Steele, baby, Steele!

By VA Blogger


  • Cavalier Lawyer says:

    Minding My Own Business, elevating Rush was a very shrewd move on President Obama’s part. Limbaugh is ,on the whole, an unsympathetic and unattractive figure who is known to spout unpopular and insensitive positions. According to polling by Democracy Corps, his favorables are at 23 % and his unfavorables are at 51%. While Limbaugh is as unpopular as McConnell or Boehner, his obese mug is a large and easy target to hit. It creates quite the juxtaposition for President Obama. Mr. 75% v Mr. 23%. Whose side would you rather be on?

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    Alter, I’ve got two words for you: Spell check. Seriously; try grammar check, too.

    Do you really think Obama, elevation of Limbaugh is unintentional? It’s a brilliant stroke! Limbaugh’s loud-mouthed blustering incites the rabble on the right at the very moment GOP moderates are attempting to redefine the party in their image. The Republican Party is thereby further splintered, infighting and bikering ensure, and it’s another couple of years in the wilderness for you & yours.

    PS – That Limbaugh torn down McCain is exactly the point. He’ll never sit by & let the moderates take back control of the GOP. Obama is using that to his advantage.

  • Rtwng Extrmst says:

    “He has successfully painted Rush as an official spokesperson for the GOP.”

    I only wish the Maha-Rushie were in fact the official spokesperson for the Party. We might actually see some good done.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    I love this. You folks think it is a good thing to elevate Rush or Hannity and get into an outright piss*** contest with people who reach millions everyday…..unless Obama plans on speaking himself everyday its a lose lose….his Press Secretary appears well out of depth in front of people who support Obama in the Press Corps…thats the guy who is gonna be on the front lines for Obama during this whole playground squabble? Good luck with that.
    Obama has sought to get Republicans on record in support of this stimulus in order to insure at least a littel cover for the House in 2010…Obama is smart enough to know that when the election cycle comes in 2010 none of this stimulus, except tax cuts, will have had any effect. Unless of course you count the spending and the GOP will use that against every Democrat House member in Ohio, Michigan and PA. How many are they calling will be in “contested” races already…if this doesn’t work and zero Republicans vote for it you can bet that number will double.
    Here’s three to add to the list; Periello, Nye and maybe just maybe Connolly if he does’nt keep his mouth shut….but keep giving Rush and Hannity more play and see where that gets you. You may just be bleeding more than just Obama Blue in 2010.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    I love this too. Rush’s target audience are rightwingers who will never vote for Dems anyway. The battle in every election is over independents who get soundbites on their favorite news show and they do not sound good. They are going to see Rush painting GOP as the Grand Obstructionist Party. Again, brilliant move on President Obama’s part. Media is already questioning Rush’s influence on GOP when a senator was forced to apologize to Rush.

    There are talks of many GOP senators breaking rank and file and voting FOR the stimulus. GOP governors are asking their senators to vote for the bill.

    Turn off Hannity and listen to some real news, Alter.

  • Cavalier Lawyer says:

    Anyone who thinks promoting an irascible hypocrite of the highest degree on the same stage as a handsome, charismatic, and incredibly shrewd man deserves the beating they are going to get. Limbaugh use to understand that his role was to operate just under the radar, rather than the focus of the movement.

    Alter, after the last eight years of Republican mismanagement and financial insolvency it is unrealistic to expect any Republican campaign that is based on “fiscal responsibility” to gain any traction.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    NOT Mosby,
    Why are liberals like you always so angry and SOOOO nasty? What in your life went so wrong that you ended up this way?

    Your poor dear. I do hope you can find some way to be happy, before you die. It’s not looking good so far.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Everytime I come here and see that gorgeous picture of Michael Steele, it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. Sigh……….sweet, sweet, dreams.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    The above comment was not very ladylike.

    In their hurry to elect an African-American with style and substance, RNC forgot both style and substance. Only time will tell how effective he is going to be in fundraising and making the party relevant again. Given his record in MD, it does not look very good.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    What crap….whenever an African-American accomplishes anything anywhere who is not a Democrat people pull this “In their hurry to elect” crap which completely demeans the person who is at the heart of the matter.
    Exactly who based on the primary last Spring demonstrated having the real issues in terms of race; your assertion is that he was elevated to Chair “because” he is black and not based on his qualifications because the GOP had to do it. Well they did not have to do any such thing.
    We will see who has greater success Steele or Kaine and while were at it maybe we should take a step back and wonder how far Steele’s career may have taken him in terms of Office had he been from Virginia and not Maryland. You acting here as if Maryland is some place that the GOP wins often; Maryland is more like the Northeast than Virginia in terms of GOP success is it not? It has only (2) GOP Congressman and the rest are (D), the Governor (D)and both US Senators are (D) so lets get off this bashing about his performance in Maryland. Too bad he didn’t live in Virginia, bet he would have done better than Kilgore and good chances he could have even beat Kaine given his performance in Maryland.

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    Nice daydream, Alter. Be that it were…

    The reality is that Steele, while not lacking in virture, faces a steep uphill battle. His party is seriously broken, with splinter factions holding diametrically opposing positions. The word compromise is not oft heard in GOP circles. The “big tent” is looking more & more like a cage match.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    Oh the fake outrage, give me a break. Electing Steele for RNC chair is the same strategy McCain tried by nominating Palin. How did that work out for you?

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Like you yourself mentioned, only time will tell who is more successful in leading their respective parties. But for now we can only judge Kaine or Steele on their past performances and it does not look good for Steele.

  • Dan says:

    In all fairness to Steele, I think it is an insult to compare him to Palin.

    As far as whether his race played a role in his selection, so what. It may have been one of the factors that some considered in voting for him. To have an African American as the face of a national party that has zero African American Congressmen or Senators is not a bad idea. That doesn’t mean that it is the only or the most important reason they voted for him. But it is legitimate to consider the optics in making such a choice.

    Minding My Own Business, I think your comparison to the Palin pick is flawed. Steele’s race was not the primary reason he was selected for this post. Clearly the Palin pick was a gimmicky Hail Mary pass where her gender was the primary reason she was picked. For those who doubt that it was all about the ovaries, I would suggest reading the transcript of the August 29th rally at which McCain introduced his running mate to the world. It was so transparent a blind man could see through it.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    MMOB, that’s exactly right. “Gee, the Democrats almost nominated a woman, wow, we need to nominate a woman” “Gee, the Democrats won with a black candidate, we need to elect a black candidate too”. IMHO, it’s the Republicans trying vainly to appear that it’s not the all-white party and is cynically trying to appear to be tolerant and inclusive.

    Lovettesville Lady, I call it 8 years of the Bush administration. Your little party has done more to destroy this country than any foreign power or group ever could.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    I am actually quite happy with Steele’s election. He is not a moderate which is what the GOP needs right now. Read his positions on almost any issue. His It is inline with the “core” read rightwing supporters. Like I said, let’s judge the man on his performance. Let his record speak. Financial mismanagement, failed business ventures, credit card delinquency, ineffective tenure as Lt. Gov and a failed senate race are the highlights of his resume. Mr. Steele can’t manage his own finances and he is now tasked with managing hundreds of millions.

    NJSM you are absolutely correct. After 8 years of Bush/Chenney debacle, any patriotic American would be angry.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    NJSM and MMOB prove how they have spent too much time with the liberals and have very little connection with conservatives. I am a bluedog conservative or Republicrat and the one thing that annoys me is how its always liberals and not conservatives who paint the “all white” brush everytime something like this occurs. The think it has to be pandering and at the same time blog all over the place how Colin Powell was a sell out and now they all think he is this guiding force of greatness b/c he supported Obama. Exactly who does that occur I wonder. You guys constantly belittle any minority who determines to be part of the GOP and of course even women and think the Party is in decline but fail to realize that Democrats did not beat McCain, Barack Obama beat McCain and thats a huge distinction that will be evident in 2010 when the Democrats see their House majority shrink.
    I respect and wish Obama well, but am objective unlike others here that he is dealing with a Party establishment in washington that has proven great ability at being the antagonist but little ability to lead. Since 2006 there has been little accomplishment from Congress and now that Obama has won they have the power of leadership; but what will be the result of that sword?
    Take some advice here folks and pledge to ignore those here moving forward (sorry Vince) that think this country is in decline, instead of focusingon the great success of a great campaign won by Obama people like NJSM and MMOB simply want to continue with the antagonism and have forgetten now it is time for their camps to elevate solutions. They have failed to make the transition and lets up their Party has not done the same. You have to love those that blame others and never do any self examination (Dodd,Franks, etc) for and hand in the crisis and blame the “little party” of 57 million people for destroying this country, but then the GOp is the redneck party right? yeah, I see 57 million rednecks walking around everywhere I go…wait they must be implying that the military as well has had a hand in destroying this nation since 2/3 of the active duty force and State of origin are Southern States- they must be redneck and Republican right?
    The GOP does not need to elect or elevate a “black” candidate and besides the movement for Steele was underway long before Obama in 2007 announced he was running and many wanted Steele over Ed Gillespie. You don’t just get this by showing up or being “black” people…to use the liberals words against them the GOP is not exactly the affirmative action Party….that would be the left so the arguement does not hold water.
    Again it would make perfect since if Steele were heading the DNC based on his background and it would not even be an issue, but for the GOP Chair to be black provides an uppercut to the old line established ( and frankly truly racist IMHO) theory that if you are a minority that the Democrats have your back.
    And NJSM- given the GOP is the little Party I was wondering how many independents you think supported Obama? Throw them out of your pot and whats your number for the Democrats? I guess we will see in 2010 now won’t we….gee I really ip all those young people get motivated on those campus’s and ACORN gets all those signups for the 2010 cycle.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    Oh the fake outrage again. Funny how you are the only one screaming race on top of your lungs and ignoring the stuff I highlighted from his resume.

    As for offering solutions, the stimulus bill was a solution. Tell me again how many members of the Grand Obstructionist Party voted for it? Yeah, that’s right.. 0! Looks like Republicans are resorting to Newtonian style politics of 1994.

  • Moderate R says:

    There was no reason for the Republicans to vote for the stimulus bill, even if they supported it. First of all, the price tag alone should give any fiscal conservative a heart attack, and is utterly hypocritical coming from a party that bashed Republicans for “spending like drunken sailors” over the last eight years. Second, the bill was never in any danger of not passing. The Democrats rolled over the House Republicans like a tank over a protester.

    By all voting together against, and including 11 Democrats, they demonstrated their ability to generate bipartisan opposition to a thinly veiled payback to Democratic constituencies. They also showed an admirable party unity that has been sorely lacking these last few years. Besides, why should they vote for a bill they had absolutely no input into?

    The GOP has offered solutions that didn’t include spending hundreds of millions on entitlement programs that won’t do a thing to stimulate the economy. And they haven’t moved at all on the Omnibus Appropriations bill for FY 2009 – they’re still operating under a continuing resolution. You can expect the price tag to balloon even more. At this rate, the President is going to spend more in his first year in office than Bush did in his entire first term.

  • Cavalier Lawyer says:


    The Democrats did not win? It was only Obama?

    You do realize that in the House, the Democrats beat the Republicans by 10%, the largest margin of victory in over 20 years. The Democrats in 2006 and 2008 picked up the most seats in consecutive elections since they rose to power during the Great Depression. In two elections they picked up over 50 seats in the House, and 14 seats in the Senate.

    Btw, no one is criticizing Steele because of the color of his skin. He is being criticized for the content of his character, which is glaringly flawed.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    Again celebrate, Democrats should celebrate and the party is over come back to reality and ask yourself if Periello and Nye would have won had Obama not been on the ticket. Again, if all those people show up again at the polls in 2010 fine, but are saying you really believe that is going to happen? And what were the margins of victory.

    “No one is criticizing the color of his skin”– did not NJSM say the only reason he was pick was he was black. Obviously thats criticizing the GOP by implying they only eleveated him b/c he was black and not his qualifications.

    It seems to me most Republicans here are in support of Steele so whats the problem? Its the liberals here who apparently think the thread needs to conitinue with the attacks on the Party as “all white” and throwing out word like “tolerant” and “inclusive”.
    How exactly is his character flawed? Compared to the Gov. of Illinois, Charlie Rangel, Barnmey Franks, Chirs Todd, Foley, Craig, Jefferson and the idiot down in Fl. It does not matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican you can no way make the claim this guy’s “character” is flawed when you have idiots and crooks on both sides of th aisle in Washiongton. Get real.

    I love how liberals are still calling the GOP the obstrcutionist Party when if memory serves they control Congress and the WH. You are so confident in this stimulus then bring it to the floor and vote on it and make it law. You don’t need the GOP and frankly based on my reading of the bill its a SPENDING bill make no mistake. I am not saying that makes it unacceptable, but call a spade a spade or that lipstick on a pig thing. Come on. Read the spending that has nothing to do with stimulus.

    You will have no hope of stimulating this economy until you address and fix the banking system and housing and any package that economists do not think will do that is worthless in the next 12 months. I am objective enough to see that there are merits to the bill that will create jobs but those jobs will not likely materialize until 2011/2012.
    Ask VDOT how long it takes to get a new proposed project from planning to implementation? Even if the money was provided today for bridges and roads, it would take over two years before construction.

    The Democrats are playing a shell game trying to pay down the fact they can pass all of this without a check from the GOP so to provide the cover they would need in 2010 if the bill fails to meet the mark. Which begs the question if they do not have 100% confidence in passing it themselves, why not come up with a bill that makes for stimulus sense.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    I still don’t see Alter discussing merits of Steele’s resume. I find it funny that want to close down this thread because too many liberals are posting on it.

    Moderate R- fixing mistakes costs money. This administration has about 8 years of mistakes to fix.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    I don’t need to discuss his merits, people more knowledgable than me have made that determination already. Its you who seems to want to tear Steele down now isn’t it.

    Of course had it been Newt nothing would be different or even Duncan. That speaks volumes.

    I do not recall all this outrage by conservatives for Kaine getting the nod, well except by liberals anyway. Mayne LL is right, you guys can never be happy with anything.

    BTW this adminstration has 16 years of mistakes if you want to be honest about it. Lets just hope we learn from all of them.

    I didn’t say close the thread I said many of should stop responding to those who were posting rather crass insults and nasty comment that were childish and uncalled for.

    Wait, let me take my own advice. Good-bye.

  • Moderate R says:

    MMOB, we’ve already spent nearly a trillion dollars fixing the problems – most of which were systemic and not the result of actions taken by the Bush Administration.

    You guys only have about another year of blaming the Bush Administration for every ill that plagues the country. When that happens, the buck will stop completely with the Democrats. Good luck.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    I can only hope that we’re out of Iraq in a year. But we won’t be, so sorry, that will be on the Bush regime for some time to come.

  • “As for offering solutions, the stimulus bill was a solution. Tell me again how many members of the Grand Obstructionist Party voted for it? Yeah, that’s right.. 0! Looks like Republicans are resorting to Newtonian style politics of 1994.”

    Tell you losers what. You go ahead and carry that #$%^ POS by yourselves. That way, when it fails, it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT, and we can come back into power, because we’ll be untouched. A Democratic majority will have foisted this bastardization of a stimulus on the nation, without one Republican’s help.
    And God bless the bluedog dems…. They demonstrate that even some democrats realize what a turd that bill is.

  • Cavalier Lawyer says:

    “people more knowledgable than me have made that determination already.”

    After 8 years of George W. Bush it is sad to see that your authoritarian fetish is alive and well. Come on man, do the research yourself and stop relying on others to make decisions for you. This authoritarian mentality allowed George Bush to shred the constitution, torture prisoners, and spy on the American people. Alter, if you continue to allow people to make decisions for you, you will be bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Minding My Own Business says:

    Bulletproof Monk, and if the economy turns around? Where would that leave Republicans? Dems will be credited for passing a bold stimulus plan. Are Repubs hoping for a complete economic collapse so they could say told you so? Why do Republicans hate America so much?

  • ChuckRobbDem says:

    Cavalier did you have a vote in it? Did I have a vote in it? Diod Alter have a vote in it? Please yourself. Come back to reality. Its no different than a convention where the average person has zero say or input. That I believe was what Alter was expressing here.
    As to “doing the research yourself”? How much have you done on the “stimulus package” exactly? Even Democrat economists say it will not create jobs in the short term. have you done the research? Or are you just goin on what the Obama team is telling you will result?

    You grossly underestimate people like Alter who is more bluedog conservative than anything else so it is rather comical to see you and others here paint him as a Bush apologist. Its also rather interesting to see people here already blaming the GOP for their sides inability to take a firm stand and stand behind their convictions and pass a bill that they believe in.

    But alas, lets close GITMO first before we even have an AG and worry about the ramifications later. Mosby calling for an exit in Iraq is rather interesting as well given the fact that the country on saturday had free Democratic elections where both Shia and Sunni participated which would have never happened had we followed the positions of Mosby and other Dems back in 2007. You will not find that story on your precious little network run by NBC. I guess after six years of turmoil it really not a story.
    Bluedogs have tough here our numbers are growing.

  • Not John S. Mosby says:

    It’s amazing how similar the writing styles of Alter and ChuckRobbDem are. Even the same spelling and punctuation mistakes. Did you guys go to the same school or something?

    And, my comment on Iraq – if Bush is off the hook in a year, and he’s clearly on the hook for Iraq, then either he’ll be off the hook and we’ll be out of Iraq, or on the hook and still in Iraq. Which will it be? Off the hook and in Iraq doesn’t exist in the normal universe, only in the BizzaroWorld of Republicans who believe in things like “the surge worked, the economy is really ok, blah blah blah.”

    And I do like the hope for failure of economic recovery so that Republicans can be back in power in 4 years. But if it worked for Republicans in destroying the manufacturing industry just to destroy unions and people who don’t vote their way, why not the whole country?

  • Moderate R says:

    Iraq is, at this point, almost a non-issue. The level of violence there has retreated to the point where Baghdad is safer on your average weekend than Detroit. So whatever “blame” Bush has for Iraq is not going to be that damaging. Even the most ardent Bush hater has to admit that things have turned around for the better there. The elections held last week did not see a single significant incident of violence. That’s great.

    No Republican is hoping that the economy stays bad and that the stimulus fails just to regain power. But most of us seem to have a longer memory than our Democratic colleagues – I seem to recall a failed stimulus package in 1992 that helped to pave the way for the 1994 comeback and had no adverse impact on the economy. The thing with recessions is that they tend to end on their own without the need for massive government intervention. While this one may be different – at least, it’s already longer than most – it’s difficult to rationalize that the only way to fix it is to inject billions of dollars in to medicare.

  • Alter of Freedom says:

    How imaginative. How many times have you accused people of this I wonder? I thought we settled this back in 2003 regarding things like this. Guess not.

    No standing on the issues. No offerings of any substance on the debate. Lets make accussations then. Sounds awefully familiar.

    Robb, no worries. You have offered a rational voice for over a year or so now at my blog and others and sorry that people like Not Worthy of the Name Mosby draw such swords when they get out debated but then thats why you were thrown off of Raising Kaine now isn’t it.

    You see people with that kind of attitude seek not to move the debate forward but keep things stuck in the mud of the past. They cannot deal with the thoughts of a GOP that could have as a Chair someone who may just attract others that they feel belong to them into the Party. There is much to celebrate and of course they wish to crash the Party and undermine such celebrations by casting aspertions not only upon Steele himself but those that are welcoming him to the position.

    Fear is a dangerous thing. If not fear than why do liberals here care so much about the elevation of Steele?

    As to styles Robb? You got the swagger and from one conservative to another let those far left liberals keep up the divisive attacks. Our ranks in Virginia will continue to swell. Watch what happens when Steele who targeted Virginia on Sunday morning begins to go after those of us who sit in the middle as moderates on the GOP side and bluedog conservatives on the Democrat side.

    Where will the liberal left Moran end up? Out in the cold thats where, especially since in the Gov. race the left will not be able to play the pro-life/anti-gay card they always like to throw around come election time. People will want to have shortfall solutions and faith that someone can address the economy effectively here in Virginia.

    Since Friday, my email has been flooded with GOP information. I got more in one weekend than the entire McCain campaign it seems from GOP groups since Steele was chosen.

    BTW Not WORTHY OF THE NAME MOSBY, please take your pedaling of misinformation elsewhere….NAFTA had nothing to do with your little manufacturing claim I guess? Please, provide a definitve list for all of us on exactly all the stuff you blame the GOP for or even Conservatives that is so wrong with America that way you will not be able to keep adding on whenever it suits you. NAFTA, yeah one of those things that Bush just rammed down the throats of Congress, its was Bush who destroyed the Steel industry domestically and it was Bush who closed down all the textile mills in NC/SC…..yeap he did, just ask NJSM.

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    Chuckie –

    The reality of the stimulus plan is that nobody “knows” what will work. It seems that everyone has their own belief in what will work, but opinions, you’ll remember, are like assholes… I’m willing to support whatever stimulus plan that the President signs because I recognize no contrary “authority” on the subject.

    The President’s executive order regarding GITMO requires careful planning and consideration before a near-term closure; not the thoughtless, immediate knee-jerk closure you depict.

    Gee, the Iraqis had Democratic elections…NOW can we get the hell out? What EXACTLY will it take for you “bluedogs” to be willing to pull the damn plug on that fiasco?

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    I am simply delighted that Steele was elected RNC Chair. He says that the GOP has no problems with its image or its message. All that’s needed, he believes, to regain control of Congress is some “repackaging” of the same old right-wing hypocrisy.

    Yeah…Good luck with that!

  • I Bleed Obama Blue says:

    Just how bad off is the Republican Party?

    Follow the link below to read all about it!

  • Ryan says:

    Obo Blue, the Republican’s have problems. But the dems are tax cheats, old people killers (euthanasia, people who want to kill my Grandma are on the top of my enemy list!), baby murders, (abortion), a jack hammer at the foundations of society, (marriage = 1 man+1woman only and forever)irrational thinkers, (if we spend more money the economy will get better) and over all communists.

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