Sharon Bulova: Still in Search of Substance

By VA Blogger

In response to my endorsement of Pat Herrity below, Anonymous is a Woman set out to establish Sharon Bulova as a “candidate of substance”. Unfortunately, her two posts since I wrote mine have continued the unbroken streak of Bulova, her staff, and her supporters of not providing any specific detail in what Bulova actually plans to do as Chairman.

AIAW says that Bulova’s substance is derived from her 21-year record on the Board of Supervisors. Fair enough, but that’s not a vision for the County. That’s not a platform. It’s not a statement of issues. It’s a story.

Karen went ahead and posting some campaign materials from Sharon, and while I could go through point-by-point and give the opposing view, I’ll focus instead on a few things that stuck out to me.

“Sharon Bulova led Fairfax County to adopt personnel principles to ensure that the County is competitive to attract and retain excellent public employees. She has created the sensible policy that the County should not be the highest or the lowest in the region.”

Sharon Bulova doesn’t believe Fairfax County should pay teachers the highest in the region?

“Her opponent thinks the way to save money is just to stop doing things like preserving affordable housing.”

I’m no mathematician, but if instead of spending over $200 million on buying government housing, we didn’t spend $200 million, I think that would save money. Just jotting some numbers on the back of a napkin here, I believe it would save approximately $200 million.

“Sharon Bulova knows that the way to build a budget is to listen to the needs of all kinds of people from all parts of the County. She led the effort to hold more than a dozen “dialogues” with citizens to hear what they think is most important and what can be trimmed.”

Interestingly, 2008 was the first time in her 17 years as Budget Chairman Bulova has started these citizen dialogues. Is there a reason why she never felt the need for them before?

“She knows how to work with her colleagues to build a budget with broad support… [Herrity’s] budget got almost no support from other members of the Board.”

Quick thought exercise: If Republicans on the Board are routinely on the losing side of 8-2 votes, and Pat Herrity represents 50% of them, how does it work that Bulova “works across the aisle” while Herrity is an uncooperative ideologue?

“Pat Herrity, likes to brag in his campaign speeches about how he knows how to say “NO.” Saying “NO” is no way to govern.”

Is this really the point that Bulova wants to end her campaign message on? We’re in a $650 million shortfall; everyone agrees drastic spending cuts will be needed to meet it. And Bulova doesn’t believe saying “No” is part of the arsenal of a leader? That explains, better than I ever could, how Bulova is responsible for the fiscal mess we’re currently in.

When the School Board asks for more money than they need in order to increase administration or their office space, Sharon Bulova doesn’t believe saying “No” is a way to govern.

When a developer asks for a sweetheart deal, or wants to build without improving the surrounding infrastructure, Sharon Bulova doesn’t believe saying “No” is a way to govern.

When countless environmental special interest groups come up with new and more expensive ways to spend money on the latest fad, Sharon Bulova doesn’t believe saying “No” is a way to govern.

No wonder taxes have doubled, yet we’re still deeper in the hole than any surrounding locality. Mark Warner went around the state saying that Virginia needs “someone who knows how to read a balance sheet.” Fairfax County needs the same thing, and somebody who can tell the difference between a priority and a waste of money; who can stand up and say “No” to a bad idea.

Fairfax County needs Pat Herrity.


  • Minding my own business says:

    It must really suck when the Washington Post endorsed Bulova. I was driving on Rt 7 yesterday and I saw that the firefighters have endorsed her too.

    Herrity and Bulova were on NPR last week and Herrity couldn’t answer why people in Fairfax want change when surveys shows majority of the citizens are happy with the way things are in the county. Herrity showed his inexperience in that interview.

  • Dan says:

    Inexperience is the key word. His daddy was a good chairman and was generally well regarded. Pat may be a good chairman some day too. But he is still a rookie and I don’t think the voters are going to choose him this time around.

    Anything can happen in a low turnout special election, but I would bet on Bulova in this one.

  • VA Blogger says:


    The Post’s endorsement of Bulova was guaranteed from the minute the race started. I don’t know of a single person, on either side, who didn’t anticipate that from day one. So, too, was the IAFF’s endorsement. Pat has been endorsed by much of the Fairfax County business community, but I suppose you’re not interested in an even-handed conversation.

    And not every survey shows those same results, especially those conducted following the revelation that Fairfax County is facing a budget shortfall of over half-a-billion dollars.

  • Minding my own business says:

    You are talking about an even-handed conversation and yet I don’t see any fairness in your reporting on this race. Sorry to burst your bubble VAB, but the Post has a lot more credibility than any blog.

    Does EVERY survey show the same result? No, of course not. Perhaps our top-notch Fairfax county schools could give you a crash course in basic statistics.

    Oh and now the firefighters are the baddies since they did not endorse your man. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Va Blogger says:

    Would you like to point out what you think is unfair in my post, or the previous one? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say your lack of specificity resembled that of the Bulova campaign!

    You’re awfully snippy for someone who blusters into a thread of comments with nothing to back up your claims— my point wasn’t that I think all surveys show the same thing (a conclusion only those that lack an understanding of English would reach), my point was that circumstances have changed drastically in the past year. Are you sure the surveys you are referencing are relevant anymore?

    And I, nor anyone within twenty miles of this thread, said that firefighters are “baddies”. Again, I openly question your ability to comprehend English. Do you even know the meaning of the word “hypocrisy”?

  • Minding my own business says:

    Sorry your articles reek of partisanship. You only wish you had the objectivity of the Post. Your dismissal of Firefighters endorsement was rude and beyond contempt. These are the folks who put their lives at risk for us. I will take their endorsement over yours any day.

    If those surveys were so meaningless then why Herrity couldn’t answer that question on NPR? Oh another gem that was mentioned in that interview.. Herrity sued to stop Dulles Rail Project. Is that his solution for solving our transportation crisis? We need change in Fairfax but not the kind of change Mr. Herrity is offering.

    Speaking of budget issues, Fairfax is not the only county facing a budget crisis. We are seeing the results of 8 years of Bush’s mismanagement. Do you think Fairfax exist in some isolated world where the current economic recession and the plumetting home values have nothing to do with it?

    I have heard when bloggers run out of talking points they often resort to personal attacks. Let the personal attacks begin.

  • edm says:

    Liberal troll –

    Would it be rude and beyond contempt to point out that the IAFF is a part of the AFL-CIO, and routinely endorses Democratic candidates?

  • Va Blogger says:

    I’ve never pretended to be objective. In case you hadn’t notice, this is a site called “Too Conservative”; our viewpoint is established the moment you click our link. If you hadn’t noticed further, our banner says “A Northern Virginia Republican Viewpoint”—I am making comments from a viewpoint of being a Republican. Both of these facts are advertised up front. You’re confusion over this is confusing to me.

    However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have an even-handed coversation. I recognized that the Post endorsed Bulova, as did the IAFF. I also recognized that others endorsed Herrity. While you may superficially value one endorsement or set of endorsements over another in order to make a vapid argument, I do not. I simply pointed out what everybody who pays attention knows: that the Washington Post and the IAFF were guaranteed to endorse Bulova in this race, regardless of what the two candidates did in the campaign.

    I’ve said nothing remotely rude or even vaguely contemptuous about the IAFF or firefighters, so please stop feigning outrage. It’s rather annoying.

    Pat’s campaign has made it clear why Pat filed suit against the project, and it wasn’t to stop it. It was to competitively bid the project to save money, something Bulova is puzzlingly opposed to. Read more here:

    I’ve also stated, on numerous occasions, that it is true the economy is a reason why we’re facing troubling times. I’ve also stated, on numerous occasions, that Fairfax County is in a much worse position than any other surrounding locality. Please, try to keep up.

    You’ve come into this thread, insulted my intelligence, called me a hypocrite, invented statements I’ve never said, and called my opinion worthless, and you’re complaining of personal attacks? You started this business, and I responded in kind. If my words are too harsh for you, grow up.

  • Dan says:

    So, how about them Steelers!

  • Dan says:

    I hope it’s okay to interrupt the personal attacks and speak more calmly about the race for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

    The Republicans seem to be, in large measure, hanging there hat on the budget shortfall. I give the voters enough credit to realize that something rather major has been going on that might have a wee bit to do with budget shortfalls in every state and local government in the country. I am betting they are smart enough to realize that the partisan makeup of the Board has little to do with it. This situation was no more caused by the fact that the majority of the Fairfax Board are Democrats than the shortfall in Prince William is due to the majority there being Republican. One can legitimately argue about budget priorities and differ on specifics, but to sell this as being caused by a spendthrift board isn’t going to sell.

    Without getting into the dueling surveys argument and which surveys are or are not valid I can give my own observations as a longtime Fairfax County resident. We have excellent schools (not perfect, but excellent), excellent police and fire protection, an excellent park system, in fact good services in general. I believe most residents here would agree with that assessment. There are many jurisdictions where the tax burden is comparable but the quality of what one gets in return is not nearly so good. People here have legitimate gripes to be sure, but they generally feel that the county is well run. It is.

    This county has experienced quite a lot of growth over the last three decades. Yet it is still a pleasant place to live. One need only look next door at Prince William County — the don’t let this happen to you of urban planning — to see how badly growth can be handled. Fairfax has done it very well. I will certainly tip my hat to Jack Herrity for the part of that growth that occurred on his watch. He was a good chairman.

    At some point Pat Herrity may make a good chairman too. I just don’t see a groundswell of dissatisfaction to cause people to turn to a rookie. I know the Republicans don’t have a deep bench and Pat is likely the best you could put up. In my humble opinion this ain’t the year yet.

    Tuesday’s election will undoubtedly have a ridiculously low turnout. The whole thing will turn on who shows up. I wouldn’t bet a bunch on anybody’s prediction.

    See you at the polls on Tuesday.

  • Minding my own Business says:

    VAB- You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Yes, I see Republican “superstars” on your blog header which is why I find it ironic that you even want to have an even-handed discussion.

    Dan- The post above was very well thought out and a great example of an even-handed post. Fairfax has one of the best school system in the US. Special elections usually have a very low turnout and on top of that we are expecting a snow/ice storm on Tue.

    Even if Herrity squeaks a win, he will be a one-timer like Mr. Ehlrich in MD. He too ran on closing the budget shortfall platform.

    I hear that McDonnell is jumping in to support Herrity in this race. Is Moran supporting Bulova? I know McAuliffe is donating resouces to Bulova campaign.

  • Dan says:

    Minding my own Business,

    I am at a loss as to why you think it isn’t possible that someone with a clearly stated partisan point of view would want to have an even handed discussion. Being a partisan doesn’t automatically close one’s mind.

    Heaven knows there are far too many screamers who never open their minds to other points of view or even to objective facts that don’t coincide with their firmly held preconceived notions. My experience with this blog is that it does not fall into that category. I have generally found both the original posts and the subsequent discussions to be a cut above what one usually finds online.

    Of course, no blog (except those that are moderated with a heavy hand) can control the tone of all the comments. Sometimes the loonies come out of the woodwork. But they often provide a certain degree of entertainment.

    Hang around for a while. These guys aren’t a bad bunch. For Republicans. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • VA Blogger says:

    Thank you, Dan.

    And I agree: Go Steelers.

  • G. Stone says:

    “I’ve said nothing remotely rude or even vaguely contemptuous about the IAFF or firefighters, so please stop feigning outrage. It’s rather annoying.”

    As in most Union endorsements, the IAFF and rank and file firefighters are two different animals. The IAFF supports Bulova as where 75% of the rank and file if they live in FFX county would more than likely support Herrity.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:


    Why would you think that? One of the things the BoS has been trying to do is create housing for public employees to cut down on their cost of living – so that more teachers and such can afford to live in the county. Why would the firefighters really want some guy they’ve never even heard of? Are you saying that most firefighters are really Republican?

    Here’s a hint – most union members in this country vote Democratic.

    Now, back to the discuss, Dan, excellent post, it sums up my opinion. Blaming Bulova for the current economic conditions is like blaming a hurricane on a fart. By the way, your description of Fairfax is the source of confusion for the anti-Gerry Connolly crowd. They don’t seem to understand that the vast majority in Fairfax are happy living here, they like the schools and services, and think Gerry did a good job while in office. For those that don’t like the services here, or don’t want to pay for them, you can move out to Dominion Valley. i hear the McMansions are selling at a 40-50% discount these days, and the Food Lion up on 15 is sufficient shopping for you.

    As to endorsements, an interesting one is a non-endorsement – the Chamber of Commerce didn’t make one. That means that a minimum of 60% of members could not agree on one over the other. Which basically means that the business community – still nominally Republican – is pretty well split down the middle on who to support.

  • Dan says:

    G. Stone,

    Forgive me, but I have to call bullshit on that one. Unless you have something factual to back up the notion that three quarters of the firefighters in Fairfax County back Herrity, I have to assume you just reached up and pulled it off the wall because you would like it to be true.

    It’s fine if all you want to do is perpetuate the fiction that unions are evil and run by “bosses” who hurt workers. That will net you a result in 2010 similar to what you experienced in 2006 and 2008.

  • Dan says:

    Okay. Duncan has withdrawn. Is it going to be Steele or Dawson? Blackwell was down to 15 votes on the third ballot so he ought to be dropping out soon.

    Any thought on the eventual winner?

  • VA Blogger says:


    We Republicans agree that Fairfax County is a great place to live. We also think it could be a lot better, and we think the current Board is resting on its laurels and is coasting on auto-pilot than doing anything about the numerous problems that we still have.

    If you want further proof of that, just look at the fact that Bulova has absolutely no platform or agenda as Chairman. She just wants to keep on keeping on. Herrity has identified problems and offers solutions.

  • Dan says:

    Third Ballot:

    • Steele 51 (+3)

    • Duncan 44 (-4)

    • Dawson 34 (+5)

    • Anuzis 24 (+0)

    • Blackwell 15 (-4)

    The highest vote for any candidate was the 52 for Duncan on the first ballot.

  • Dan says:

    Dawson’s ahead on the fourth ballot. But they better hurry it up. They have to be out of the ballroom by 5:00 p.m. because a wedding is booked in there at 5:30.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    The Democratic Party used to be the one that was fun to watch for laughs. I gotta hand it to you guys. You have seized the day in providing amusement.

  • G. Stone says:


    “Why would you think that? One of the things the BoS has been trying to do is create housing for public employees to cut down on their cost of living – so that more teachers and such can afford to live in the county. Why would the firefighters really want some guy they’ve never even heard of? Are you saying that most firefighters are really Republican? ”

    How long you been around Fairfax Politics ?
    This guy you say no one has ever heard of is the son of a guy who ran this county for a very long time. He has very deep roots with a wide array of groups to include both the firefighters and police unions. I know a whole bunch of these guys and can tell you from first hand experience that they are a conservative group. This from 30 years of first hand experience.
    Union leadership is one thing and the rank and file is yet another.

    The Police Union endorsed and supported Jerry Connelly and still do. However you would be hard pressed to find a single FFX county cop that voted for him. To borrow a phrase from the firefighters , they would piss on him if he was on fire.

    “It’s fine if all you want to do is perpetuate the fiction that unions are evil and run by “bosses” who hurt workers. That will net you a result in 2010 similar to what you experienced in 2006 and 2008.”
    – Dan

    Dan , pull it back a bit my friend. I made no statement about bosses being evil or anything of the sort. This is what happens when you make gratuitous assertions.
    Lets review- I said Union leadership ( bosses , your term ) and the rank file membership are two different animals, they are. My assertion that about 75% of the rank and file members would support the Republican is based on my experience of those for whom we were speaking. No, I did not conduct an a poll.
    If by inserting the word majority and retracting 75% that will enable you to get your ass of your shoulders then consider it done.

  • G. Stone says:

    … they would NOT piss on him if he was on fire.

  • Dan says:

    G. Stone,

    It is fascinating that you would use the phrase “gratuitous assertions” after you just made a completely unsupported assertion. And a rather wild unsupported assertion at that.

    I think you would be hard pressed to find any segment of the electorate that supports either candidate in those numbers. Hence my remark about you simply pulling a number off the wall simply because you would like it to be so.

    The term “bosses” is not mine. As you well know it is the term being used in ads by right wing anti-union groups who would like to sell the belief, which you apparently share, that there is a major disconnect between union leaders and the rank and file. You are welcome to believe that and act accordingly. I merely posited that the electoral result for such self deception would not be good for the Republican Party.

  • Dan says:

    Fifth Ballot:

    • Steele 79 (+19)

    • Dawson 69 (+7)

    • Anuzis 20 (-11)

    Anuzis has dropped out without making an endorsement.

  • Moderate R says:

    The Republican party has openly spurned organized labor for decades. Democrats don’t. If the party would take a step back and try and talk to the members, listen to their issues and get Republican union members to run for union office, perhaps we could change that trend. Each election is different and each candidate is different, so its hard to say which way the union vote will go, but it does generally go Democratic. That doesn’t mean we should ignore union voters. And it doesn’t mean that a Republican can’t win the support of unions, either. The FOP endorsed McCain in the Presidential, and the AFL-CIO has in the past endorsed Republicans in various Congressional races.

    The Post’s endorsement of Bulova was not unequivocal. When I read it, I was actually surprised because they hit her pretty hard on her leadership style. And they paid Herrity quite a few compliments as well. While I would have liked to have seen them endorse Herrity like they endorsed Sean Connaughton, I thought the Post endorsement wasn’t that bad.

    I just got a few emails from the FCRC regarding SEIU giving Bulova a $50,000 contribution – that’s not the kind of money that someone asks for or receives from anyone, especially a union that just spent millions in the general election, if they think they’ve got the win locked up.

    I’m looking forward to voting on Tuesday, even if I have to trudge the quarter mile to the Government Center in the snow.

  • Dan says:

    Steele wins 91-77.

  • novamiddleman says:

    I just rebutted the final closing argument that most ds seem to making on AIAW.

    Here is a snippet

    What this campaign is ultimatley about is a lack of leadership by the D controlled majority board to keep budget growth under control. Much of this falls on Bulova who as Chair of the budget committee has basically avoided any type of hard or difficult decision of where to spend resources by simply choosing to go with the flow allowing programs to multiply and mushroom under her “watch”; clearly abdicating any responsibilites for her position.

    I will close with this pricelss gem from Bulova. She is actually enjoying the budget process because it allows the budget to be studied in great detail. Its a shame it took a crisis situation for Bulova to begin to do her job.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Moderate R,

    Well, if you believe Stone, Republicans have the best of both worlds. The union “bosses” endorse Democrats, but the rank and file votes 75% Republican. So the “bosses” gin up anti-union sentiment amongst Republican voters, and the rank and file ignores the “bosses”.

    Of course, that’s the same as thinking the presidential campaign was all about paid workers and the volunteers weren’t really volunteers, just unemployed ethnics looking to make some money. Now I might agree that 75% of hard-core Republicans believe that.

    Or what Stone said is bullshit and is just his particular sample of Republican cops and firefighters that he knows.

    As to the rest, unless there is a major percentage of Fairfax residents who think the Board of Supervisors is doing a bad job, then Bulova running on her record – what you see as resting on her laurels – is as good a reason to vote for her as to vote for Herrity. Again, Jack was chairman way back in the 70s and 80s. When the county was white and largely Republican. That’s not the Fairfax of today, so what his dad did 30 years ago means very little to most living in Fairfax today.

  • VA Blogger says:

    So Not John, you don’t have a problem with Sharon failing to lay out a single specific policy she wants to do as Chairman?

    You don’t have a problem with her adamantly refusing to list a single budget item to cut, or a single way to raise revenue?

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    She’s playing defense, so why should she? It’s a pretty clear strategy – “if you like your local government and want to keep it going as is, vote for me. If you want changes, vote for the new guy.”

    It wouldn’t be my strategy, but she’s basically running as the incumbent here. I believe that most Fairfax residents are happy with local gov. They like the schools and services. Most approve of rail to Dulles, and preserving park land, and are ok paying for it. We have complaints about state and Federal issues, but local issues are for the most part manageable.

    And very few are blaming the current BoS for the budget deficit, since no one saw the economy tanking this bad and thus didn’t plan for it. The Republican strategy, to me, seems to say that the Board should have planned for all economic contingencies and had a crystal ball to predict the future. They didn’t, so now drastic change is needed because the county is on the down and outs and only Jack Harrity’s little kid can solve it.

    Most disagree with that basic strategy. The current Board leadership is not to blame, and there is no need for drastic change. That’s it. The fact that Fairfax is moving more Democratic really has secondary importance in this election.

  • Moderate R says:

    NJSM, Bulova shouldn’t be playing defense. We Republicans have gotten our teeth kicked in during the last two cycles and we’re mad. I’ve seen a better organized ground game from the Herrity folks than I did from the McCain people during the general.

    If people are complacent and think the Board is doing fine, I don’t view that as a bonus to Bulova. If they’re complacent, they’re not going to vote at all.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    Seeing as there was no ground game whatsoever for the McCain campaign, any ground game is better. I think you guys are running a decent campaign this time, too bad it’s for a lackluster candidate. You guys should have nominated Frey instead of the guy with the name.

  • That horrendous Dem traitor NLS has some thoughts up:

    Thank God there’s at least one decent Dem out there that knows ineptness when he sees it!

  • No...Grapefruit says:


    For Immediate Release
    Fairfax County Republican Committee

    Voters Deserve Answers Now!
    What is SEIU Buying with a $50,000 Contribution to Sharon Bulova?

    there were news reports about SEIU’s involvement with disgraced former Illinois
    Governor Blagojevich. Then there were
    reports about the president of SEIU’s Los Angeles local being fired for
    allegedly funneling money to his relatives and friends. Now we find out that Sharon
    Bulova just received []a
    $50,000 contribution from SEIU – an
    unprecedented amount in a local Fairfax election.
    think this contribution raises serious questions. Why did SEIU give her the
    largest single contribution in the history of Fairfax County chairman
    elections? What political promises were made when the SEIU contributed this
    unprecedented amount to a local election? What policy changes did Bulova
    promise to the SEIU? Voters have a right to know,” said Anthony Bedell
    Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee.
    The contribution continues a
    troubling trend of contributions to Bulova from groups outside Fairfax
    County and national union interests. The Teamsters, United Sheet
    Metal Workers, the Laborers Mid-Atlantic Organizing Coalition and the public
    service unions already operating in Fairfax all have contributed to Sharon
    Bulova. SEIU’s own press
    release said it contributed to Bulova because she opposed the
    crackdown on illegal immigration in Prince William County.
    “The first order of business
    for the winner of this race will be to address a $650 million shortfall in the
    Fairfax County budget,” said Bedell. “We’ve seen what the
    unions have done to Detroit and the car industry. You would think currying favor
    with labor
    unions be the last thing on Sharon Bulova’s mind. That is why we have a
    right to know what strings are attached to such a large political contribution
    from a controversial political labor union such as SEIU.”
    “Why did Supervisor Bulova
    accept the donation? The answer is clear…
    Bulova’s message isn’t resonating. In
    desperation, she has turned to the SEIU and these other national labor
    unions for help. Not only are they trying to buy the election for Bulova, they
    also are busing in union members from outside Virginia to help Sharon Bulova.
    It seems Sharon Bulova will stop at nothing, even selling out Fairfax County to
    labor unions, to become Chairman,” said Bedell.
    “More than 90 percent
    of Pat Herrity’s political contributions and support come from inside
    Fairfax County. Pat is clearly supported by the working men and
    women and small business owners in Fairfax.” Bedell
    said. “If Fairfax County voters want an independent chairman who
    knows and represents their interests there is no choice but to vote for
    Pat Herrity on Feb. 3.”
    concluded, “With so little time until Tuesday, the public deserves an answer
    and the media needs to make sure the union bosses don’t steal this election.”

    Paid for and Authorized by the Fairfax County Republican Committee

  • DW says:

    I still believe that she lacks foresight.

    Spending every dollar in boom times, and saying, “Gee golly! We’re $650 Million in the hole”, is not being a sound Fairfax County Board Budget Committee Chair.

    That kind of foresight leading the entire county seems like an impending train wreck to me.

  • peder Anderson says:

    This election is a farce. The county has set most polling places in schools. Supposedly, there is a law tha says that there can be no politicing on tax payer funded school grounds. Yet, the Fairfax County public teachers have be campaigning during the school day, telling all teachers to vote for Bulova. This liberal arrogance and illegality is similar to the last general election wherein teachers everywhere were endocrinating their charges (students) with the Obama mantra – creating a whole new generation of liberal.
    To make matters even worse, with polling taking place in our schools, all the teachers need to do is walk over to the school room during the day and cast their liberal votes. How easy can we make it for them to control local elections where the voter turnout is small. With liberal school board administers now controlling the education system, unless there are some high visibilty prosecutions of some of these abuses, it will only get worse.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    What a load of horseshit. First of all, schools have been used as polling places for centuries. Where would you have them, in evangelical churches?

    Second, besides the bullshit attack on teachers, are you under the impression that all teachers in a school live in that precinct? Pick any school in Fairfax that serves as a polling spot, then check home addresses of every teacher who works there, and let us know what percentage live in that precinct.

  • After the fact says:

    for what it is worth – I have worked with both Bulova and Herrity. I am independent – I vote based on the ideals and principles and plans of the candidates – not if they have a “D” or an “R” by their name. I can honestly say we are deep trouble – Bulova has no clue how to run the finances of this county. Herrity has ideas and is not afraid to ask the hard questions that no other local official seems to be able to do. If Bulova has so much experience, then can she explain why she was asleep at the wheel and now all of a sudden we have the worse budget deficit of any county in the entire region?

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