who had nothing but Feder-esque hype.

Anyone know who’s wasting their time running against Hugo this year?


  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Remind me—was not the abuser fee supported by Tim Kaine and alot of Democrats up that way as well before pressure was brought to bear, not by Republican-supported groups but by porgressive/liberal influence and the out right campaign run by Lowell Feld at Raising Kaine to get these repealed. Curious–how better off would we be right now if the revenues had been able to come in from those fees exactly in terms of numbers? Of course, we now have gone another year with no solutions to address transportation; unless you think progressive Transportation Authorities where by unelected officials could tax citizens in localities to fund roads and such was a real viable solution for the future. But of course people like Hugo get criticized for being anti-tax, obstructionist to solutions and yet in the end Hugo supported exactly what those who would criticize him supported; no abuser fees.Imagine that. Truth is the only real thing wrong with Hugo to those folks is simply the (R) after his name, cuz it sure ain’t the issues.

  • Moderate R says:

    I’ve also heard that Hugo VOTES FOR REPUBLICANS – he’s too extreme.

    FCDC needs to actually do some research before they make themselves look any more foolish.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    I love it when libs say people oppose a woman’s “right to choose”. Imagine all the lines in stores and delays in restaurants if women couldn’t actually choose! Why not say what it really is Libs? They oppose a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child!

  • t says:

    Praise God for the wise words of Rtwng Extrmst.

    Of course, every woman has the legal right to give birth to her child.

    The only “choice” sought is the choice to slaughter an innocent infant – a choice that no one should have the legal right to make.


    Oh, t speaks

  • Former LCRC Member says:

    The funny part, for those in the know, is the suggestion Del. Hugo opposes transportation investments. He’s helped do more for infrastructure than you can possibly imagine…

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Absolutely true. But in the end they have to make up something Former LCRC Member.

  • Brian Kirwin says:

    a woman’s right to choose what?


  • Bryan David says:

    FCDC actually has valid points and this right wing crap is what the real problem is. The sooner more democrats get elected into office the better. Also you might not believe in the right to choose but that does not give you the right to outlaw it. If you don’t believe in it than don’t do it but for some people its a necessary option.

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